Thursday, November 8, 2012

Psycho Donuts on the Big Screen at Psycho Donuts

Looney Ben (aka Donut Guy)

Donut Guy was born in perilous times. Many Psycho fans may remember when protesters lined the Psycho Donuts parking lot, long before the APA ("Age of Psycho Acceptance").

During these dark, formative years for Donut Guy, two extraordinary filmmakers were conceiving the idea for an ambitious documentary film, tackling the sensitive topic of Bipolar Disorder. The filmmakers spent a weekend filming at Psycho Donuts.  They captured some crazy footage – which would ultimately become the 'comic relief' in an otherwise emotionally charged film - OF TWO MINDS.

OF TWO MINDS makes its San Jose premiere – ironically – at Psycho San Jose and The Camera 3 Theater (all under one crazy roof).  The film has received rave reviews at sell-out shows in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.  

Bloggers and journalists – check out our crazy press release for all the details.

"The Bipolar"
Psycho will re-launch The Bipolar Donut during OF TWO MINDS' San Jose premiere. A portion of Bipolar donut sales will directly benefit Loaves and Fishes Family Kitchen, where many residents suffer from Bipolar Disorder, and other forms of mental illness.

Showtimes are Saturday, December 1 at 7:00pm, and Sunday, December 2, at 1:00pm.  Buy your tickets online!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Make Your Thanksgiving a Crazy One

Good Kitty & Dead Kitty Nurses

Halloween subsides, and zombies give way to Pilgrims. And then, just as quickly, Pilgrims morph into Santas.  Along with these rapid holiday transitions, the donuts must also adapt. The Psycho kitchen goes utterly insane this time of year.  We’re talking about delicate migrations from Zombie Ballz to Punkin' Spice Lattes.

Punkin' Spice Latte!
It’s not unusual for things to be flipped backwards and upside down at Psycho Donuts.  For example, buy a Frosticle at Psycho Donuts, and you’ll find yourself drinking a donut (which is conveniently blended into the crazy drink).  Buy our Thanksgiving Punkin’ Spice Latte, and you’ll find yourself eating coffee. That’s because our Punkin’ Spice Latte is filled with spiced pumpkin, and topped with coffee and cinnamon.  And that’s just the start of our wild turkey line-up.

Drunkin' Punkin!'
The Drunkin' Punkin' is a crazy good donutrocity. We start with a bourbon-spiked pumpkin cake donut. We top it with cheesecake icing, fresh pecans, and a cross-hatch of maple and caramel drizzle. If the pilgrims knew about Drunkin’ Punkin’, they may have landed in Santa Cruz rather than Plymouth Rock.
Psycho Psweet Potato Pie!

And that’s not all.  Psycho fans love our Psweet Potato Pie. This crazed concoction is a raised donut topped with torched marshmallows, graham crackers, and a pumpkin spice filling.  

Our HeadBanger donut undergoes a radical metamorphosis this time of year, but the crazy concept has not changed.  

With a little psycho surgery, HeadBangers become TurkeyBanger and PilgrimBangers.  But don’t worry - the ‘entry wounds’ on this jelly-filled mess have not disappeared!

In the Psycho Ballz department, Chef Ron has recently created a new line of Donut Pops.  They work like this - take one crazy Psycho Ball, insert stick; and voila - the donut pop lives.  
Apple Pie and I Scream Donut Pops!

Nutella The Hun Pops!
For starters, check out the Apple Pie and I Scream Donut Pops. It'll give you the intense flavor of apple pie and vanilla ice cream all in a convenient Psycho Ball - on a smile-inducing stick.    

Pumpkin EmPIEnada!
How about a Nutella The Hun Pop?  All the Nutella-riffic flavors of our Hun masterpiece in a donut pop!

Still haven't had enough?  OK then - we'll save the best for last.  There's nothing like a donut empenada.  This Thanksgiving, try our Pumpkin EmPIEnada.  It's stuffed with pumpkin pastry cream, rolled in pumpkin pie spice sugar, and embellished in maple.

The Psycho PR department is insanely delighted to be included in a new forthcoming show on The History Channel.  Is Donut Guy getting added to American history textbooks?  Doubtful... but certainly a show about the evolution of breakfast foods seems worthy of a Donut Guy appearance.  Look for Psycho on The History Channel in Spring 2013!

Still haven’t been to Psycho Donuts?  Pay us a holiday visit.  We’ll have plenty of bubblewrap, and nurses catering to your prescription pastry pilgrimage.  The Chief Psycho wishes you a Crazy Good Thanksgiving season!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Psycho Meets Fright Nights at Winchester Mystery House

Quick - name the top two crazy attractions along Winchester Blvd!  If you said Starbucks and Chipotle, you need to spend some quality time in the Psycho Padded Cell!  Psycho Donuts has always been excited to work with The Winchester Mystery House.  And what better time of year than Halloween for these two crazy companies to collaborate?!

Winchester Mystery House turns into Fright Nights, starting on September 28.  If you're not afraid of haunted houses, you obviously haven't been to Fright Nights yet!  And this year's Fright Nights event includes Psycho Donuts!  The world's scariest haunted house is pairing up with the world's most unusual donut shop. Now that's frightening!

Going to Fright Nights? Hang onto your ticket stub and swing by Psycho Donuts afterward.  Show your same-day ticket stub to the Psycho Nurse and get 10% off your donut of choice!

Sarah's Lucky 13!
Psycho Donuts has created two Fright Nights donutrocities. Everyone knows that Sarah Winchester was madly obsessed with macabre things.  Sarah's Lucky 13 honors Sarah's obsession with an otherwise unlucky number.  Lucky 13 is filled with raspberry jelly, and iced in chocolate.  On top is a vanilla spider web drizzle, and a blood-red 13.

The Winchester Skull!

Take a close look at The Winchester Mystery House logo - and you'll notice a skull staring back at ya.  The Winchester Mystery Cream allows you to truly taste The Winchester Mystery House.  Filled with bavarian cream, The Winchester Mystery Cream is iced in chocolate, with a powdered-sugar skull on top.

Sarah's Lucky 13 and The Winchester Skull will be available at both Psycho Donuts stores - and even occasionally at The Winchester CafĂ©, beginning on September 26.

Stay tooned to Psycho Donuts Facebook, and Winchester Mystery House Facebook- where you can enter challenges to win Fright Night tickets and Psycho Donuts!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Empenada!

In other Psycho news, Chef Ron recently created the Chocolate Peanut Butter Empenada.  The world skipped a beat, and Foodbeast wrote all about it!

Ordering Psycho Donuts just got even easier.  Wanna skip the crazy people in line at Psycho Donuts?  Pre-order your psychos to go!  Visit our crazy online ordering system and your donuts will eagerly await your pickup!

And finally, Marcus D of Alice Radio 97.3 named Psycho Donuts one of the Top 10 Donut Shops in the Bay Area!   Thanks for the great article, Marcus!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fright Nights and Bipolar Zombies

Keeping up with the raging insanity at Psycho Donuts can drive a person certifiably crazy.  Good thing we have a padded cell and bubble wrap...  Here's a summary of the current madness in our dystopic, dynamic donut den.

Psycho Donuts has been granted the honor of creating a Fright Nights Donut for The Winchester Mystery House. Why not?  Two crazy places - both on Winchester Blvd?  It's a match made in... uh, somewhere very strange. Double your Dystopia?  We will announce details of the Fright Nights donut soon.  And stay tooned to Psycho Facebook for Fright Nights contests - where you can win free tickets to the world's most amazing haunted house, on the grounds of Winchester Mystery House!

Pork Donut Fusion?
Psycho Donuts is stalking Porky's San Jose Food Truck.  As a result, Porky's is now selling Psycho Porky's Psliders - an amazing pork sandwich, nestled inside of a Psycho Donut Bun.  Stalk the Porky's food truck yourself, and donut miss the bipolar combination of Donut Bun and pork.  Which leads us to...

Psycho Makes Big Screen Debut!
Psycho Donuts was featured in the San Francisco premiere of the documentary film, Of Two Minds.  In a true-life example of irony, Psycho Donuts provided the half-time comic relief in an otherwise emotionally charged film - which gets down to brass tacks on living with Bipolar Disorder.  Directors Doug Blush and Lisa Klein have created a powerful film which has received critical acclaim and has resulted in sold-out venues from city to city.   SF Weekly had this to say.  Speaking of irony, Psycho Donuts is thrilled that that OF TWO MINDS will make it's South Bay premiere at Psycho San Jose and Camera 3 in early November.  Crazy details are coming soon!

Nurse Lea in Zombie Metamorphasis. Run!

Zombie-O-Rama took place in Downtown San Jose on Friday, August 31.  Psycho Nurse Lea fell victim to the Zombie invasion, but managed to hold down the fort in spite of her altered state.  Psycho Donuts havestested Zombie Balls - a psycho treat that was enjoyed by about a thousand zombie cannibals at Psycho San Jose.  Psycho Donuts is looking forward to next year's zombie festivities, and is already breeding to prepare next year's batch of Zombie Ballz.  While it's sometimes a challenge, the the donut business really is a ball.

Psycho Empenadas?
As the Pstrawberry Pseason winds down, Chef Ron was challenged to replace the Pstrawberry TacOnut with an equally insane Psubstitute.Ron searched his increasingly unstable mind, and two amazing empenadas jumped from his brain to the donut fryer.  Chef Ron is giddy to announce the Banana Dulce De Leche Empenada, and the Caramel Apple Empenada.  Is there any place donuts can't go?

Psycho Campbell's New Front Window Vibe

Psycho Donuts Campbell has been going through a transition that won't quit.  What was once Campbell Donuts and Yogurt, has transformed into the world's most unusual donut shop.  It was only natural that the exterior windows would ultimately exude the crazy nature of Psycho Donuts.  With the help of local artists, Working Class Villains, and Avila Studios, Psycho Campbell is truly channeling the right vibe.

Dwayne Hole Lives!

When we requested a combined look of Shutter Island meets Candyland, it resulted in an 18-month project. No wonder...  But the result?  Truly Psycho Donuts!  Finally, congratulations to Psycho Facebook Fan, Jennifer Ress-Bush, for winning the naming contest of Looney Ben's (aka Donut Guy's) son - heretofore known as "Dwayne Hole."  Welcome to the dysfunctional family, Dwayne!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Psycho on the Big Screen in OF TWO MINDS

For Immediate Release

OF TWO MINDS Documentary, Featuring Psycho Donuts, Premieres in San Francisco

SAN JOSE, CA  November 8, 2012 --- Psycho Donuts will be featured in the full-length documentary film, OF TWO MINDS, premiering on Saturday, December 1 - 2, 2012 in San Jose at the Camera 3 Theater and Psycho Donuts San Jose.

OF TWO MINDS is an award-winning feature documentary from the creative team behind WORDPLAY, IOUSA, SUPERHEROES and THESE AMAZING SHADOWS that explores the extraordinary lives, struggles and successes of a few of the over five million Americans living with bipolar disorder.  

In 2009, Psycho Donuts was at the center of a controversy, regarding the company’s distinctive marketing and branding approach.  Mental health groups opposed the company’s theme and staged protests outside the company’s store in Campbell, California. Subsequently, Psycho Donuts’ owner met with mental health leaders, and the parties agreed upon changes to amicably resolve the conflict.

The Bipolar Donut Returns for OF TWO MINDS!
In conjunction with the film’s premiere in San Jose, Psycho Donuts will once again be selling The Bipolar Donut: a chocolate cake donut, topped with chopped peanuts and shredded coconut.  The donut will be available for a limited time only.  Psycho Donuts will donate 10% of all Bipolar Donut sales to homeless charity, Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen

Jordan Zweigoron, Chief Psycho at Psycho Donuts, said, “Given our unique history with the mental health community, it’s both ironic and heartwarming for Psycho Donuts to be featured in an emotionally charged documentary about bipolar disorder. Psycho Donuts is pleased to support a local homeless charity, where many residents struggle with mental illness.”

OF TWO MINDS makes its San Jose debut on Saturday December 1 at 7pm, and Sunday December 2, at 1:00pm.  Tickets can be purchased in advance online. 

About Psycho Donuts – 

Psycho Donuts is the world’s first and only light-hearted asylum for wayward donuts and the patients who eat them, with Northern California locations in Campbell and Downtown San Jose. Psycho Donuts has reinvented the donut and has earned global acclaim for creative and unconventional flavors, coupled with a colorful and unusual experience. The Psycho Donuts experience includes an asylum-themed wait staff, a padded cell, and a stress-relieving square of bubble wrap for each customer. Psycho Donuts also features original local artwork and eclectic merchandise for sale.  Psycho Donuts has quickly become a Bay Area icon, and has been featured on The Today Show, Fox Business News, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, Maxim Magazine, Food Network Magazine, and more. Visit Psycho Donuts at or

About the Filmmakers –

Doug Blush (co-director/editor/cinematographer)
Doug Blush is an award winning documentary director, editor, cinematographer, and writer who has edited a wide range of major theatrically released documentaries, including crossword puzzle culture (WORDPLAY), the national debt crisis (I.O.U.S.A.), the hypocrisy of closeted gay politicians (OUTRAGE), corporate David and Goliath battles (BEER WARS), and the adaptation of the popular book FREAKONOMICS.  He recently was co-writer and editor of the Sundance 2011 Premiere documentary THESE AMAZING SHADOWS, and consulting editor for the Sundance 2011 Competition documentary TROUBADOURS, as well as executive producer and co-editor of SUPERHEROES in the 2011 Slamdance Documentary Competition.  In 2012, THE INVISIBLE WAR, which he edited and associate produced with director Kirby Dick, won the Sundance Audience Award for best American documentary. 

Lisa Klein (co-director/writer/producer)
Lisa Klein is a writer and filmmaker from Detroit, Michigan.  She studied English and film at the University of Michigan, then moved to Los Angeles to go to graduate school at the University of Southern California.  Klein’s impetus to make this documentary stemmed from her sister’s long battle with bipolar disorder. This film is a personal journey to attempt to grasp the complexities and pain that encompass living in a world of extremes.  Klein co-directed the festival documentary short WHAT A BALL and the Fox Movie Channel special interest documentary CULT CULTURE:  THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE with her husband and film partner Doug Blush.


Take your best day...and your darkest moment...and multiply by a million.  OF TWO MINDS is an award-winning feature documentary from the creative team behind WORDPLAY, IOUSA, SUPERHEROES and THESE AMAZING SHADOWS that explores the extraordinary lives, struggles and successes of a few of the over five million Americans living with bipolar disorder. Personal stories of harrowing events, medical mazes, discrimination and the effects of social stigma blend together to create a compelling look at a generation coming out of the "bipolar closet". OF TWO MINDS puts an authentic human face on bipolar disorder, providing an intimate, sometimes painful, sometimes painfully funny look at those who live in its shadows...our parents and children, our friends and lovers...and ourselves.


For Psycho Donuts:
Jordan Zweigoron 
(408) 655-0383


Amy Grey / Ashley Mariner
Dish Communications

Distribution Inquiries and Additional Press Contact:
Christine O’Malley
O’Malley-Creadon Productions
office:  323-668-2104
cell:  323-333-8303

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Psycho Announces The Gay Bar

Gay Bar!
On rare occasions, a current event compels us to create a donut.  Starting this Friday August 3, Psycho Donuts is PROUD to launch The Gay Bar!   This diverse donut features Fruit Loops and Rainbow Sprinkles on a freshly-made bar-shaped raised donut.  Sure, it's sweet - just like America.

We live in the world's most diverse country, built on a brilliant foundation of freedom of speech, and freedom of belief.   We're a country that embraces people of all color, race, and ethnicity.  As a result, we attract some of the brightest minds in the world.

The Psycho Moral System ("PMS") is our Crazy Code of Ethics which honors every person's right to choose their own beliefs.  Do we respect Christian Family Values and the Biblical Marriage? You Betcha!  We equally respect Jewish values, Muslim values, Morman values, and hundreds of other religious values - and let's not forget agnostic and athiest values too.  We respect marriages based on love and respect.  In the Bay Area, we routinely witness successful marriages of all forms, both heterosexual and homosexual.  Children are exposed to just about everything in the San Francisco Bay Area, and yet, they are growing up to be fine and responsible adults (Psycho Donuts has only a little to do with this)!

The "PMS" is based on tolerance, understanding, and an open-minded respect for humanity.  The beauty of America is freedom of choice.  For example, if you don't like Psycho Donuts, you have the choice of going to Happy Donuts down the street.   Not everyone appreciates "The Psycho Sense of Humor" and satire/irony.  We get that, and we're happy to live in a country that offers so many vast alternatives.  Everyone can find the right donut shop that suits their own character and beliefs.  Once you find the right donut shop for you, why not let others enjoy their choice too?

In some countries, persecution and intolerance are mandatory.  Thankfully, we live in a country where people can choose whether to be open- or closed-minded.  We encourage our friends, families, employees, and fans to choose diversity and an open-minded belief system.

Enjoy a Gay Bar, only at Psycho Donuts, for a limited time;  starting this Friday, August 3, at both Psycho Donuts locations.

Conan O'Brien, thanks for this great piece of work -you're a real piece of work!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ballz of... Cotton

Ah, Sugar.  It comes in many forms, whether it's refined, powdered, brown, or cotton candy.  That's right, we said Cotton Candy Sugar.  Normal people turn this stuff into cotton candy... Crazy people  turn it into CottonBallz!  We start with an order of Psycho Ballz, and then we roll the ballz in cotton candy sugar.  It could be said that CottonBallz are not the most intricate donut we've ever brought to life, but CottonBallz make life worth living!  Hide the bunny, cuz CottonBallz are coming soon!

Raptors like donuts too!
Let's change the topic.  Dinosaurs.  Nice transition, right?  By now, almost everyone knows that Psycho San Jose doubles as the lobby of The Camera 3 - which shows killer cult and retro films.  And coming on July 19 and 21 - it's Jurassic Park!  Find tickets and stuff.

How about a donut with that Raptor?  Or maybe a beer with that Pterodactl?   Yes, it's true - like all good donut shops, Psycho San Jose sells beer and wine (if you're 21 of course)!  We can also whip your beer into a Beer Psmoothie, and your chardonnay into an blended Psycho Psangria, or Fuzzy Navel.

Feng Shui channeling chi at the bar!
Feng Shui has undergone a radical metamorphasis.  The chi was just not working in it's triangular orientation.  Something had to be done.  Chef Ron took matters into his own hands and Feng Shui is happily channeling its energy in the alternate form of Feng Shui Bar.  Just as tasty as ever, yet more at peace with the world.  Get one today!

The Marla was also looking for inner peace, and followed Feng Shui's bold move.  Get your Marla Maple Bar, topped with maple icing, peanut butter, and Butterfingers!

Choco Marla Frosticle!
The weather is hot - it must be Frosticle Pseason!  What's a Frosticle, you ask?  Frosticles are Psycho milkshakes with a 'chocolate cake Psycho Ball' blended right inside.  They come in some of your favorite Psycho Donuts flavors too.  Try the Chocolate Marla, Manic Malt, Strawberry Fields, and Kooky Monster.  Tackle a Frosticle today!

Everyone knows that Psycho Donuts has a big following on Facebook and Twitter.  Did you know that Psycho is also on Pinterest?  Instagram users can find Psycho Donuts at PsychoDonutsRocks.   Find Psycho Donuts all over the web - but remember you can only get the real thing in person (unless there's an iOS 6 feature converting your iPhone into a Psycho Donut - it could happen!).

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Friday the 13th and Psychos in Your Inbox

Get Psycho eNews in Your Crazy Inbox!
You've Got Psycho Mail!
If you're reading this crazy blog, then you obviously like to keep up with all the insane happenings at Psycho Donuts.  If you're not reading this blog, then you're having some kind of strange episode - please call our Nurse on Duty STAT!

Join Crazy Good eNews, and get all the Psycho insanity delivered by email! You'll smile (a little fiendishly) when our newsletter arrives monthly in your inbox - exploding with Psycho Pspecials, upcoming events, contests, and our usual (unusual?) array of twisted culture.  Now you're in psync with Psycho!  But wait, there's more!

Get Punched by a Psycho?  Pseriously?
Psycho on Psmartphone!
For all our Psycho fans with Psmartphones - get the Psycho Donuts Rewards app!  Ditch the paper punch card, and get a free donut just for joining!  You might be asking yourself, "Self, should I be concerned that a psycho is offering me a free donut and asking for nothing in return?"  Donut Worry!  There's no catch.  Get the app, and get punches each time you buy something. Then redeem for Psycho Pstuff!  Whacha waiting for? Get Punchin!  The Psycho Rewards app runs on iOS and Android.  If you're not sure what that means, we've got a brand new, retro-stylish paper punch card with your name on it!

Here Comes Friday the 13th!
The JasOnut!
At Psycho Donuts, we take Friday the 13th very pseriously!  Join us as we unleash our crazy side.  It always starts with the JasOnut - a chocolate raised donut, filled with blood-red raspberry jelly; topped with a powdered sugar hockey mask.  Get the JasOnut before it gets you!

Zombie Ballz!
Zombie donuts also like to come out and play on Friday the 13th.  Each year, zombies make a most generous donation  - a very personal offering - which enables us to sell Zombie Ballz!  Get 'em "by the pair" or by the tray!

You may also bump into a rather scary crueller, otherwise knows as The Zombie Crawller.  Do not be alarmed. Take a deep breath and confidently order one.

The D'oh-Nut!
On a lighter note, Chef Ron recently threw out the confetti - all over the donuts.  The D'oh-Nut is a Psycho-adapted version of Homer Simpson's favorite donut.  For a certain customer who once said, "Hey Psycho Donuts, you should also sell donuts that are not Psycho,"  we have finally figured out how to do this.  Well, sort of.  After all, if you're coming to Psycho Donuts, you gotta expect a little insanity!

Finally, Psycho thanks to Creative Whimsies, for this great Psycho blog post!

See ya Psoon - at Psycho Donuts!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Psycho Psliders Stars and Pstripes

Fox and Friends Went Psycho!  Pseriously!
Father's Day was Crazy Good at Psycho Donuts!  Dads loved our Dulce De Psycho - topped with chocolate and pretzels.  Everyone loved Psycho Psliders - loaded with Little Lou's pulled pork inside 3 donut slider buns.  FoodBeast couldn't resist writing about our Psliders!

Beer Nutz!
Beer Nutz claimed the Psycho PR prize though!  Everyone is talking about our Beer Nutz donut - filled with Rogue Mocha Porter Pastry Cream, and topped with chocolate and Beer Nuts!  Maybe you saw the Fox News Anchors stuffing their faces with Beer Nutz on Fox and Friends.  Really, we 'donut' make this pstuff up!  Or maybe you read about Beer Nutz on TrendHunter, or Foodbeast.

Pstars & Pstripes!

July 4th is just around the corner - which means it's time for Pstars and Pstripes!  Show your patriotic side by eating an American Flag this year!  You'll happily ingest crunchy white chocolate states alongside red and white icing pstripes.  The whole patriotic mess is filled with raspberry jelly.
Nurse Karissa & Psliders!

And 4th of July is never complete without a good ole American barbeque - and for this very reason, Psycho Psliders will remain on the Psycho menu throughout the month of July!  If you've always dreamed of eating an amazing pulled pork sandwich on a donut fun bun, this is your chance!

Psycho Nurses have seen their share of local fame.  If their Psycho Rn career is lasting, TV cameras eventually come around - and they find themselves in newspapers, magazines, and the local news.  But it's not often when a Psycho Nurse becomes a veritable star, landing a role opposite the amazing Milla Jovovich.  We would like to extend a pseriously huge congratulations to Psycho Nurse Dylan - who won the Face of The Fan contest, with an amazing cameo in the upcoming movie - Resident Evil: Retribution.  You GO Dylan!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Psycho Psliders. Pseriously.

The Psycho Research Division has been hard at work uncovering the real facts about your dad.  The fact is... your dad really wants GAME FOOD this Father's Day.  Armed with this crazy fact, Chef Ron unleashed his inner Psycho, and humanity shuddered with innate fear over Ron's impending Psycho creations...

Psycho Psliders
'Donut' let this this Slider bun fool you.  What you're looking at is the world's first pull-apart triplet donut fun bun.   Imagine three donut buns deliberately fused together.  With a gentle fatherly tug, your dad will expertly separate these conjoined triplets into distinct and individual Psycho Psliders.

But here's the truly Psycho part of this Father's Day Donutrocity - these Psycho Pslider buns are loaded with barbecued pulled pork, straight from Little Lou's Barbecue in Campbell.  Mix the best donuts with the best barbecued pork in town, and you get Psycho Psliders!   You can also buy these identical Psycho Psliders down the street from Psycho Campbell at Little Lou's!

Could anything go better with Sliders than beer?  So you won't be psurprised to witness the return of...

Beer Nutz
Beer inside of a donut?  Well it's not like we just pour a bottle of beer through a gaping hole in side of a donut.  At least, not quite.  We first mix up a Rogue Mocha Porter with pastry cream and malt extract - resulting in a super-rich, dad-approved flavor.  And then we pour it through a gaping hold in the side of the donut!  We top the beast with chocolate icing and chopped Beer Nuts.  Our Psycho Drizzling Department fashions a multi-flavor beer mug from our fancy drizzling doohickeys.

Let's take stock - so far, we've got meat, beer, and nuts.  Seems we almost overlooked an important food group.  Oh yeah, pretzels!

Dulce De Psycho
Take a raised donut and fill it with caramel and dulce de leche pastry creme.  Hit it with some chocolate icing, pretzels, and chocolate drizzle, and call it Father's Day Dessert!

And there ya have it - a Psycho trifecta of deranged dad donuts!  Where will you be taking your crazy dad this Father's Day?

Psycho Psliders, Beer Nutz, and Dulce De Psycho will be available at both Psycho Donuts locations, starting the week prior to Father's Day!  Like Psycho Donuts on Facebook, and find out the exact launch date for our Father's Day Donutrocities!

The 3rd Annual Donut Pizza Eating Contest took place at Psycho Campbell on Saturday, June 2.  As always, it was a Psycho Pspectacle to behold! Psycho congratulations to Chris Ruddell, our winner of this year's contest.

Check out the video montage and relive the insanity! And check out some great pictures, courtesty of The Campbell Patch!

Monday, May 21, 2012

National Donut Day and Psycho Bugz

DATE:              May 22, 2012
Contact:            Jordan Zweigoron

View release on PRWeb

Psycho Donuts Launches Bug-Topped Donuts for National Donut Day and Annual Donut Eating Contest

PsychoDonuts will unveil two new donuts – Chirp Derp and Worm Hole - which feature edible bugs. The donut recipes will also be featured in the company’s third annual donut eating competition. A bug-themed art show, highlighting original works by local artists, will open at the company’s flagship store, coinciding with the National Donut Day festivities.

Chirp Derp
CAMPBELL, CA  May 22, 2012 --- Psycho Donuts has launched a new series of donuts, collectively dubbed PsychoBugz, which include edible crickets and larvae as donut toppings.

PsychoBugz will be available immediately before and after National Donut Day – recognized nationally as the first Friday in June.   Ron Levi, Doctor of Donut Derangement at Psycho Donuts said, “ ‘Donut’ be afraid!  While bugs may have a bad rap in the US, they are enjoyable snacks in other parts of the world, and are very high in protein.  More importantly, crickets and larvae are exotic elements in our crazy new donut recipes!”

Chirp Derp is a chocolate cake donut, with a hint of pumpkin and chipotle. The donut is iced in dark chocolate, with a drizzle of milk chocolate, and a sprinkle of bacon bits. Three bacon-cheddar crickets are perched atop the donut, tempting all who are willing to try something new and different.

Worm Hole is a jalapeno tequila-spiked cake donut with salted lime icing, keylime drizzle, and a Mexican spice larvette near the donut’s center.  

Chief Psycho Jordan Zweigoron said, “We are buzzing with excitement.  Psycho Donuts aspires to surprise and awe customers while taking donuts to unimaginable heights.  Chirp Derp and Worm Hole reinforce Psycho Donuts’ growing reputation as the world’s most unusual donut shop.”

Go Linda!  From 2011 Donut Pizza Eating Contest

Psycho Donuts Campbell will host its 3rd Annual Donut Pizza EatingCompetition on Saturday June 2, 2012 at 2:00pm – the day after National Donut Day.  The competition will pit 4 contestants against one another.  The winner will be the first to finish a 14” Donut Pizza, which typically serves 8 – 10 people.  Each donut pizza will have several of Psycho Donuts signature toppings, including the new recipes for National Donut Day.  The winner of the contest will receive a copy of the DVD, A Bug’s Life, a Psycho Donuts T-shirt, and a certificate for a dozen Psycho Donuts.

Artist: Christine Benjamin 
In conjunction with the release of PsychoBugz Donuts, Psycho Donuts will host a bug-themed art show at its Campbell location entitled “The Good, The Bad, and The Bugly,” from May 26 – July 26, 2012.  The art show will feature original works of local artists, including: Christine Benjamin, Sheri DeBow, Murphy Adams, Carlos Villez, Lacey Bryant, Michael Foley, Nicolas Caesar, Laura Callin Bennett, John Renzel, Jared Konopitski, Kori Thompson, John Cloud, Laura Zarrin, John Hageman, Anthony Barbaria, and Michelle Waters. Prices start at $40.  An Artist’s Open House will be held at Psycho Donuts Campbell on Saturday, June 2, 2012 from 10:00am – 3:00pm. 


About Psycho Donuts -- Psycho Donuts is the world’s first and only light-hearted asylum for wayward do­nuts and the patients who eat them, with Northern California locations in Campbell and Downtown San Jose. Psycho Donuts has reinvented the donut and has earned global acclaim for creative and unconventional flavors, coupled with a colorful and unusual experience. The Psycho Donuts experience includes an asylum-themed wait staff, a padded cell, and a stress-relieving square of bubble wrap for each customer. Psycho Donuts also features original local artwork and eclectic merchandise for sale.  Psycho Do­nuts has quickly become a Bay Area icon, and has been featured on The Today Show, Fox Business News, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, Maxim Magazine, Food Network Mag­azine, and more. Visit Psycho Donuts at or