Monday, November 30, 2009

The 12 Daze of Psycho Donut Christmas!

Hello Grinches and Grinchettes,

We're kicking off the holidays Psycho-style. Saturday, Dec 12 is our Nightmare Before Hanukkah event. We'll have live Karaoke in the morning starting at 10am (sing a holiday song - get a free donut), artwork for sale, and Psycho-ornament art available on our Psycho tree (a Christine Benjamin creation).

December 12 also marks the launch of
"The 12 Daze of Psycho Donut Christmas." Each day, we'll launch a mind-bending Christmas donut. On Christmas eve, you can buy a dozen of the most unusual donuts which will give you something to talk about with Uncle Joe and Aunt Edna. Our first Christmas donut, launching on Saturday Dec 12, is JINGLE BALLS. It's so fun to say, I'm gonna say it again: JINGLE BALLS!

We are also selling unusual Christmas merchandise. From a wide selection of cult movies like Clockwork Orange and Re-animator (in partnership with our good friends at Streetlight Records), to Family Guy Stuffies. Get your Pstocking Pstuffers at Psycho Donuts!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Congrats to PCI for a Gold Medal Win!

A quick congratulations to our employee, Michael Prologo, and his team of chefs from Professional Culinary Institute (PCI) in Campbell. They recently competed in the California State Championship and took the Gold Medal in this esteemed culinary competition!

Psycho Donuts is thrilled to have a culinary Gold Medal winner in our Psycho kitchen. Congrats again to Michael and everyone at PCI for this killer accomplishment!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Longer hours, Psycho at Stanford, and Friday the 13th

Many customers have been asking for earlier Psycho visiting hours on the weekends. Starting this weekend, Psycho Donuts will open at 7am on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Come see us early this weekend!

Psycho Donuts are getting an education at Stanford University. Psycho Donuts are now for sale at Stanford's late night cafe - The Dish, located in Stern Hall, on the Stanford campus. Stanford students are going crazy for 'em!

Friday the 13th is almost upon us. Come to Psycho Donuts for 1/2 price Cereal Killer donuts all day!! We will also show the original Friday the 13th movie, starting at 8pm Friday night. Only at Psycho Donuts on Friday the 13!

Congratulations to our latest Psycho Lib winner, Fletch Dowell. Here is a short excerpt of Fletch's winning Psycho Lib submission: ...One day, my parents brought me to Psycho Donuts. I have never seen donuts that taste so dogfood-like. My favorite is the Lamb-Chop Surprise donut. It's an accidental donut, topped with mouse teeth, and fermented urine. Some people might think I'm crazy, but I think Psycho Donuts is way better than Poop Donuts down the street.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Recap, Friday the 13th!, Premiere of Precious

Friday the 13th is coming, and we couldn't just let it scream by! We'll be showing the original Friday the 13th on our Flat Screen TV. Hope you can join us for a screaming good time - Friday, Nov 13 at 8pm. Only at Psycho Donuts!

Halloween was insane at Psycho Donuts. The antics began with Psycho Costume Karaoke. There were really great performers, and really funny performers. Nurse Anna showed off her broadway chops in full zombie regalia.

Special thanks to Bruce Rogers of Kor Karaoke for making it all possible!

In the afternoon, attention shifted to Bobbing for Donuts - where 4 contestants glazed their heads while blindfolded, attempting to extract green donut holes from a trough of soupy glaze.

Special thanks to the Silicon Valley Roller Girls, and Caffe Trieste for their participation!

In the evening, there was live entertainment provided by Bay Area's Raw-G$. They put on a great show, and we hope to have them back again soon.

Finally, come to the movies with us! Psycho Donuts will be on hand with Psycho Psamples as The Campbell Cinema Club and Camera Theaters in The Pruneyard present a premiere of PRECIOUS. More details about the event on our Facebook Events Page.