Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pstars, Pstripes, and Sticky Monkeys

With so much going on at Psycho Donuts - Reality Shows, Pop Art Exhibits, Press Coverage... we almost forgot about a little thing called donuts (actually, we didn't). Fear not, Chef Ron toils away in the Psycho kitchen just for you! And it's all about the donuts, right?! So lettuce talk about donuts!

This Friday, get in here for the launch of 2 insane new donuts!

Pstars and Pstripes

Are you the patriotic sort? If not, then buy Pstars and Pstripes for your neighbor - that All-American guy who hangs the flag at every conceivable US holiday - especially The 4th of July. Pstars and Pstripes would reduce Uncle Sam to tears. Packed with raspberry on the inside, this heart shaped patriot is topped in all the primary colors that matter. Each state of the union delivers a tasteful chocolate-rice crunch when eaten.

The Sticky Monkey

How to describe this naughty monkey?
Think "Banana Fosters Fusion." We start with a fresh fried fritter (say that 10 times), and fill it up with fresh bananas and rum (did that psycho just say rum?). Top it off with gooey caramel and sea salt. And there ya have it.

Get in to Psycho Campbell or Psycho San Jose starting Friday, July 1. And enjoy our latest donutrocities - Pstars and Pstripes, and The Sticky Monkey. Only at Psycho Donuts!

Monday, June 27, 2011

PsychoPop at Psycho Campbell

Psycho Donuts Offers New Menu Item with PsychoPop! Art Exhibition

Opening Event Features High Energy, Colorful Prints Inspired by Pop & Street Art

Campbell, CA - June 27, 2011 - Psycho Donuts will fill not only it’s cases with delectable treats this summer, but offer a feast for the eyes with the three art shows, beginning Friday, July 1 with Psycho Pop. This show, brought together by artist and curator Wallace Harper, brings a range of energized, colorful and high-impact silkscreen prints inspired by pop, “low-brow” street imagery, rock & roll posters, and outsider art.

“I wanted to have the works of art to match and expand on the

dynamic and highly innovative qualities of the donuts Psycho Donuts is known for,” explains Harper. “The works in this show are an eclectic mix of art prints and concert posters containing everything from cartoonish visions to photographic hallucinations, all by known artists in the low-brow/street art movement. I think there is really something here for everyone!”

The exhibition features artists who have appeared in Juxtapose Magazine and other alternative media, including: Frank Kozik, Aelhra, Print Mafia, Diesel Prints, Stainboy and others. All of the prints are handmade using the silk screen (serigraph) technique, and are signed by the artist and in limited, numbered editions, or Artist's Proofs.

Jordan Zweigoron, Chief Psycho from Psycho Donuts said, "PsychoPop adds yet another crazy new twist to our creative line-up. Beyond the donuts and nurses, the art on our walls is yet another key element that establishes Psycho Donuts as the World's Most Unusual Donut Shop. We're thrilled to bring such a dynamic and well-represented show to Psycho Donuts."

The show will have an opening reception on Friday, July 1 from 6 - 9pm, and also feature a chance to try Psycho Donut’s new crazy new fritter - Gone Bananas - before it's released to the public. Anyone purchasing a print at the opening will also get a free donut. For more information please visit www.psychodonuts.com or find the event Facebook listing.

Opening Details:


Psycho Donuts Campbell

2006 S. Winchester Blvd

Campbell, CA 95008

Date & Time: Friday, July 1, 6-9pm


About Psycho Donuts: Psycho Donuts is the world’s first and only light-hearted asylum for wayward do­nuts with locations in Campbell and Downtown San Jose. Hailing from the Bay Area, Psycho Donuts has earned global acclaim for creativity and fun. A crazy-fresh spin on the corner donut shop, Psycho Donuts uses costumes, padded walls and unusual toppings to deliver the Psycho Donuts experience. Psycho Do­nuts has quickly become a Bay Area icon, and has been featured in Maxim Magazine, American Way Maga­zine, Bon App├ętit Magazine, Fox Business News, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, Food Network Mag­azine, and more. For more information about Psycho Donuts, visit us online at www.psychodonuts.com.

About Wallace Harper:

Wallace has worked in the arts for over 35 years, as an artist, art instructor, and museum curator. From south Florida, he taught art classes at the Broward, Palm Beach & Miami Dade community college systems. His extensive work in art museums includes time as an exhibition curator at the Norton Gallery of Art in West Palm Beach, and Curator at the San Francisco Airport Museums. He is a practicing artist, working in collage and digital photography.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Roll out the Psycho Press

The press has been crazy for Psycho Donuts in the past week. Will there be a Psycho Reality Show? With creations like our first Donut Wedding Cake, anything is possible! This donut cake, stage left, is a 4-tiered monster created for an adventurous couple - for their recent wedding in Monterey. It's 4-tiers of donut delirium, with a variety of cake donuts and fillings - all based on the crazy couple's deepest donut desires. Psycho was forced to spread its birdlike wings to pull it off - and now, we're poised for anything and everything... and so... we say to The Food Network, The Cooking Channel, and TLC - BRING IT ON! People ask about the premise behind a Psycho Reality Show. We got the world's craziest donuts, donut pizzas, donut tacos, donut burgers, donut fries, and donut cakes. Does Ace of Cakes have beautiful cake nurses? Does Cake Boss place customers in a padded cell? Did Donald Trump ever stand a chance?

Whether or not a Psycho Reality Show materializes, people sure seem to be psyched about the idea; including our new friend George Kiriyama from NBC 11 News; who filmed this crazy gem live at Psycho Campbell last week. And if that wasn't enough, our new crazy friend Julissa Ortiz from Good Day Sacramento filmed at Psycho Donuts live - for those donut-deprived souls in Sacramento. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this psycho TV pspectacle.

And the insane news continues. Psycho is giddy to be included in Yahoo's line-up article, Rise of the Super Donut. And it seems Yahoo! can't get enough of Psycho. Writer Michelle Alaimo covered Psycho in Yahoo! Local, regarding our upcoming PsychoPop Art Show. And writer Casey Jay of the Campbell Reporter had this to say.

All this donut blogging keeps the Chief Psycho from important tasks, like popping leftover bubble wrap, and eating leftover donuts. So it's rewarding to see a recent article from Ronda Del Boccio about the value of good copywriting, using this very Psycho Blog as a crazy case in point. And speaking of psycho bloggers, Michelle wrote about Psycho Donuts in her blog, Savor the Salt.

Stay tuned for a swirling mass of upcoming Psycho announcements, and hope to see you at Psycho Donuts psoon!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anyone got a Crazy Dad?

Crazy donuts for your crazy dad! Get your dad one of our insane Father's Day pspecials from Psycho Donuts this weekend.

Our psycho research department has concluded that dads want game food on Father's Day in the form of 4 food groups: Beer, nuts, pretzels, chocolate. It doesn't take much to make dads happy. And Psycho has swooped in to help!

Beer Nuts covers three of the four dad food groups. It's a raised donut, filled with beer (ummmm, beer...). OK, not just beer. It's a Rogue Mocha Porter pastry creme with malt extract, to be exact. To complete this dysfunctional dad delectable, we top it with chocolate icing, beer nuts, and a multi-flavor drizzle beer mug on top.

We almost stopped there, but realized we hadn't covered the pretzel food group. So we invented the Dulce de Psycho. This dyslexic donut is filled with a caramel and dulce de leche pastry creme. It's topped off with chocolate icing, pretzels, and chocolate drizzle.

Psycho has seen its share of press attention, for an amazing array of reasons. We've been covered by almost every local news and morning show in the Bay Area, and even in national press. But in Sacramento? Not so much. So we were both surprised and excited when Julissa Ortiz of CW31's Good Day Sacramento inquired about filming LIVE at Psycho Donuts Campbell. Why not let Sacramentoans (Sacramentites? Sacramentilians?) live vicariously... We're thrilled to welcome Good Day Sacramento to Psycho Campbell on Friday morning, filming live between 7:00am - 10:00 am. Come for a donut, and maybe you'll launch your tv career with a cameo appearance in Sacramento!

And speaking of press attention, Psycho continues to get great write-ups, near and far. We were recently reviewed in The San Francisco Examiner by journalist Amelia Albanese. And Cameron Sampson blogged his heart out with some crazy insights.

A crazy thanks to all of our contestants who participated in our 2nd Annual Donut Pizza Eating Contest on June 3. A pspecial
Psycho congratulations to the winner, Dax Swanson - the only contestant to actually finish the entire donut pizza, in ten minutes and change.

Snapshot Ninja captured this great image of Dax, post-ingestion. Dax captured the ordeal in all it's glory. Check it out!

Psycho Donuts recently hooked up with J. Lohr winery on National Donut
Day, for a donuts and wine pairing event, at J. Lohr's winery in San Jose. Chef Ron prepared 4 varieties of custom donuts holes, to pair with
each of 4 hand-selected J. Lohr wines. The event sold out, and people are already asking about the next wine and donuts event. Stay tuned for details! A pspecial thanks to Mary Hrkac and the crazy pstaff at J. Lohr!