Saturday, October 10, 2009

Psycho Halloween Pspectacular!

Psycho Donuts will be downright "scary weird" on Halloween. We'll have crazy antics all day and night. Add us to your Halloween calendar now! Here's our Psycho agenda for the day:

  • Psycho Costume Karaoke, 10am - 12 noon. A collision between costumes, karaoke, and padded cells - with your insane KJ, Korkaraoke. Perform karaoke in costume, get a free donut!
  • Zombie Nurse Costume Contest, 1pm. Come in a Zombie Nurse costume. Winner gets a Psycho Donuts t-shirt! Think Silent Hill.

  • Bobbing for Donuts, 2pm. 4 lucky contestents will try to pick up a donut hole - no hands allowed - from a trough of soupy donut glaze. Contestants to be selected via Twitter and Psycho Donuts Mobile Fan club members.

  • Live Music, 9pm. DJ/singer combo act, Raw-G$ (, will be performing a live set, in costume!
  • Psycho Donuts goes GREEN. You know what they say about Green M&M's? Well, imagine what a Green Donut can do for ya... PD Goes Green on Halloween!
  • Donuts in Costume. Can a donut be in costume on Halloween? You Betcha (nope, no Sarah Palin Donut... not yet anyways). Instead, Jekyll & Hyde Donut will become the "Protester Donut," with the creative help of Taylor Nelson Creations.

  • Monster Art. The month-long theme of Monsters and Mayhem is still in creepy motion. Come check out very unusual monster-inspired original artwork for sale on Halloween day.

We scare you (er, dare you) to find a stranger venue for Halloween fun. Join us at Psycho Donuts on Halloween Day!