Sunday, August 16, 2009

Win Psycho Stuff with the Psycho Lib!!

Hi Psycho Friends - Wanna have some fun, with a chance to win a Psycho Prize? Play Psycho Lib! Psycho what? Simply print out the Psycho Lib below, and fill in the blanks with clever words as instructed. The result will be a funny story about Psycho Donuts. Want a chance to win something? Bring your completed Psycho Lib to our Psycho Nurse on Duty at Psycho Donuts in Campbell. We also have blank Psycho Libs available for you in the store to complete.

The author of the most hilarious Psycho Lib will be eligible to receive their choice of a dozen Psycho Donuts, or a Psycho Donuts T-Shirt. For those of you who are not near Campbell, you can still print this out and complete it just for fun!

Without further ado (what's an ado, anyways?!), we bring you Psycho Lib!

One day, my parents brought me to Psycho Donuts. I have never seen donuts that taste so _________________ (adjective). My favorite is the ___________________(favorite food) donut. It’s an _____________ (dessert) donut, topped with ____________ (pl noun) and __________________ (pl noun). Some people might think I’m crazy, but I think Psycho Donuts is way better than ____________(Adjective) Donuts, down the street.

At Psycho Donuts, I ___________________ (past tense Verb) with an Electric ___________(Noun), and saw some really _______________(adjective) ___________________(pl noun) on the walls.

The artwork at Psycho Donuts is very __________________ (adjective). The artists create such _________(adjective) paintings.

The cashiers at Psycho Donuts are really _____________________ (adjective). The gave me a piece of _______________________(noun) to pop. The cashiers are really friendly, and they each dress like a _________________(career/profession).
My parents would rather eat ___________________ (unusual food) than Psycho Donuts. Not me! On my birthday, I am going to bring Psycho Donuts to ____________ (a place). Someday, I think the owner of Psycho Donuts should open a restaurant called Psycho ______________________(type of food).

**The Fine Print: No purchase necessary to win; deliver Psycho Lib in person at Psycho Donuts to enter; must not be present to win; limit one Psycho Lib per customer; be sure to enter your name and email address on your Psycho Lib; prizes have no cash value; Psycho Donuts shall determine prizes based on subjective assessment of Psycho Libs collected weekly for the duration of the Psycho Lib promotion.