Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Psycho Magic Trick

We've learned a new magic trick at Psycho Donuts. Wanna know how to make 50 protesters disappear? Simply offer to have a public debate on TV, and abracadabra - they're gone! As many of you know, there have been several groups busily organizing protests, visiting city hall, creating petitions, and insistently demanding the elimination of every element that makes Psycho Donuts a one-of-a-kind place.

So we find it interesting that, upon Psycho Donuts suggesting a public debate on radio or TV, the bullhorn-wielding advocates have suddenly removed the batteries from their bullhorns.

C'mon - you guys have been so vocal and have so strongly requested an audience with us. You thought nothing about trying to damage our business during the infancy of Psycho Donuts. Why back down now? Maybe you're thinking -- "hmmm, a public broadcast of such a debate would cut across a broad cross-section of popular culture, exposing that an overwhelming majority of the public stands strongly in favor of the light-hearted, family friendly environment that is Psycho Donuts?" Afterall, the term Psycho crossed the threshold into pop culture in 1960 (any Alfred Hitchcock fans?).

After spending precious resources from charitable funding sources to militantly chase down a small donut shop in Campbell California, why not go the last mile? Or maybe you're thinking, "hmmm, better if we attack them from the shadows, where we have squeaky wheel support, outside the watchful eye of popular culture at large." Or maybe it's because almost every objective Internet survey on the topic resulted in 85%+ overwhelming support for Psycho Donuts.

Radio and TV stations have offered a forum for this debate, and we are ready and willing. Before you put the batteries back in the bullhorn, why not reverse your decision to walk away from this debate?