Monday, November 30, 2009

The 12 Daze of Psycho Donut Christmas!

Hello Grinches and Grinchettes,

We're kicking off the holidays Psycho-style. Saturday, Dec 12 is our Nightmare Before Hanukkah event. We'll have live Karaoke in the morning starting at 10am (sing a holiday song - get a free donut), artwork for sale, and Psycho-ornament art available on our Psycho tree (a Christine Benjamin creation).

December 12 also marks the launch of
"The 12 Daze of Psycho Donut Christmas." Each day, we'll launch a mind-bending Christmas donut. On Christmas eve, you can buy a dozen of the most unusual donuts which will give you something to talk about with Uncle Joe and Aunt Edna. Our first Christmas donut, launching on Saturday Dec 12, is JINGLE BALLS. It's so fun to say, I'm gonna say it again: JINGLE BALLS!

We are also selling unusual Christmas merchandise. From a wide selection of cult movies like Clockwork Orange and Re-animator (in partnership with our good friends at Streetlight Records), to Family Guy Stuffies. Get your Pstocking Pstuffers at Psycho Donuts!