Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We are the World... We are the Donuts!

Psycho friends - alas, we come to the final donut in our 12 Donuts of Christmas series. Check out our Christmas Around the World Donut. It's a green and red "earth donut," filled with chocolate. Let there be sweets on earth, and let it begin at Psycho Donuts!

A big thanks to all of our friends for their patience on days when we utterly could not keep up with your insatiable demand for Christmas donuts! We'll continue with the 12 Donuts of Christmas through the end of the year. So if you've not stopped at Psycho Donuts for one (or 12), you had your chance...!

We've said it before... wanna get your donut free? Follow us on Twitter to learn how.

Place your online order for a dozen or more donuts before 8pm tonight, and we'll throw in a snowball stuffy (makes an amazing pstocking pstuffer) for free. Be sure to enter "pstuffer" in the PROMO code field at checkout. Offer valid for online orders placed through 8pm on 12/23/09, while snowball quantities last. Your donuts will be set aside and patiently await your pickup!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

?? The Mystery Present ??

How's that for a gift? Our 11th installment in our 12 Donuts of Christmas series is The Mystery Present. This red and green square donut is the gift wrap. But what's the present inside? Buy one to find out! Wanna get it for free? Follow us on Twitter to learn how!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Psycho Donuts is Stealing Christmas!

The Grinch has arrived! Come to Psycho Donuts and try our Grinch Donut. He's a mean one, but with chocolate filling, he's got a good heart. I think we've mentioned this before - you can get yours for FREE! Follow us on Twitter to learn how!

We're up to the 10th donut in our 12 Donuts of Christmas series. Order online, and bring 'em to the office - scare your co-workers with deranged Christmas donuts! Or order them for Christmas Eve, and you can have something to keep the conversation going with Uncle Joe and Aunt Edna!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Will the REAL green donut please stand up?

Psycho Donuts is going green! Our 9th donut in our "12 Donuts of Christmas" series is The Psycho Christmas Tree! This is a triangular raised donut with green icing and mini M&M's. Christmas trees have never tasted this good! Get yours for free; follow us on Twitter to learn how!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rudolph went to the Podiatrist!

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, went and got his hoofs all cut, come in to Psycho Donuts, taste our Hoof Shavings Donut!

Hoof Shavings turn out to be really crunchy snacks that taste fantastic on a Psycho Donut (disclaimer - they're not really hoof shavings - no animals were harmed in the making of this donut).

So come and celebrate our eighth donut - part of our continuing series of The 12 Donuts of Christmas. And if we've not mentioned enough times - you can get your Hoof Shavings Donut for free - just follow us on Twitter to learn how! Want to have a dozen crazy Christmas donuts at work on Christmas Eve? Better pre-order them!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The first truly edible fruitcake!

Another day, another Christmas Donut. We're up to seven as we march toward the exciting conclusion of The 12 Donuts of Christmas. On Saturday, gear up for The Fruitcake Donut! This is not your grandma's fruitcake - which means, someone might actually eat it rather than re-gift it! The Fruitcake donut is a colorful mix of freeze-dried fruit, on a bed of strawberry glaze and a triangular raised donut. Follow us on Twitter, and learn how to get yours for free Saturday!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Get Your Reindeer Droppings!

We're getting deeper into The 12 Donuts of Christmas. In fact, we are in Deep Sh*&! Our latest Christmas creation is Reindeer Droppings. This appetizing, minimalist creation is a chocolate-filled donut, topped with vanilla glaze and a pile of reindeer droppings (ok, we're not quite that psycho - they're chocolate covered raisins). 6 more days - and you can get a whole dozen Psycho Christmas creations - just in time for your family Christmas gathering! Follow us on Twitter, and learn how you can get Reindeer Droppings free on Friday! Want to make sure we're not sold out on Christmas Eve? Pre-order your Psycho Dozen(s) online now.

In other news - a big thanks to DJ Lia at KSJS radio in San Jose. We had a great time Wednesday night talking donut trash, along with our new musical buddies, The Sullivan Brothers.

Come to Psycho Donuts on Saturday morning at 10am, for a live performance of Curious Quail! Come see why The Metro voted Psycho Donuts "The Weirdest Place to See a Live Show" in the Bay Area!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

North biPolar for the 5th Day of Christmas!

The 12 Donuts of Christmas continues with our new holiday donut on Thursday! Get your North biPoler Donut! This is a chocolate cake donut topped with chocolate icing. It has red M&M's(tm) at one pole, and green M&M's at the other. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do!

We are up to 5 Christmas donuts you can add to a dozen, including Jingle Balls, Candy's Crush, Grandma's Revenge, and Frosty the Demented Snowman. Order them in advance online - they'll be waiting for your pickup. If you want a dozen Psycho Christmas donuts on Christmas eve, better order them now!

Wanna get your North biPoler Donut free! Follow us on Twitter to learn how!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome to The Demented Snowman!

The latest creation in our ongoing 12 Donuts of Christmas adventure is Frosty the Demented Snowman. He's a snowman that only melts in your mouth. Come get one at Psycho Donuts beginning on Wednesday, Dec 16.

Place your donut order online and they will patiently await your arrival. Want your Snowman for free? Follow us on Twitter to learn how!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Reindeer Bad Karma - Grandma Gets Revenge!

In a stunning turn of events, Grandma lost control and shot a reindeer in cold blood. When asked about her motive, Grandma simply said, "That reindeer has been running me over every year; this is payback!" Santa could not be reached for comment, but sources indicate he has posted an ad on Craigslist for a replacement reindeer.

Get your Grandma's Revenge Donut at Psycho Donuts, beginning on Tuesday Dec 15. Want to get one for free? Follow us on Twitter! The 12 Donuts of Christmas continues at Psycho Donuts. Want to order some donuts in advance for a company party? Place your order online, and they'll be waiting for you with our Nurse on Duty!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Candy's Got a Crush!

Candy has a new crush - she thinks our new Candy Cane donut is hot! Our 2nd Donut of Christmas launches on Monday, Dec 14. It's a triangular raised donut topped with vanilla mint icing, crushed candy cane, and a minty drizzle. If this donut were around in Scrooge's day, he wouldn't need the Ghost of Christmas Past to generate Christmas cheer! Want to get your Candy's Crush for free? Follow us on Twitter to learn how!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls, Jingle Ball the way...

Jingle Balls are here! Come get yours at Psycho Donuts on Sunday, Dec 13! Want to get one for free? Follow us on Twitter.
Thanks to our friends and fans who made Nightmare Before Hanukkah so much fun. Special thanks to Bruce Rogers at Korkaraoke for making it happen! Some great photos and videos of the event on our Facebook page.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Star of Donut is here!!

Just in time - the Star of Donut is burning for the next 8 days at Psycho Donuts! Enjoy a Star of Donut over the Hanukkah holiday, and don't miss Nightmare Before Hanukkah on Saturday am, Dec 12, from 10am - 1:00pm!

Want your Star of Donut for free? Act quickly - follow Psycho Donuts on Twitter to learn how.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here Comes the Nightmare!

Oy Vey! Nightmare before Hanukkah is here! Join us for this one-of-a-kind Psycho event on Saturday morning, December 12. We will unveil the Star of Donut - our Hanukkah-inspired donut. Mazel Tov!

Beginning at 10am, bring your singing chops and get ready for Psycho Karaoke, courtesy of Kor Karaoke. Sing a song in the padded Psycho studio, and get a free donut! Check out original artwork for sale, and the Psycho Christmas tree with whack ornaments by artists like Carlos Villez and Beth Robinson.

And speaking of free donuts... starting on Saturday December 12, you can win a free donut with Psycho Whisper-Tweets. Follow Psycho Donuts on Twitter to learn how, or join the Psycho Donuts Mobile Fan Club!

Starting on Sunday, December 13 - prepare for the 12 Donuts of Christmas - a decidedly Psycho interpretation of Christmas donuts. The delectable treat pictured here is Jingle Balls. So jingle all the way over the Psycho Donuts, for the only donut holes filled with Eggnog custard. Expect a new Christmas donut every day until Christmas Eve. Think Bad Santa and injured reindeer, and you'll get the idea of how twisted we really are at Psycho Donuts! Want to get a Christmas donut for free? Whisper-tweet... On Christas Eve - you can take a dozen of the most insane Christmas donuts ever unleased on mankind - to your family party. But get 'em on Christmas Eve, because PD will be closed on Christmas Day.

Also on Sunday Dec 13 - stop at Psycho Donuts for a live performance by Please Do Not Fight. PDNF brings their original Indie sound to Psycho Donuts at 9:30am until 10:30am. Bands at Psycho Donuts are not allowed to party late on Saturday nights!

Monday, November 30, 2009

The 12 Daze of Psycho Donut Christmas!

Hello Grinches and Grinchettes,

We're kicking off the holidays Psycho-style. Saturday, Dec 12 is our Nightmare Before Hanukkah event. We'll have live Karaoke in the morning starting at 10am (sing a holiday song - get a free donut), artwork for sale, and Psycho-ornament art available on our Psycho tree (a Christine Benjamin creation).

December 12 also marks the launch of
"The 12 Daze of Psycho Donut Christmas." Each day, we'll launch a mind-bending Christmas donut. On Christmas eve, you can buy a dozen of the most unusual donuts which will give you something to talk about with Uncle Joe and Aunt Edna. Our first Christmas donut, launching on Saturday Dec 12, is JINGLE BALLS. It's so fun to say, I'm gonna say it again: JINGLE BALLS!

We are also selling unusual Christmas merchandise. From a wide selection of cult movies like Clockwork Orange and Re-animator (in partnership with our good friends at Streetlight Records), to Family Guy Stuffies. Get your Pstocking Pstuffers at Psycho Donuts!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Congrats to PCI for a Gold Medal Win!

A quick congratulations to our employee, Michael Prologo, and his team of chefs from Professional Culinary Institute (PCI) in Campbell. They recently competed in the California State Championship and took the Gold Medal in this esteemed culinary competition!

Psycho Donuts is thrilled to have a culinary Gold Medal winner in our Psycho kitchen. Congrats again to Michael and everyone at PCI for this killer accomplishment!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Longer hours, Psycho at Stanford, and Friday the 13th

Many customers have been asking for earlier Psycho visiting hours on the weekends. Starting this weekend, Psycho Donuts will open at 7am on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Come see us early this weekend!

Psycho Donuts are getting an education at Stanford University. Psycho Donuts are now for sale at Stanford's late night cafe - The Dish, located in Stern Hall, on the Stanford campus. Stanford students are going crazy for 'em!

Friday the 13th is almost upon us. Come to Psycho Donuts for 1/2 price Cereal Killer donuts all day!! We will also show the original Friday the 13th movie, starting at 8pm Friday night. Only at Psycho Donuts on Friday the 13!

Congratulations to our latest Psycho Lib winner, Fletch Dowell. Here is a short excerpt of Fletch's winning Psycho Lib submission: ...One day, my parents brought me to Psycho Donuts. I have never seen donuts that taste so dogfood-like. My favorite is the Lamb-Chop Surprise donut. It's an accidental donut, topped with mouse teeth, and fermented urine. Some people might think I'm crazy, but I think Psycho Donuts is way better than Poop Donuts down the street.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Recap, Friday the 13th!, Premiere of Precious

Friday the 13th is coming, and we couldn't just let it scream by! We'll be showing the original Friday the 13th on our Flat Screen TV. Hope you can join us for a screaming good time - Friday, Nov 13 at 8pm. Only at Psycho Donuts!

Halloween was insane at Psycho Donuts. The antics began with Psycho Costume Karaoke. There were really great performers, and really funny performers. Nurse Anna showed off her broadway chops in full zombie regalia.

Special thanks to Bruce Rogers of Kor Karaoke for making it all possible!

In the afternoon, attention shifted to Bobbing for Donuts - where 4 contestants glazed their heads while blindfolded, attempting to extract green donut holes from a trough of soupy glaze.

Special thanks to the Silicon Valley Roller Girls, and Caffe Trieste for their participation!

In the evening, there was live entertainment provided by Bay Area's Raw-G$. They put on a great show, and we hope to have them back again soon.

Finally, come to the movies with us! Psycho Donuts will be on hand with Psycho Psamples as The Campbell Cinema Club and Camera Theaters in The Pruneyard present a premiere of PRECIOUS. More details about the event on our Facebook Events Page.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Psycho Pspectacular Countdown!

Six days and counting! Help us make Halloween Day the busiest day in Psycho Donuts history! In honor of Halloween, WowCool Productions has created a fun little Psycho video entitled Dawn of the Donuts.

Texas ChanaSaw Massacre of Silicon Valley Roller Girls will compete in the world's first Bobbing for Donuts contest at 2pm on Halloween Day. Wanna see a glazed and confused roller girl? Don't miss it! Competing against ChanaSaw is a brave employee of San Jose's own Caffe Trieste!

Throw a tip at a Coldstone Ice Cream employee and they will sing. At Psycho Donuts on Halloween night, tip a nurse and experience a 30 second strobe light disturbia. This should be great experimental fun that you don't want to miss!

Quick recap of what to expect this coming Saturday, Oct 31:
  • 10am - 12pm: Psycho Costume Karaoke - sing in costume, get a free donut!
  • 1:00pm - 1:30pm: Zombie Nurse costume contest - channel your zombie nurse within!
  • 2:00pm - 2:30pm: Bobbing for Donuts. Come watch as our contestants glaze their heads
  • 9:00pm - ??: Live music by local artist, Raw-g$

Don't forget that we will have green donuts, protester donuts, and other fun surprises all day long at Psycho Donuts on Halloween Day. Make sure to include PD in your scary Halloween agenda!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Psycho Halloween Pspectacular!

Psycho Donuts will be downright "scary weird" on Halloween. We'll have crazy antics all day and night. Add us to your Halloween calendar now! Here's our Psycho agenda for the day:

  • Psycho Costume Karaoke, 10am - 12 noon. A collision between costumes, karaoke, and padded cells - with your insane KJ, Korkaraoke. Perform karaoke in costume, get a free donut!
  • Zombie Nurse Costume Contest, 1pm. Come in a Zombie Nurse costume. Winner gets a Psycho Donuts t-shirt! Think Silent Hill.

  • Bobbing for Donuts, 2pm. 4 lucky contestents will try to pick up a donut hole - no hands allowed - from a trough of soupy donut glaze. Contestants to be selected via Twitter and Psycho Donuts Mobile Fan club members.

  • Live Music, 9pm. DJ/singer combo act, Raw-G$ (, will be performing a live set, in costume!
  • Psycho Donuts goes GREEN. You know what they say about Green M&M's? Well, imagine what a Green Donut can do for ya... PD Goes Green on Halloween!
  • Donuts in Costume. Can a donut be in costume on Halloween? You Betcha (nope, no Sarah Palin Donut... not yet anyways). Instead, Jekyll & Hyde Donut will become the "Protester Donut," with the creative help of Taylor Nelson Creations.

  • Monster Art. The month-long theme of Monsters and Mayhem is still in creepy motion. Come check out very unusual monster-inspired original artwork for sale on Halloween day.

We scare you (er, dare you) to find a stranger venue for Halloween fun. Join us at Psycho Donuts on Halloween Day!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Insanity meets Opera at Caffe Trieste!

This Thursday night -October 8 at 7pm - Psycho Donuts collides with Caffe Trieste, in downtown San Jose. Caffe Trieste started in the 1950's, and is a San Francisco institution to this day. The cafe expanded its horizons to San Jose in 2008 - in the heart of the SOFA district. Caffe Trieste is famous for their old world blend of Italian coffee and espresso drinks. They are focused on great quality, minus the needless drama of coffee snobbiness. And if you hang around Caffe Trieste, you're bound to hear someone singing Opera!

This Thursday night, Psycho Donuts will be on hand with nurses and donuts. What a concept - crazy donuts meets old-world Italian coffee. Join us at Caffe Trieste this Thursday night for a great line-up of live music and fun.
And "do-nut" forget to order the best possible snack to accompany your coffee... We will be available to make donut/coffee pairing suggestions!

Hope to see you at Caffee Trieste, located at: 315 S. First Street, San Jose, CA 95113.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Monsters and Mayhem - aftermath

Psycho Friends,

Thanks for coming out to Monsters and Mayhem today. For those who were there, it was a Crazy Good time. Special thanks to: Christine Benjamin, Nicolas Caesar, Please Do Not Fight, our friends at FanMinder, and our hardworking Psycho Staff.

Here are some photos from today's antics. If you missed this one, there are others to come!

See you soon at Psycho Donuts!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Monsters and Mayhem, Will the Real Owner Of PD Step Up?!

Monsters and Mayhem is bearing down on Psycho Donuts; escape is virtually impossible! What can possibly happen there? Here are a few ideas:

Green Donuts. That's right - not green TOPPED donuts, but green DONUTS. Noses and eyeballs are 'going green' for October. Wicked!

New Donuts. Check our our latest creation, known heretofore as "Comfortably Numb." He's restrained yet happy, and full of it (custard, that is).

But let's not forget the other amazing things happening at Monsters and Mayhem - killer original Halloween art, from a dozen local artists, starting as low as $40. The artwork on our walls is whack in October. First person to buy artwork (beginning at 10am Saturday) of $60+, wins two tickets to The Haunted Haight in San Francisco!

Nic Caesar will be painting Werewolf portraits. What would you look like on a full moon?

Please Do Not Fight will be providing the live music.

And our good friends from KSJS radio (90.5) will be there too!

Don't miss it! Saturday morning, from 10am - 2pm, only at Psycho Donuts!

There has been some confusion recently. So much has happened in our short psycho life, and there is so much content on the web about the owners of Psycho Donuts. So here are the facts. Psycho Donuts was started by Jordan Zweigoron and Kipp Berdiansky. We opened for business on February 28, 2009 in Campbell CA. In July 2009, Jordan Zweigoron purchased the remaining shares of Psycho Donuts, and became sole owner of the company. If there are any questions about this, please feel free to send us an email to

We hope to see you this weekend at Monsters and Mayhem!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Psycho Wins Metro Best Of; More on Monsters and Mayhem

Psycho Donuts is thrilled to receive the honor of Best Donut Shop - in the Metro’s Best Of Silicon Valley 2009 . Psycho Donuts also took Silver for Best Desserts, along with a staff award for “Absolute Weirdest Place to See a Show.” Now that's an award Psycho Donuts was destined to win!

Thanks to all of our fans for the nominations, and to our psycho friends at The Metro for all their support since our insane birth.

Everyone has been asking about Monsters and Mayhem. We'll often hear questions like, "What is Monsters and Mayhem?" or "What's a Mayhem?" We're here to answer all your questions:

Monsters and Mayhem – A Psycho Extravaganza

Saturday, October 3; 10am – 2pm

This one-of-a-kind event is the formal launch of Halloween at Psycho Donuts. Naturally, Halloween is the entire month of October at Psycho Donuts. Many people have said, “I keep meaning to check out Psycho Donuts, but just haven’t made it there yet.” This is the day to come and check out Psycho Donuts in all it's bizarre glory!
But you're still thinking... "what is Monsters and Mayhem?"

First and foremost, Monsters and Mayhem is a Halloween-inspired art show. Expect original painting of monsters and ghouls. Be very scared! Many of our artists will be there in person to open their dark souls and share their deranged inspiration. Meet local Bay Area artists, such as:
Carlos Villez, Christine Benjamin, Chuck Hodi, Dave Higgins, Lacey Bryant, Mary Medrano, Michael Foley, Murphy Adams, Tracy Cox, Trina Merry, and Nicolas Caesar.

And speaking of Nic Caesar… Nic will be sketching Werewolf Portraits – live - in person at Monsters and Mayhem. Ever wonder what you’d look like under the influence of a Werewolf bite and a full moon? Come to Monsters and Mayhem - and find out!

At Monsters and Mayhem, you can win two free tickets to The Haunted Haight Walking Tour in San Francisco. Be the first to purchase any piece of artwork and the tickets are yours (and now, a note from our Psycho lawyers - qualifying art purchase must occur during the published hours of Monsters and Mayhem – minimum art purchase of $60 required for entry; prize has no cash value, winner may be asked to do something embarrasing).

At Monsters and Mayhem, the art will please your eyes, and Please Do Not Fight will indulge your ears. We’re excited to have PDNF’s original indie-alternative music as a backdrop to this quirky, unusual day at Psycho Donuts.

And finally, how would you like to win this quirky piece of original art, entitled Frankie’s Bride, by Psycho artist, Christine Benjamin. It’s easy to win – simply sign up for The Psycho Mobile Fan Club, by texting “PSYCHO” to 244326. You’ll receive occasional promotions, offers, and propositions (ok, no propositions) from Psycho Donuts on your cell phone (no fee to join, text messaging fees may apply). The Psycho Mobile Fan Club is a killer service of FanMinder.

We will select the winner randomly on Halloween Day.

Hope to see our old friends and make some new ones at Monsters and Mayhem, Saturday October 3 -- only at Psycho Donuts!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Strawberry Fields and The Donut Pizza!

So your kid's birthday is coming up. Let's see... gotta find a place, invite the people, and buy a Birthday Pizza Donut. A what? That's crazy! And precisely why Psycho Donuts now sells ginormous donuts in a pizza box to make your child's birthday one-of-a-kind. Choose your Psycho toppings, and we'll even write a birthday message in frosting. Donut Pizzas serve 8-10 people -but must be ordered in advance. So call our Nurse on Duty, or come to Psycho Donuts and place your order today.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new animal to the Psycho Donuts Zoo. Please extend a warm welcome to Strawberry Fields. From the species Triangulado Donutus, this unusual creature blends in with its natural habitat by donning a clever strawberry icing. To complete its disguise, Stawberry Fields comes covered in freeze dried strawberries. A strawberry pocky stick protects this otherwise tasty creature from predators. This animal is a seasonal addition and will be around through the end of our Halloween festivities. So come and get one today, because Strawberry Fields are not forever.
I recently has the priviledge of meeting our new customer, Samantha. Samantha has Bipolar Disorder, like so many people do. Samantha has this to say: "...Psycho Donuts made me feel like I fit in and there isn't a norm. Life is all about people being different. You made it feel like I didn't have to hide my differences about myself and that your donut shop was a safe place. When people are not understanding of differences it makes people with differences scared of being ridiculed, jugded, and outcasted - causing people to feel ashamed. By creating Psycho Donuts, it allowed people with differences to make light of the difference and realize that there isn't a normal person in this world. I feel that you have brought out awareness to people this is not a taboo subject and everyone is different. Just like depression not too long ago, you couldn't talk about it; now you can -- and not feel ashamed. I believe you are acomplishing important things on a bigger scale with all mental illness. Thanks, Samantha."
Samantha, thanks to you too. Hope to see you soon. Whether you're living with Bipolar Disorder, or in the middle of bi-polar traveling, we hope you'll stop by Psycho Donuts for a visit soon!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

See Christine Benjamin at KALEID Gallery!

Come check our our flagship Psycho artist, Christine Benjamin, this Tuesday night!

Where: KALEID Gallery, 88 S. 4th Street, San Jose, CA. 408-947-1785

WHAT: TWO BUCK Tuesdays $2 art sale, quirky speaker series and a newly added live sketch session!

WHEN: Tuesday September 15th, 6pm - 10pm (speakers begin at 7pm)

FEATURED SPEAKER: - Christine Benjamin will give a demonstration on how she creates her creatures in 3D with needle felting. She started needle felting earlier this year in order to translate her painted characters in 3 dimension. She is currently experimenting with adding other materials to her creations such as wood, wire and found objects.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Halloween Kickoff at Psycho Donuts! Join us!

Hi Psycho Ghouls and Goblins,

I am happy to announce that Halloween at Psycho Donuts will begin officially on October 3! For our first official Halloween, we'll kick it off with something really fun and unusual and in true Psycho Donuts fashion. Here's what you're in for:

Monsters, Mayhem & More
A Psycho Halloween Extravaganza

When: Saturday, October 3, 2009; 10am - 2pm
Where: You KNOW where...

Picture a collision between crazy donuts, a special original art show focused on local artists and original Monster works, in conjunction with live music. We hope you'll mark your calendar and plan to join us!

Get your portrait painted by Nic Caesar - with a twist... It will be a quick sketch portait, portraying what you'd look like as a werewolf...

This, and many other fun surprises await your visit to Psycho donuts on Saturday, October 3!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Nutella The Hun & Psycho Lib Winner!

Nurse Siobhan has been with Psycho Donuts for about a month now. A customer snapped this great picture of Siobhan behind the counter. Come in and meet all of our nurses!

The Slow Poisoner played a set of his unusual one-man band tunes at Psycho Donuts on Friday. He set up shop in front of our infamous 'music studio' and everyone had a great time. Thanks Slow!

One of our newest donuts is Nutella The Hun. This chocolate cake donut is smothered in Nutella - that wonderful hazelnut spread, along with rainbow sprinkles. While it looks like a more traditional donut, the taste is something that Atilla would have killed for!

A big congratulations to the winner of our Psycho Lib contest. Melissa McClendon is the proud winner of a Psycho Donuts tshirt. She turned in the following Psycho Lib (the italized words are the clever ones she came up with).


One day, my parents brought me to Psycho Donuts. I have never seen donuts that taste so flamboyant. My favorite is the sweet corn tamales donut. It’s a strawberry shortcake donut, topped with buns and toes. Some people might think I’m crazy, but I think Psycho Donuts is way better than Gaseous Donuts, down the street.
At Psycho Donuts, I pooped with an Electric Barack Obama, and saw some really mushy skivvies on the walls. The artwork at Psycho Donuts is very sour. The artists create such vacant paintings.

The cashiers at Psycho Donuts are really smelly. The gave me a piece of Jack Skellington to pop. The cashiers are really friendly, and they each dress like a Professional Check Writer.

My parents would rather eat pigs feet than Psycho Donuts. Not me! On my birthday, I am going to bring Psycho Donuts to Disneyland. Someday, I think the owner of Psycho Donuts should open a restaurant called Psycho Sushi.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Hours, New Donuts, Amazing Press, Live Music

Things are jamming at Psycho Donuts. Several awesome things to report!

This Friday and Saturday night (Sept 3 and 4), Psycho Donuts will stay open until 11pm. The music studio will also be open - if you play guitar, stop by and play a song! To help usher in our longer hours, The Slow Poisoner will play a set of deranged tunes, in his one-man-band style, at 6pm on Friday, Sept 4. Come check it out. It's free and it's fun.

Psycho Donuts meets The Creepy KOFY Movie Show this Saturday night, on Bay area KOFY TV 20, at midnight. There are some funny things that happened during the taping of this with local celebrity, No Name.

Crazy new donuts have arrived. Take a look at the Hamburger Donut for starters. And the Cinnamon Troll is an instant hit. Both are great morning donuts.

In other fun news, we're proud to announce that Psycho Donuts was one of three donut shops in the country mentioned in this month's issue of Food Network Magazine! There has been plenty of other news coverage as well. For a change, it seems everyone is happy with Psycho Donuts these days. There is a really funny radio program on Chicago's WGN radio, hosted by Nick Digilio. Nick discovered Psycho Donuts and had some fun with it.
The Psycho Donuts Fan Club is LIVE, thanks to our friends at FanMinder. Wanna get Psycho Donuts specials and promotions via text message? Stop by Psycho Donuts and get a coupon for a free donut, just for signing up!

Recently our good friends, Please Do Not Fight, played a set at Psycho Donuts. Next time they're back at Psycho Donuts, please stop by for a great show!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Longer weekend hours; Whack new donuts!

Want a late-night trippy donut? Starting next weekend (Sept 4/5), Psycho Donuts will stay open until 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights. If you want a crazy donut later in the evening, there’s only one fun place to come. And speaking of crazy donuts…

Chief Psycho has been creating some new demented treats. Witness the following new creations – starting this Monday, August 31! Customers have said, “Hey Psychos - we want to see some donuts that are more savory than sweet; we want donuts with bacon, and donuts with maple!” Want want want! We thought you were all crazy, but we listened anyways, and here’s what’s in store for you. Buckle in – we're breaking new ground here!

The Hamburger Donut. Our Hamburger Donut bears an amazing resemblance to the ‘real’ hamburger. The donut resembles a bun complete with sesame seeds. The ‘bun’ is cut in half, and bacon comprises the meat of this oddball burger. The experiment is complete with some honey butter and strawberry jam. Early scientific studies confirm this to be the perfect breakfast - especially when coupled with an order of Donut Fries.

Noses and Eyeballs. OK, so Halloween is still a ways off, but we couldn’t wait. Picture a conglomeration of filled donut holes in the shape of Noses and Eyeballs. It wasn’t hard to come up with the name of this whack treat.

The Cinnamon Troll. Psycho Donuts now has its own Cinnamon Roll, er, Troll. Unlike some cinnamon rolls, ours do not bathe heavily in butter or sugar glaze. It’s a lighter cinnamon roll, with a touch of honey, and chocolate drizzle.

Headbanger’s Evil Twin. We figured that two Headbangers are better than one. This ‘Evil Twin’ has slightly darker skin than his brother due to a cinnamon sugar accident as a child, but their faces and ‘wounds’ are remarkably similar. Interestingly, if you took blood samples of the two twins, there is a startling contrast - the Evil Twin has custard in the middle, while the less-evil brother has strawberry filling. I guess twins don't always have the same blood type.

Crazy Face. This is 4 donuts in one. Custard-filled donut holes comprise a clown-like nose and eyes, atop a maple glazed donut. Bring the kids for this unusual culinary episode.

We are insanely excited about these new creations, and hope you'll stop by for some donuts and fun!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Live Music at Psycho Donuts!

Hi Psycho Fans,

More and more people in the South Bay are discovering Psycho Donuts. The music studio is getting popular! If you play electric guitar, come by and entertain our customers; it's waiting for you! We are also seeking acoustic musicians for short sets in the store. Singer/songwriter guitar players and vocalists work out really well in our small, intimite space. Contact us if you're interested!

This Friday morning - August 28 at 9:45am - don't miss Please Do Not Fight, playing a live acoustic set. A live band on a weekday morning? That's crazy! Please Do not Fight is an original alternative indie act with a sound all their own. They rocked the house last time they played at PD!

Check out The Slow Poisoner, live at Psycho Donuts - September 4 at 6pm. The Slow Poisoner and Psycho Donuts are a match made in some very wierd place, probably not Heaven... Think one-man-band with very creative, original music like none other. This is Slow Poisoner's second gig at Psycho Donuts.

Finally, let there be peace! Patty Fisher chronicles the rather unusual infancy of Psycho Donuts existence - starting with war and ending with peace. Check out her San Jose Mercury News Column!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Less Offensive but Still Edgy!

Hi Psycho Friends -

A new round of press came out (furiously) this morning - reflecting the new and improved Psycho Donuts (PD 2.0?). Everyone is welcome at Psycho Donuts - this has always been the case. You'll still find harmless fun inside -and it will require a sense of humor - but I think you'll agree it's the most unusual donut shop on the planet. Give it a try, and take a break from the donut shop with yellow booths, old newspapers, and boring donuts!

Today, you'll find news about Psycho Donuts all over the place, including:

Stop by Psycho Donuts, and check our our new window counter seating. Be one of the first to warm the new barstools!

We want more guitar players to stop by and give us some impromptu jams. If you know how to play, the Psycho Fender Guitar is waiting for you. Don't be shy, and mind the "No Stairway to Heaven" sign on the wall!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Psycho Wins Intuit Grant; Live 105 on Friday!

Hi Friends & Fans,

I am so pleased to announce that Psycho Donuts has won the Intuit Love a Local Business Grant! I would like to thank everyone out there who nominated Psycho Donuts to win. Thanks to Intuit for this wonderful opportunity. We're happy to be a positive and thriving new business that you've chosen to recognize.

Psycho Donuts continues to be popular in the press! The Chief Psycho will be on the air with No Name at Live 105 (105.3 in the Bay Area) this Friday morning at 7:45am. Listen in! Special thanks to all my new friends at Live 105.

Chief Psycho was recently interviewed live on The Buzz 106.5 in Sacramento. You can listen to the recorded segment here. Thanks to Jamie White and the great folks at The Buzz for a great time.

South Winchester News is a blog on everything happening in the Psycho Donuts geographic area. They do a great job covering news in this micro-market, and wrote about some of the recent changes we've made at Psycho Donuts.

In spite of a slew of positive changes which were announced live on Fox Business News, there are still forces at work attempting to shut Psycho Donuts down (being quite serious, for a change). We may need some serious support from our friends, in light of lawyers looking for cracks in the Psycho mortar. We'll keep you posted with details.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Response to USA Today article

Note – today's blog post is specifically in response to Peter Earley’s opinion piece in USA Today.

Dear Mr. Earley, thank you for your extensive criticism from afar and for the notable publicity as well. Psycho Donuts launched an entirely new business concept in the middle of a great recession, and employs a staff of 10 people and growing. We are proud of the company we’ve built, and our constant lines out the door are a testament of community support.

Our business is evolving rapidly. You overlooked quite a bit before condemning us. We announced several changes last week, live on Fox Business News, which are clearly reflected on our website. We have a number of mental health groups who are interested in working with us, rather than against. If you seek out the big picture, you’ll realize that there is actually a great opportunity which could emerge here. In this case, such opportunity comes only with an open mind and a sense of humor.

The term “Psycho” crossed the cultural divide and joined ranks with popular culture 49 years ago - with the advent of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, (Paramount Pictures). The term Psycho is everywhere. Great America has a ride called Psycho Mouse.’s Home & Garden Department sells 478 items oriented around the term Psycho. Fox Network has a TV show called Mental. Mental! Have you seen some of the shows on the Comedy Channel? I can point out several that would rank highly on the stigma scale.

So why, Mr. Earley, would USA Today focus its attention on an independently owned, corner donut shop in Campbell California? Maybe we’re an easy target? It’s easier to point a finger at a small donut shop than – say - Fox Network, Comedy Channel, or Paramount.

Mr. Earley, the America I know is built on freedom of speech and expression. With the exception of Psycho Donuts, every other donut shop in America should be very pleasing to you personally. For this reason, I encourage you to buy your donuts there. That being said, what gives you the right to impose your own belief system on every American, and dictate where they should buy from across the country? If every group imposes its beliefs upon American culture, we’ll effectively create our own self-imposed cultural revolution here in the USA.

We have received hundreds of letters and emails from people with every imaginable form of mental illness who stand firmly behind Psycho Donuts. Maybe the view of the mental health advocate is not always representative of those they seek to protect? Much has been said about stigma, and I believe that your perspective is perpetuating stigma, rather than eradicating it.

Everyone’s viewpoint is filtered by life experience. After the loss of a loved one, Halloween can seem offensive – and on this imaginative holiday, the offensiveness comes knocking at your door. Maybe we should cancel Halloween this October. Or would that be un-American?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Win Psycho Stuff with the Psycho Lib!!

Hi Psycho Friends - Wanna have some fun, with a chance to win a Psycho Prize? Play Psycho Lib! Psycho what? Simply print out the Psycho Lib below, and fill in the blanks with clever words as instructed. The result will be a funny story about Psycho Donuts. Want a chance to win something? Bring your completed Psycho Lib to our Psycho Nurse on Duty at Psycho Donuts in Campbell. We also have blank Psycho Libs available for you in the store to complete.

The author of the most hilarious Psycho Lib will be eligible to receive their choice of a dozen Psycho Donuts, or a Psycho Donuts T-Shirt. For those of you who are not near Campbell, you can still print this out and complete it just for fun!

Without further ado (what's an ado, anyways?!), we bring you Psycho Lib!

One day, my parents brought me to Psycho Donuts. I have never seen donuts that taste so _________________ (adjective). My favorite is the ___________________(favorite food) donut. It’s an _____________ (dessert) donut, topped with ____________ (pl noun) and __________________ (pl noun). Some people might think I’m crazy, but I think Psycho Donuts is way better than ____________(Adjective) Donuts, down the street.

At Psycho Donuts, I ___________________ (past tense Verb) with an Electric ___________(Noun), and saw some really _______________(adjective) ___________________(pl noun) on the walls.

The artwork at Psycho Donuts is very __________________ (adjective). The artists create such _________(adjective) paintings.

The cashiers at Psycho Donuts are really _____________________ (adjective). The gave me a piece of _______________________(noun) to pop. The cashiers are really friendly, and they each dress like a _________________(career/profession).
My parents would rather eat ___________________ (unusual food) than Psycho Donuts. Not me! On my birthday, I am going to bring Psycho Donuts to ____________ (a place). Someday, I think the owner of Psycho Donuts should open a restaurant called Psycho ______________________(type of food).

**The Fine Print: No purchase necessary to win; deliver Psycho Lib in person at Psycho Donuts to enter; must not be present to win; limit one Psycho Lib per customer; be sure to enter your name and email address on your Psycho Lib; prizes have no cash value; Psycho Donuts shall determine prizes based on subjective assessment of Psycho Libs collected weekly for the duration of the Psycho Lib promotion.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Vote for Psycho, and even longer hours!

Hi Psycho Fans,
The Metro Newspaper has an annual "Best Of" edition. Psycho Donuts is in the running for Best Donut Shop. Please vote for your favorite donut shop with a crazy theme here.

And while we're on the topic of voting - Intuit is offering a special grant opportunity to innovative small businesses. If you're a Psycho Donuts fan, please nominate us here!

Psycho hours are being extended again! Starting Monday (Aug 17), will we be opening at 6am on weekdays, instead of 7am. Come see us early, and wake up our sleeping nurse at the counter!

Chief Psycho had the opportunity to appear live on Fox Business News yesterday. Being Chief Psycho seems to be affecting his appearance, he's slowly beginning to look the part!

Psycho Donuts is launching a partnership with Fanminder. Soon you can receive special Psycho promotions and offers on your cellphone, thanks to Fanminder's crazy technology.

Hope to see you at PD this weekend!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello friends in the Bay Area and beyond… The Psycho staff is reeling from the chain of events over the past week. National television, news articles, radio appearances, and more. It’s equally amazing to see who’s been spotted with Psycho Donuts in hand.

We’d like to thank all of our friends and supporters. We have received calls, letters, emails – even gifts - from around the world. News of Psycho Donuts reached places like Korea and Ethiopia. Things are jamming and we have exciting news, so let’s get started:

On the Donut front - Psycho Donuts now bathe daily in trans-fat free oil! You’ve asked – we’ve listened. We’d also like to extend a warm welcome to our latest donut creation – the “We Been Vegan.” Many of you have been clamoring for a vegan donut. Our Psycho R&D team has been working around the clock to master a Vegan donut that tastes great (less filling?). We’ve succeeded! Come and get it!

The new website is here! Special thanks to our great friends at Esharp Web Design.

Psycho Donuts is proud to present The Psycho Music Studio!! Come on in and play our Fender Electric Guitar (must have 1 year experience; 16 yrs old +). We have future plans to add more instruments and create impromptu jam sessions. It’s rumored that The Chief Psycho may bring his digital keyboard to participate in future jams!

And while we’re talking about music, check this out -- the Psycho Pspeaker! Got an iPod and some great songs? Now you can play them in our store, for everyone to hear. We can’t wait to hear some of your favorite new bands!

Longer hours have finally arrived! During our crazy childhood (trust us, it really was...), we closed at noon on Monday through Thursday. Now that we are a Psycho toddler, our hours have been extended. We’re now open until 5pm every day, and until 8pm on Friday/Saturday. Starting the week of August 17, we’ll be opening at 6am (an hour earlier) on weekdays as well.

The Psycho Gift Store has some new items that sport the tagline, “Embrace Your Inner Psycho.” They make a crazy gift. Buy one today - make someone happy!

Want to get your Psycho Donuts without waiting in line? Wanna make sure we don’t sell out of your favorites? Create a pick-up order online, and we’ll have your order ready when you arrive. There is a rumor that Psycho Donuts may begin shipping crazy delicacies across the country. Stay tuned for more details.

We look forward to seeing all of our local friends soon. If you’re visiting the Bay Area, make sure to stop at Psycho Donuts in Downtown Campbell for a Crazy Good time!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Longer Thursday Hours!

Due to popular demand (a serious understatement), Psycho Donuts will be open until 5pm tomorrow (Thursday, August 6). As many people know, we've had limited hours on Monday -Thursday throughout our 'Psycho infancy.' In conjunction with our upcoming 6 month birthday and our Psycho Adolescence, these longer weekday hours of operation will soon be permanent.

We would also like to extend a warm thanks for the overwhelming support from around the country - on a particularly crazy day for Psycho Donuts. Psycho Donuts news traveled far and wide today. This may have been the biggest news about Campbell CA since the invention of the fruit cup (

We almost trumped Paula Abdul as a popular search term on Google - so we're told. And we didn't even quit American Idol :-) We received a constant stream of phone calls from old friends and new friends alike. We welcome you to visit us during your next trip to Silicon Valley.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Bob Dylan once said, “Things, they are a-changing.” And in the words of the prolific David Bowie, “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes.” What were these musical icons trying to say? Ok, that’s a bad rhetorical question – it’s obvious! The point is, what are we saying?! Psycho Donuts was started with a vision of being an exceptionally fun, yet unusual donut shop experience. That will not change. But there are some really fun changes on the way. Stay tuned! Quick note to the protesters and their planned gathering this Sunday – ch-ch-ch-change your plans and be p-p-p-patient.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nurse-Powered Donut Delivery!

Announcing the official launch of Psycho Donuts Online Ordering & Delivery service! (

For pick-up orders, simply add your favorite psychos to the cart and pay online. We’ll have your order ready and waiting when you come in.

How ‘bout Psycho Donuts delivered to your office by one of our exclusive Psycho Nurses? We are initially delivering to the following zipcodes:

Day Zipcode
Monday 94043 (Mountain View)
Tuesday 94085, 94089 (Sunnyvale)
Wednesday 95054 (Santa Clara)
Thursday 95134 (North San Jose)
Friday 94085, 94089 (Sunnyvale)

While we cannot guarantee specific delivery times, your donuts will arrive between 8am – 10am on your specified delivery date. Need your donuts in time for an 8am meeting? Consider placing an online pick-up order instead. Look for more flexible delivery areas, dates, & times in the near future. Place your order at

Monday, July 6, 2009

Psycho Deliveries coming soon to a South Bay Zipcode near you!

Get ready for Psycho deliveries at the end of July!! Wahooooo!!!

If you work in one of these zipcodes:
  • 94043
  • 94089
  • 94085
  • 95134
  • 95054
You are going to be able to order some Psychoooooooooooooooooooo Donuts - delivered to your workplace, by one of our lovely Psycho Nurses! You'll be able to order them online from our Psycho Donuts website! How crazy is that? It's Psycho!

Be the first in your office to order these magnificent little pieces of donut art. Sorry … we can’t deliver a protester with each order (I know you’re disappointed) … our insurance won’t allow it.

If you're bummed because your work zipcode is not on the list, fear not! You'll also be able to place an advance order for pickup from our website, and we'll have your order ready and waiting for you at our store.

We'll post an update when the "PsychE-commerce" website is live. The first 5 online orders will come with a free Psycho Donuts t-shirt!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Psycho Magic Trick

We've learned a new magic trick at Psycho Donuts. Wanna know how to make 50 protesters disappear? Simply offer to have a public debate on TV, and abracadabra - they're gone! As many of you know, there have been several groups busily organizing protests, visiting city hall, creating petitions, and insistently demanding the elimination of every element that makes Psycho Donuts a one-of-a-kind place.

So we find it interesting that, upon Psycho Donuts suggesting a public debate on radio or TV, the bullhorn-wielding advocates have suddenly removed the batteries from their bullhorns.

C'mon - you guys have been so vocal and have so strongly requested an audience with us. You thought nothing about trying to damage our business during the infancy of Psycho Donuts. Why back down now? Maybe you're thinking -- "hmmm, a public broadcast of such a debate would cut across a broad cross-section of popular culture, exposing that an overwhelming majority of the public stands strongly in favor of the light-hearted, family friendly environment that is Psycho Donuts?" Afterall, the term Psycho crossed the threshold into pop culture in 1960 (any Alfred Hitchcock fans?).

After spending precious resources from charitable funding sources to militantly chase down a small donut shop in Campbell California, why not go the last mile? Or maybe you're thinking, "hmmm, better if we attack them from the shadows, where we have squeaky wheel support, outside the watchful eye of popular culture at large." Or maybe it's because almost every objective Internet survey on the topic resulted in 85%+ overwhelming support for Psycho Donuts.

Radio and TV stations have offered a forum for this debate, and we are ready and willing. Before you put the batteries back in the bullhorn, why not reverse your decision to walk away from this debate?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Psycho Donuts Poem

So many donut shops are really lame,
Something like that in Campbell would be a shame

So with all our time and life savings,
we created what the community was craving

To start a business you can't be lazy,
while reinventing donuts that are crazy

With crazy donuts came a theme,
so we set out to build the American Dream

A crazy donut should not offend,
unless you are rigid and do not bend

We have our first amendment rights,
and we've built a business with many sleepless nights

If you like our donuts, come around
If not, there are others in town

So please ignore the needless drama,
Relax, and have a Massive Head Trauma

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Boston Creme Pie Donut?!

Thank you loyal fans!

Psycho Donuts is growing, growing, growing, and the South Bay loves a themed donut shop in its own backyard! So many fans from San Francisco are coming to Psycho Donuts that we think there should be a high-speed rail from SF to Campbell. We have had customers from as far away as Las Vegas, come specifically to visit Psycho Donuts! Every day we get calls on directions from the airport!

New Donuts!
Banana Creme Pie Donut and the Key Lime Pie donut are new additions to the family, and come from a dysfunctional family of donuts going back to Eastern Europe. We’re working on others ones too … keep posted!

Baked Vegan Donuts?!?

Oh boy, are we getting close! Our scientists are working around the clock to make the most disturbed, deranged and disoriented baked vegan donut that was ever eaten! Keep posted for when these donuts are released!

Office Delivery?

Oh, yeah … we’re planning this verrrrrrry soon. Why not spice up your next meeting with a bunch of Psycho Donuts? Scheduled start date: June 1st!

New Goodies!!

For all your clothing and undergarment needs, we are proud to announce The Psycho Donuts Online Store at Check it out!

From the Art Department

We are pleased to welcome the artwork of two talented artists to the walls of Psycho Donuts.

Michael Foley is an artist from the Bay Area. His work has been categorized as urban art, even low brow art (which is perfect for us).

Murphy Adams is also from the Bay Area. Murphy is a people watcher, and keeps a small sketchbook with her to quickly capture observations; people & things that she finds funny, awkward or beautiful.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

How About a Little Sense of Humor!

Hi Psycho Donuts friends (and a few foes). Psycho Donuts has been open for exactly 35 days. It has been a whirlwind journey for us, and one of the most amazing life experiences. In this short time, we have managed to accomplish some insane feats. The buzz about Psycho Donuts has been building organically on the street and also on the web, and we're pleased to be an innovative, creative enviroment, adding to the colorful scene evolving in Downtown Campbell. We are not a nameless corporation stamping out cookie cutter stores - we're just a couple of guys who have self-funded a mom and pop donut shop, with creativity and originality in mind.

The name 'Psycho Donuts' came from the simple fact that our donuts are a little crazy - well, compared to any ordinary donut shop. We actually tested a 'sushi donut' back in the early days. And while that donut never made it into our display case, we knew we were up to some crazy stuff. We were also well aware that our economy has been a little insane (that's an understatement). So we consulted the thesaraus for the word 'crazy,' and 'Psycho' seemed to sum it up well. And that's the short version of the story, and how we came to create the clean, family friendly, and fun environment that is Psycho Donuts.

It's a shame that there are a handful of folks out there (most of whom have never stepped foot inside Psycho Donuts, no less California) who do not have a sense of humor. Follow me here - if our donuts are crazy, does that make us insensitive to the mental health community? Is El Pollo Loco insensitive to Crazy Chickens? Was Patsy Cline being hurtful when she wrote the song Crazy? Is it insensitive to call a donut bipolar? We might be insulting the flour inside of that very sensitive donut, but let's agree on one thing: donuts are not people; and the names of our donuts do not correspond to any opinion or pre-conceived notion about people.

To those who are spending countless hours building an intricate strategy against us, we have a simple solution -- go buy your donuts elsewhere. Or if you don't like donuts, go spend your time on the bigger problems in the world. North Korea is testing their Nuclear muscle; our economy is at the brink of disaster. Go find a donut shop you like, or focus your concerns on something other than two guys trying to sell donuts. But irregardless -- the crowds of people who have a sense of humor will keep coming, and these are our customers. We're glad that this represents the majority of society, even if their voices are not as loud as the individuals who are so easily ruffled. Our wonderful customers include families, schools, religious organizations, sports teams, college clubs and fraternities, the arts community, mental health organizations, and yes, even people with their own mental health challenges. People come in and openly tell us about their own stories of life with bipolar disorder; they even order a bipolar donut with their voice turning to laughter as they place their order.

In this day and age, all of us are a little crazy. 25% of Americans have some clinical form of mental health challenge - and our take is that the rest of us just haven't been clinically diagnosed yet! . We might make light of the topic in our store, but we aim to be a positive contributor to positive mental health. Psycho Donuts is a testament to the human condition, and a place where we can all accept our individual faults. If people can leave our store with a smile on their face, then we've done our part contributing to people's positive mental health.

Is it possible to imagine a place where everyone's faults are accepted, and where we can all laugh at the stress in modern life - which in many cases contributes to people's current mental condition? Is it possible that a little smile and laughter at Psycho Donuts can contribute to the cause in a positive way? If those who disapprove of us would seek to understand what we're about, maybe they'd understand why the other 99.9% of the community are such big fans. Everyone is welcome to their opinion, it's a free country. That freedom also extends to speech and expression.

But hey, what do we know? We're just a couple of Psychos...!