Sunday, August 23, 2009

Live Music at Psycho Donuts!

Hi Psycho Fans,

More and more people in the South Bay are discovering Psycho Donuts. The music studio is getting popular! If you play electric guitar, come by and entertain our customers; it's waiting for you! We are also seeking acoustic musicians for short sets in the store. Singer/songwriter guitar players and vocalists work out really well in our small, intimite space. Contact us if you're interested!

This Friday morning - August 28 at 9:45am - don't miss Please Do Not Fight, playing a live acoustic set. A live band on a weekday morning? That's crazy! Please Do not Fight is an original alternative indie act with a sound all their own. They rocked the house last time they played at PD!

Check out The Slow Poisoner, live at Psycho Donuts - September 4 at 6pm. The Slow Poisoner and Psycho Donuts are a match made in some very wierd place, probably not Heaven... Think one-man-band with very creative, original music like none other. This is Slow Poisoner's second gig at Psycho Donuts.

Finally, let there be peace! Patty Fisher chronicles the rather unusual infancy of Psycho Donuts existence - starting with war and ending with peace. Check out her San Jose Mercury News Column!