Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Psycho San Jose is on fire - figuratively speaking, that is! Check out Cult Movie Thursdays! This Thursday, Sept 23, join us for Brazil at 9pm. This cult classic is Chief Psycho's favorite movie of all time - which probably won't surprise anyone! As if that weren't enough to attract you to our newest store in downtown San Jose, check out Spike and Mike's Animation Festival - taking place all weekend, beginning on Thursday night. Check out all the showtimes on the Camera 3 website. And check out our amazing artwork for sale from local artists like Christine Benjamin, Michael Foley, and Lacey Bryant.

Psycho San Jose continues its relentless pursuit to transform 2nd and San Carlos into the most unique corner in Downtown San Jose. With the help of Heather Sibley and Jere Avila of Avila Studios, Psycho San Jose is becoming an amazing work of art. We'll post some photos when the final masterpiece is completed shortly!

Recent Psycho press activity has been pspectacular! A full-page photo in the October issue of Entrepreneur magazine and an article showcasing Psycho Donuts and the amazing creators of our mobile fan club technology, FanMinder. Check on a great article and multimedia piece from our new friends at SJSU's Spartan Daily newspaper. And don't miss a pair of articles in The Examiner; one from David Chavez, and another from Amelia Albanese. And our good friend, Sal Pizarro of The San Jose Mercury News was crazy enough to cover Psycho San Jose in his column too!

And if that's not enough to make our week, we're insanely proud to win The Metro's "Best of Award" for Best Donuts in the Bay Area!

And finally, the long awaited 2011 Psycho Nurse 13-month calendar is days away from making a premiere at both Psycho Donuts locations. Created by Psycho friend, artist, and graphic designer extraordinaire Marc Arsenault of Wow Cool, the Psycho Nurse calendar is a breathtaking collection of unusual nurse images, art, and random factoids which fully captures the pspirit of Psycho Donuts. It also includes coupons worth 4 times the cost of the calendar. Pick one up at Psycho Donuts starting this weekend, or buy one online if you can't wait!

We look forward to some crazy times together at Psycho Donuts!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Launch Confirmed!

We have launch! Psycho San Jose got off to a rocking start on Thursday night with our launch event, Donut Stop Laughing. A crazy good time was had by all. Watch for pictures soon! If you were there and took some photos, we'd love for you to add them to our Facebook page!

Donut forget -- lots of great things coming up at Psycho San Jose. This Saturday night, catch a midnight performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show - with live cast, Barely Legal.

And Cult Movie Thursdays kicks off next Thursday night with Brazil at 9pm. Be there!

And now a million thank you messages to everyone who had a hand in the impossible launch that is Psycho San Jose: Jere Avila, Heather Sibley, Jack Nyblom, Dominic Espinosa, Amy Choice, Matt Bunn, Carl Torneros, Todd Elliott, Katherine Brown, Jeff Kramer, Brandon Arnold, Courtney Pong, Christine Benjamin, Marc Arsenault, Laura Ness, Cheryl Wolhar, the Camera 3 theater staff, the ComedySportz San Jose staff, Tony's Coffee, Primo Espresso, Creative Drinks, Poetic Cellars, the talented Psycho artists, and our amazing Psycho nurses and cooks.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

More about donuts and cult movies

For the week of September 6, we have a pspecial treat for you. Our Vegan of the Week is The Pineapple Express. It's a Vegan cake donut, with a pineapple icing, ginger drizzle, and topped with a marascino cherry. Nurse Siobhan says it tastes like one of her favorite cocktails. And speaking of unusual donuts and weird movies...

Cult Movie Thursdays is ON at our new San Jose location - heretofore known as SJPD - in the Bermuda Triangle of entertainment (that triangle consisting of Psycho Donuts, ComedySportz, and Camera 3 Theater - all under one roof)! All shows are on Thursday nights, begin at 9pm, unless otherwise indicated. Check out our preliminary schedule (check back, schedule is still subject to change):

  • September 23: Brazil - Director's Cut
  • September 24 - 30th. Spike and Mike's New Generation Festival. Check here for multiple showtimes
  • September 24 - 30th. Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival. Check here for multiple showtimes
  • September 30: Blue Velvet
  • October 7: TBA
  • October 14: The Man Who Fell to Earth
  • October 21: The Big Lebowski
  • October 28: A Clockwork Orange
Can't make it to Cult Movie Thursdays? Check out the replay of most Cult Movies the following night at Camera 7 in Campbell.

SJPD is opening on Friday, September 17, and Cult Movie Thursdays begin on September 23. We hope to see you at the new Bermuda Triangle of entertainment, at 2nd and San Carlos, in Downtown San Jose.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2011 Psycho Nurse Calendar is coming!

The idea was simple... "Hey, we should do a calendar for 2011 with pictures of all the donuts and nurses." Easy, right? Wrong! But we're insanely proud - after 8 months in the making and countless photo shoots - The 2011 Psycho Nurse 13-Month Calendar has arrived. Well almost. You can pre-order yours now on, and be the first in your neighborhood to get one! You can also get one in person soon - from Psycho Donuts Campbell, and from our newest Psycho location in Downtown San Jose (coming Sept 17!).

This is seriously not like any other calendar. Produced by Marc Arsenault of WowCool®, the calendar accurately captures the unusual - and sometimes bizarre - nature of what Psycho Donuts is all about.

You'll see Psycho Nurses in their most interesting Nursely poses. Looking for a picture of zombie nurses? How about nurses wrapped in bubble wrap? We've got ya covered! You'll see donuts doing things they weren't supposed to do; Rockwell-esque images with a crazy twist that only Marc Arsenault could dream up. Psycho artwork galore, from artists such as Eric Joyner, Simon Gane, Christine Benjamin, Simon Salas, Ben Jackson, David Hartman, and many more. Learn about famous asylums with included Psycho factoids, and see when the most unusual VIP birthdays occur.

In 2011, you can get yourself another lame butterfly calendar, or you can pick up a calendar that will inspire your crazy side, month-after-month throughout 2011. The calendar even includes a bonus month of January 2012 - an apocalyptic, end-of-the world calendar moment!

All for only $13! Your $13 Psycho investment also comes with coupons worth at least five times the cost of the calendar, including coupons from Psycho Donuts (duh), ComedySportz, Camera 3 Theater, and more!