Friday, August 20, 2010

It's True! Psychos infilitrating Downtown San Jose

Psycho Fans --

The corner of 2nd and San Carlos is a quiet, unassuming corner. But what might make a peaceful Downtown San Jose corner go crazy? We're giddy to announce the official launch of San Jose Psycho Donuts! You'll find the newest Psycho Donuts ("SJPD") under the same crazy roof as ComedySportz and Camera 3 Theaters. At the crossroads of San Jose State University, San Jose Convention Center, and the SOFA District - look for a demented pyramid of crazy donuts/drinks, comedy, and movies. It just may be the coolest combined attraction to infiltrate San Jose!

On Thursday September 16, join us for our official Psycho San Jose Launch Event - Donut Stop Laughing - from 6:00pm - 9:00pm. Get a sneak peek at our new store, try a free donut sample, see some live comedy sketches from our friends at ComedySportz, and more! Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for all the details.

SJPD Official Launch: Friday, September 17! Psycho Donuts will inflict San Jose customers with crazy donuts and light-hearted fun. Watch as we transform 2nd and San Carlos over the coming weeks, with the creative help of Avila Studios. Come visit us on opening weekend!

Here's what we're bringing to Downtown San Jose. Buckle in, because San Jose's gonna go wild!

...All the crazy Psycho Donuts you've come to know and lust after. Enjoy your donut on our new Psycho Patio. It's people-watching with a crazy donut in hand. What could be better? Donut be concerned about parking; because the SJPD parking garage is directly overhead! Spend $5 on crazy donuts and you'll walk out with a crooked smile and a parking validation in hand! It wouldn't be Psycho Donuts without crazy artwork for sale. Check out original artwork from local artists such as Christine Benjamin, Simon Salas, Murphy Adams, and many more. Padded Pfoto Cell? New and improved...
Seating for 30+ crazy customers inside and out - and serious coffee drinks, in conjunction with our good friends from Tony's Coffee. One Psycho latte coming right up! Would you like our Caffeinated or Placebo blend?! How about a Psycho Pstrawberry Psmoothie? Comin' right up! Just ask one of our Psycho Nurse Baristas!


Scariously, have you ever seen a donut shop selling beer and wine? That's fermented! It may take us a few weeks to get the beer and wine flowing, but its coming, so save your thirst! Donut and wine pairing events? More beer-filled donuts? Believe it!


Psycho Donuts is teaming up with ComedySportz, the Bay Area's Interactive, Improvised Comedy Experience. What could be better? Grab a donut from the Nurse on Duty, and get yourself tickets to the funniest and longest-running comedy show in the South Bay.

Camera 3 has always been known for creative and discriminating films. That won't change. But let's just say that some of their upcoming film choices will be inspired by a certain cult donut shop now possessing (yes, we meant it that way) their theater lobby. Pick up some Psycho Popcorn from the Nurse on Duty and enjoy the show! Here are a few dates you'll want to remember:

Even with all the new fun at SJPD, our nurses at Psycho Donuts Campbell will always be there for you. We hope to see you at SJPD, beginning September 17, located at 288 S. 2nd Street, San Jose, CA 95113.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nurse Dylan Goes Psycho Gaga!

Our very own Nurse Dylan has taken Gaga fever to a feverish pitch. First she creates a mad variety of Gaga donuts, which have been flying off the shelves and bringing radio and tv coverage.

And now, she's gearing up for the concert herself. Check out her costume for Gaga concert, Day 1. If you're going to the show, look for Nurse Dylan. She'll have a Psycho coupon for you! She will also be delivering our Gaga inspired creations for "The Lady" herself, and Gaga crew members.

Stay tuned for pictures of "Dylan @ Gaga: Day 2."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Psycho Psurvey - vote for us now!

The Metro Newspaper is conducting their annual Best Of Awards. Help Make Psycho Donuts a winner again this year in three categories: Best Bakery, Best Desserts and Best Donuts. Cast your crazy vote now! While you're at it, put in a vote for our good friends at ComedySportz as the best comedy club too!

The Lady Gaga donuts are preparing for their worldwide debut - on Friday August 13. Our very own Lady Dada (er, Dylan?) took it upon herself to invent and inflict these crazy Gaga-inspired masterpieces upon the world. And everyone's excited. Well, almost everyone...

For starters, our good friend Strawberry from FM Movin 99.7 has been talking it up on the air and his blog. Check out his show if you're not already an avid listener. And our friends from NBC (KNTV) dropped by to check out the Gaga donuts this morning. Check out the segment about Psycho Donuts on Thursday morning, sometime between 5am - 7am (you've got nothing better to do, admit it!), or read their article.

Hmm, how to infect the Lady Gaga crew with some Gaga donuts...? Ms Gaga, if you're listening, we've got the donut for you! And Nurse Dylan will bring them to you personally!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Psycho Pspecials!

They say you should never mess with a good thing. But who are "they" anyways?! And why should we listen to "them?" And so it is that we are messing with a good thing this week. That good thing is our S'mores Donut. Yes, the same S'mores donut listed in Maxim Magazine's Top 10 Donuts in the Country. Why would we do such a thing? Because we figured out that a S'mores donut filled with Chocolate Custard would be Crazy Good! Come and try a S'mores Overload - this week only!

Our Chief Veganoligist has taken our standard Moodswing donut and veganized it. So this week, come and get the Moody Vegan - it's a cross between the Mood Swing (coconut and peanuts) on top of a vegan cake donut.

Later this week, stay tuned for our Gaga donuts - in honor of the the Lady's upcoming San Jose visit. And this coming friday is the 13th... We can't let Friday the 13th pass with some Psycho antics...

We look forward to seeing you at Psycho Donuts this week!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Psycho Donuts Goes Gaga!

Look out, Psycho Donuts is about to go Gaga! The Alejandro singer will be stopping in San Jose on August 16th and 17th as part of her Monster Ball Tour, and the Psychos are ready to celebrate! In fact, the team in our Krazy Kitchen has come up with a few delicious Gaga-inspired treats, which will be available from August 13 - 18.

He Ate My Heart

That donut is a m-m-m-monster! A delicious vanilla-iced heart stuffed with raspberry jelly, this little monster won't be afraid to show you its teeth!

Blueberry Kisses

Eh, eh, what else can we say? Inspired by an unreleased Gaga tune, this delightful morsel is a vegan white cake donut topped with blueberry icing and fresh blueberries, drizzled with a spicy ginger-cinnamon icing. 100% vegan, 110% delicious, it'll keep the paparazzi coming back for more!

And finally, the pièce de résistance...

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

(Yes, we really did light a donut on fire.)

Donut call my name, Alejandro! You'll be in disco heaven when you try our newest little monster! Feel like you're up in the club and sippin' that bub with cherry champagne custard, and prepare to be absolutely starstruck by shiny disco sprinkles! Topped with a little cherry cherry boom boom, it'll leave you speechless!

Lady Gaga and donuts? What a bad romance! Get your Gaga donuts August 13th through the 18th at Psycho Donuts, and don't forget to see Lady Gaga in concert at the HP Pavilion August 16th and 17th!

Psycho Donuts
2006 S. Winchester Blvd
San Jose, CA 95008
(408) 378-4549