Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Psushi Overtakes FanimeCon and National Donut Day

It's official. FanimeCon is the craziest convention on the planet. Which is probably why Psycho San Jose was the site of a mass Fanime Pilgrimage. Thousands of fun, costumed attendees descended upon Psycho Donuts last weekend to sample our Psycho Psushi. We made enough for about 500, but we didn't anticipate 5,000! Needless to say, the Psycho kitchen went insane trying to satiate the endless Psycho Psushi hysteria. Psycho apologies to those of you who didn't get any Psushi. We will be ready for you next year!

Psycho Psushi was a big hit in the Fanime Blogosphere and beyond. TrendHunter wrote about our unusual Japanese donut bento. And so did our good friend, Sal Pizarro at The San J
ose Mercury News. And an interesting side note - we just discovered a movie called Psycho Sushi!

Have you tried our Strawberry TacOnut yet? Whatcha waiting for?! Get one throughout the month of June.

This donut has a personality disorder, and thinks of itself as a glazed taco shell. Fresh strawberries in a light glaze are stuffed inside, along with homemade vanilla butter cream.

And now... lets change the topic from donuts to National Donut Day (we can converse about anything, as long as it's donuts)! Dick Sparrer in the Los Gatos Weekly Times says, "...it's my patriotic duty to eat a donut on Saturday... maybe two." We'll be celebrating National Donut Day in pstyle this weekend, starting with:

J. Lohr Winery
Friday, June 3; 4pm - 7pm

Once you pair J. Lohr wines with Psycho Donuts, you'll neve
r drink wine again without a psycho in your hand. We're not simply sending over a bunch of Headbangers and Crazy Face donuts. We're systematically creating 4 custom Psycho Ballz which complement 4 hand-picked J. Lohr wines, respectively.

Bring some friends, and join us for what Sal Pizarro of The Merc describes as an 'unusual pairing.' Advance RSVP strongly encouraged. Optional donations accepted, benefiting Second Harvest Food Bank.

At Psycho Donuts, National Donut Day is really National Donut Weekend. Because the National Donut Day festivities carry in Saturday too. Join us for:

National Donut Day Karaoke and Donut Eating Contest
Saturday June 4, 10am - 2pm
Psycho Donuts Campbell

Starting at 10am on Saturday, join us for another episode of Psycho Karaoke in the padded cell, led by our fearless karaoke ringmaster, Bruce Rogers of Kor Karaoke. Nothing gets your
day going like a crazy donut combined with insane karaoke. Talk about unusual pairings...

And then at 1pm, it's the spectacle you've been waiting for! It's Psycho Donuts 2nd Annual Donut Pizza Eating Competition, with Guest Host Jeff Kramer of ComedySportz. Five contestants, including last years champion Peter Shepherd, will attempt to win the glory as Psycho Donut King (or Queen) for 2011, along with a handful of Psycho Donuts prizes.

Donut miss out! Join us for Psycho Donut and Wine Pairing Friday night, and for all the insane National Donut Day fun on Saturday. Only at Psycho Donuts.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wild Sick and Sophisticated Donuts

Chef Ron's brain refuses to stop inventing new donuts. We plead with him... "Slow down Ron... take a break." But the guy doesn't listen. Shock therapy? Only makes him more creative. You can't stop a crazy chef in a Psycho kitchen. Ron has gone off the rails on three crazy trains this week: Wild, Sick, and Sophisticated. Some say it represents 3 distinct people living in Ron's twisted head, but the verdict is still out on that one. Let's start with Ron's crazy side...

It's Psycho Psushi. Hatched from an idea by Psycho fan Patrick Harris and friend Adam Ariza, Psycho Psushi is 4 pieces of donut sushi, served in a bento box, complete with pocky chopsticks (Psycho Pstaff cannot guarantee the chopsticks will physically lift a piece of Psycho Psushi - but you'll have fun trying!). You'll find a Psycho Psushi Bar at both Psycho locations. Psycho Psushi will make it's international debut this weekend (May 28 - 29), in honor of FanimeCon. Check out the world's most amazing Anime convention this weekend at the San Jose Convention Center. And while you're there, Psycho Donuts is just a block east on San Carlos! And now, let's explore Ron's 'best-kept-locked-in-a-closet' personality...


It's Rocky Horror this Saturday night, May 28! And along with live cast, Barely Legal, you'll be doing the Time Warp with our Rocky-themed donut - Janet's Panties! Only at Psycho San Jose and Camera 3! Janet's Panties is designed for die-hard Rocky fans. Those of you intimately familiar with Janet's circumstance will appreciate this sick and twisted donutrocity. It's a jelly-filled mess, reflecting Janet's, uh, situation... vividly. Get one only at Psycho San Jose, only Saturday night! If you find this donut utterly repulsive, let's end with Ron's third personality, which is much better suited for mixed company...

Starting Memorial Day (Monday, May 30), come try our Strawberry TacOnut. This is a donut you could bring home to your parents - which isn't always characteristic of a Psycho Donut! The Strawberry TacOnut is a glazed donut disguised as a taco shell. This insane taco is jacked up with crazy-fresh strawberries in a light glaze, and then topped with vanilla butter cream. None of that canned fruit stuff around here... these are farm fresh strawberries, cut fresh daily. Come get a Strawberry TacOnut at both Psycho locations, starting on Monday, May 30 - through the entire month of June. And stay tuned for other TacOnut varieties throughout the Psycho Psummer.

Ready for National Donut Day??
Get ready - it's a Psycho Two-Fer for National Donut Day! Pstarting with a Wine and Psycho Donut Pairing event on Friday June 3 at J. Lohr Winery in San Jose. Followed by our National Donut Day Celebration on Saturday June 4 at Psycho Campbell, with Korkaraoke at 10am, and our 2nd Annual Donut Pizza Eating Contest at 1pm. More details in the next edition of The Psycho Buzz!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rocky Horror, National Donut Day and more

Crazy thanks to our new friends at Bay Area NBC affiliate, KNTV 11. Psycho Donuts was psyched to be featured on Today in the Bay, with hosts Laura Cannon-Garcia and Brent Cannon. Filming took place at The Winchester Mystery House on Friday the 13th, and the KNTV team was among the first to taste our Friday the 13th-inspired donut creation - The JasoNut.

Psycho love also goes out to local comedian and 106.5FM DJ, Sandy Stec. Sandy's latest comedic rant revolves around a burning desire to Get The F&*% Outta Milpitas. Along the way, Sandy asked us to create a a donut that exudes Milpitas... and the fun began. Here's a video behind the creation of our Milpitas-inspired donut, "Miso Honey." This donut is not yet available at Psycho Donuts - not until Sandy succeeds in her Milpitas escape!

It's almost that time (warp) again. Join us at Psycho San Jose and The Camera 3 Cult Series on Saturday, May 28 for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, with live cast, Barely Legal. There's nothing like Rocky Horror with a side-order of Psycho. Doors open at 11:00pm, giving you plenty of time to buy our Rocky-inspired donut, Janet's Panties!

National Donut Day is the first Friday in June. This year we will continue some insane traditions and add some new ones. Here's the line-up for National Donut Day weekend!

Friday, June 3. This is the "official" National Donut Day. We'll kick it off in psycho pstyle with a crazy Wine and Donut Pairing event at J. Lohr Winery in San Jose. Last time we paired Psycho Donuts with wine, it was national news. Here's your chance to taste some great wine in the South Bay, along with custom paired Psycho Ballz for each hand-picked wine. Learn more about this free event, and how to RSVP to ensure your space! Mark your crazy calendar for wine and donuts at J. Lohr winery; Friday June 3, from 4:00 - 7:00pm. Donations encouraged, which will benefit Second Harvest Food Bank.

Saturday, June 4. National Donut Day morphs into National Donut Weekend. Join us for our annual National Donut Day Event at Psycho Donuts Campbell. We begin with Psycho Karaoke in the padded cell at 10:00am, led by everyone's favorite karaoketeer, Bruce Rogers of Korkaraoke. And at 1:00pm - donut miss it!! It's our 2nd Annual Donut Pizza Eating Competition, featuring last year's champion Peter Shepherd - defending his championship title. But Peter has some stiff competition from the likes of Raymond, Linda, and Amytha. Come join the fun - out in front of Psycho Campbell - and cheer on our crazy contestants, as they each wolf down a 14" donut pizza in less than 8 minutes! Join us for all the fun, along with our special guest host, Jeff Kramer of ComedySportz.

All of this and some amazing new donuts on the Psycho drawing board. Stay tuned for donut details coming soon!