Friday, August 28, 2009

Longer weekend hours; Whack new donuts!

Want a late-night trippy donut? Starting next weekend (Sept 4/5), Psycho Donuts will stay open until 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights. If you want a crazy donut later in the evening, there’s only one fun place to come. And speaking of crazy donuts…

Chief Psycho has been creating some new demented treats. Witness the following new creations – starting this Monday, August 31! Customers have said, “Hey Psychos - we want to see some donuts that are more savory than sweet; we want donuts with bacon, and donuts with maple!” Want want want! We thought you were all crazy, but we listened anyways, and here’s what’s in store for you. Buckle in – we're breaking new ground here!

The Hamburger Donut. Our Hamburger Donut bears an amazing resemblance to the ‘real’ hamburger. The donut resembles a bun complete with sesame seeds. The ‘bun’ is cut in half, and bacon comprises the meat of this oddball burger. The experiment is complete with some honey butter and strawberry jam. Early scientific studies confirm this to be the perfect breakfast - especially when coupled with an order of Donut Fries.

Noses and Eyeballs. OK, so Halloween is still a ways off, but we couldn’t wait. Picture a conglomeration of filled donut holes in the shape of Noses and Eyeballs. It wasn’t hard to come up with the name of this whack treat.

The Cinnamon Troll. Psycho Donuts now has its own Cinnamon Roll, er, Troll. Unlike some cinnamon rolls, ours do not bathe heavily in butter or sugar glaze. It’s a lighter cinnamon roll, with a touch of honey, and chocolate drizzle.

Headbanger’s Evil Twin. We figured that two Headbangers are better than one. This ‘Evil Twin’ has slightly darker skin than his brother due to a cinnamon sugar accident as a child, but their faces and ‘wounds’ are remarkably similar. Interestingly, if you took blood samples of the two twins, there is a startling contrast - the Evil Twin has custard in the middle, while the less-evil brother has strawberry filling. I guess twins don't always have the same blood type.

Crazy Face. This is 4 donuts in one. Custard-filled donut holes comprise a clown-like nose and eyes, atop a maple glazed donut. Bring the kids for this unusual culinary episode.

We are insanely excited about these new creations, and hope you'll stop by for some donuts and fun!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Live Music at Psycho Donuts!

Hi Psycho Fans,

More and more people in the South Bay are discovering Psycho Donuts. The music studio is getting popular! If you play electric guitar, come by and entertain our customers; it's waiting for you! We are also seeking acoustic musicians for short sets in the store. Singer/songwriter guitar players and vocalists work out really well in our small, intimite space. Contact us if you're interested!

This Friday morning - August 28 at 9:45am - don't miss Please Do Not Fight, playing a live acoustic set. A live band on a weekday morning? That's crazy! Please Do not Fight is an original alternative indie act with a sound all their own. They rocked the house last time they played at PD!

Check out The Slow Poisoner, live at Psycho Donuts - September 4 at 6pm. The Slow Poisoner and Psycho Donuts are a match made in some very wierd place, probably not Heaven... Think one-man-band with very creative, original music like none other. This is Slow Poisoner's second gig at Psycho Donuts.

Finally, let there be peace! Patty Fisher chronicles the rather unusual infancy of Psycho Donuts existence - starting with war and ending with peace. Check out her San Jose Mercury News Column!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Less Offensive but Still Edgy!

Hi Psycho Friends -

A new round of press came out (furiously) this morning - reflecting the new and improved Psycho Donuts (PD 2.0?). Everyone is welcome at Psycho Donuts - this has always been the case. You'll still find harmless fun inside -and it will require a sense of humor - but I think you'll agree it's the most unusual donut shop on the planet. Give it a try, and take a break from the donut shop with yellow booths, old newspapers, and boring donuts!

Today, you'll find news about Psycho Donuts all over the place, including:

Stop by Psycho Donuts, and check our our new window counter seating. Be one of the first to warm the new barstools!

We want more guitar players to stop by and give us some impromptu jams. If you know how to play, the Psycho Fender Guitar is waiting for you. Don't be shy, and mind the "No Stairway to Heaven" sign on the wall!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Psycho Wins Intuit Grant; Live 105 on Friday!

Hi Friends & Fans,

I am so pleased to announce that Psycho Donuts has won the Intuit Love a Local Business Grant! I would like to thank everyone out there who nominated Psycho Donuts to win. Thanks to Intuit for this wonderful opportunity. We're happy to be a positive and thriving new business that you've chosen to recognize.

Psycho Donuts continues to be popular in the press! The Chief Psycho will be on the air with No Name at Live 105 (105.3 in the Bay Area) this Friday morning at 7:45am. Listen in! Special thanks to all my new friends at Live 105.

Chief Psycho was recently interviewed live on The Buzz 106.5 in Sacramento. You can listen to the recorded segment here. Thanks to Jamie White and the great folks at The Buzz for a great time.

South Winchester News is a blog on everything happening in the Psycho Donuts geographic area. They do a great job covering news in this micro-market, and wrote about some of the recent changes we've made at Psycho Donuts.

In spite of a slew of positive changes which were announced live on Fox Business News, there are still forces at work attempting to shut Psycho Donuts down (being quite serious, for a change). We may need some serious support from our friends, in light of lawyers looking for cracks in the Psycho mortar. We'll keep you posted with details.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Response to USA Today article

Note – today's blog post is specifically in response to Peter Earley’s opinion piece in USA Today.

Dear Mr. Earley, thank you for your extensive criticism from afar and for the notable publicity as well. Psycho Donuts launched an entirely new business concept in the middle of a great recession, and employs a staff of 10 people and growing. We are proud of the company we’ve built, and our constant lines out the door are a testament of community support.

Our business is evolving rapidly. You overlooked quite a bit before condemning us. We announced several changes last week, live on Fox Business News, which are clearly reflected on our website. We have a number of mental health groups who are interested in working with us, rather than against. If you seek out the big picture, you’ll realize that there is actually a great opportunity which could emerge here. In this case, such opportunity comes only with an open mind and a sense of humor.

The term “Psycho” crossed the cultural divide and joined ranks with popular culture 49 years ago - with the advent of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, (Paramount Pictures). The term Psycho is everywhere. Great America has a ride called Psycho Mouse.’s Home & Garden Department sells 478 items oriented around the term Psycho. Fox Network has a TV show called Mental. Mental! Have you seen some of the shows on the Comedy Channel? I can point out several that would rank highly on the stigma scale.

So why, Mr. Earley, would USA Today focus its attention on an independently owned, corner donut shop in Campbell California? Maybe we’re an easy target? It’s easier to point a finger at a small donut shop than – say - Fox Network, Comedy Channel, or Paramount.

Mr. Earley, the America I know is built on freedom of speech and expression. With the exception of Psycho Donuts, every other donut shop in America should be very pleasing to you personally. For this reason, I encourage you to buy your donuts there. That being said, what gives you the right to impose your own belief system on every American, and dictate where they should buy from across the country? If every group imposes its beliefs upon American culture, we’ll effectively create our own self-imposed cultural revolution here in the USA.

We have received hundreds of letters and emails from people with every imaginable form of mental illness who stand firmly behind Psycho Donuts. Maybe the view of the mental health advocate is not always representative of those they seek to protect? Much has been said about stigma, and I believe that your perspective is perpetuating stigma, rather than eradicating it.

Everyone’s viewpoint is filtered by life experience. After the loss of a loved one, Halloween can seem offensive – and on this imaginative holiday, the offensiveness comes knocking at your door. Maybe we should cancel Halloween this October. Or would that be un-American?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Win Psycho Stuff with the Psycho Lib!!

Hi Psycho Friends - Wanna have some fun, with a chance to win a Psycho Prize? Play Psycho Lib! Psycho what? Simply print out the Psycho Lib below, and fill in the blanks with clever words as instructed. The result will be a funny story about Psycho Donuts. Want a chance to win something? Bring your completed Psycho Lib to our Psycho Nurse on Duty at Psycho Donuts in Campbell. We also have blank Psycho Libs available for you in the store to complete.

The author of the most hilarious Psycho Lib will be eligible to receive their choice of a dozen Psycho Donuts, or a Psycho Donuts T-Shirt. For those of you who are not near Campbell, you can still print this out and complete it just for fun!

Without further ado (what's an ado, anyways?!), we bring you Psycho Lib!

One day, my parents brought me to Psycho Donuts. I have never seen donuts that taste so _________________ (adjective). My favorite is the ___________________(favorite food) donut. It’s an _____________ (dessert) donut, topped with ____________ (pl noun) and __________________ (pl noun). Some people might think I’m crazy, but I think Psycho Donuts is way better than ____________(Adjective) Donuts, down the street.

At Psycho Donuts, I ___________________ (past tense Verb) with an Electric ___________(Noun), and saw some really _______________(adjective) ___________________(pl noun) on the walls.

The artwork at Psycho Donuts is very __________________ (adjective). The artists create such _________(adjective) paintings.

The cashiers at Psycho Donuts are really _____________________ (adjective). The gave me a piece of _______________________(noun) to pop. The cashiers are really friendly, and they each dress like a _________________(career/profession).
My parents would rather eat ___________________ (unusual food) than Psycho Donuts. Not me! On my birthday, I am going to bring Psycho Donuts to ____________ (a place). Someday, I think the owner of Psycho Donuts should open a restaurant called Psycho ______________________(type of food).

**The Fine Print: No purchase necessary to win; deliver Psycho Lib in person at Psycho Donuts to enter; must not be present to win; limit one Psycho Lib per customer; be sure to enter your name and email address on your Psycho Lib; prizes have no cash value; Psycho Donuts shall determine prizes based on subjective assessment of Psycho Libs collected weekly for the duration of the Psycho Lib promotion.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Vote for Psycho, and even longer hours!

Hi Psycho Fans,
The Metro Newspaper has an annual "Best Of" edition. Psycho Donuts is in the running for Best Donut Shop. Please vote for your favorite donut shop with a crazy theme here.

And while we're on the topic of voting - Intuit is offering a special grant opportunity to innovative small businesses. If you're a Psycho Donuts fan, please nominate us here!

Psycho hours are being extended again! Starting Monday (Aug 17), will we be opening at 6am on weekdays, instead of 7am. Come see us early, and wake up our sleeping nurse at the counter!

Chief Psycho had the opportunity to appear live on Fox Business News yesterday. Being Chief Psycho seems to be affecting his appearance, he's slowly beginning to look the part!

Psycho Donuts is launching a partnership with Fanminder. Soon you can receive special Psycho promotions and offers on your cellphone, thanks to Fanminder's crazy technology.

Hope to see you at PD this weekend!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello friends in the Bay Area and beyond… The Psycho staff is reeling from the chain of events over the past week. National television, news articles, radio appearances, and more. It’s equally amazing to see who’s been spotted with Psycho Donuts in hand.

We’d like to thank all of our friends and supporters. We have received calls, letters, emails – even gifts - from around the world. News of Psycho Donuts reached places like Korea and Ethiopia. Things are jamming and we have exciting news, so let’s get started:

On the Donut front - Psycho Donuts now bathe daily in trans-fat free oil! You’ve asked – we’ve listened. We’d also like to extend a warm welcome to our latest donut creation – the “We Been Vegan.” Many of you have been clamoring for a vegan donut. Our Psycho R&D team has been working around the clock to master a Vegan donut that tastes great (less filling?). We’ve succeeded! Come and get it!

The new website is here! Special thanks to our great friends at Esharp Web Design.

Psycho Donuts is proud to present The Psycho Music Studio!! Come on in and play our Fender Electric Guitar (must have 1 year experience; 16 yrs old +). We have future plans to add more instruments and create impromptu jam sessions. It’s rumored that The Chief Psycho may bring his digital keyboard to participate in future jams!

And while we’re talking about music, check this out -- the Psycho Pspeaker! Got an iPod and some great songs? Now you can play them in our store, for everyone to hear. We can’t wait to hear some of your favorite new bands!

Longer hours have finally arrived! During our crazy childhood (trust us, it really was...), we closed at noon on Monday through Thursday. Now that we are a Psycho toddler, our hours have been extended. We’re now open until 5pm every day, and until 8pm on Friday/Saturday. Starting the week of August 17, we’ll be opening at 6am (an hour earlier) on weekdays as well.

The Psycho Gift Store has some new items that sport the tagline, “Embrace Your Inner Psycho.” They make a crazy gift. Buy one today - make someone happy!

Want to get your Psycho Donuts without waiting in line? Wanna make sure we don’t sell out of your favorites? Create a pick-up order online, and we’ll have your order ready when you arrive. There is a rumor that Psycho Donuts may begin shipping crazy delicacies across the country. Stay tuned for more details.

We look forward to seeing all of our local friends soon. If you’re visiting the Bay Area, make sure to stop at Psycho Donuts in Downtown Campbell for a Crazy Good time!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Longer Thursday Hours!

Due to popular demand (a serious understatement), Psycho Donuts will be open until 5pm tomorrow (Thursday, August 6). As many people know, we've had limited hours on Monday -Thursday throughout our 'Psycho infancy.' In conjunction with our upcoming 6 month birthday and our Psycho Adolescence, these longer weekday hours of operation will soon be permanent.

We would also like to extend a warm thanks for the overwhelming support from around the country - on a particularly crazy day for Psycho Donuts. Psycho Donuts news traveled far and wide today. This may have been the biggest news about Campbell CA since the invention of the fruit cup (

We almost trumped Paula Abdul as a popular search term on Google - so we're told. And we didn't even quit American Idol :-) We received a constant stream of phone calls from old friends and new friends alike. We welcome you to visit us during your next trip to Silicon Valley.