Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Looking for Annie Wilkes, and return of The Psycho!

Remember Cathy Bates' character - Annie Wilkes - in the movie Misery? It's indelibly etched in the Chief Psycho's mind when she says to poor James Caan, "Paul, I'm Your Biggest Fan..."

And so now we have to ask - who is our biggest fan? Do you love Psycho Donuts as Cathy Bates loved James Caan? Were you an anti-protester in the Psycho dark ages? Have you popped an inordinate amount of bubblewrap in our support? If you're among our biggest fans, please let us know. In your email, tell us why you're our biggest fan! We will select 3 semi-finalists to compete in a Psycho Fan Trivia Contest - to be held at our Anniversary event - Saturday, March 6 - at 1pm. Brush up on your Psycho facts if you are selected to compete. The winner will receive a Donut Pizza and a Psycho Donuts t-shirt!

Speaking of our anniversary event, Saturday March 6 will be truly insane! Here's the line-up:

10am: Psycho Karaoke with Bruce Rogers of Korkaraoke

11am: Announce winner of Psycho Donut Guy naming contest. Got a good name for our 'Donut Guy' logo? Send us an email, along with your name, mailing address, and t-shirt size. Show up to see if you've won a Psycho Donuts t-shirt!

1:00pm: Psycho Donuts Biggest Fan - Trivia Contest. Are you our biggest fan? What makes you worthy? Send us an email and you might make the semi-finals!

1:30pm: Musical guest Picture Atlantic. Join us as Picture Atlantic rocks the house, and learn why The Metro calls Psycho Donuts, "The Weirdest Place to Catch a Live Show."

And don't forget about Psycho Homecoming! It's the return of The Psycho Donut! Who can forget this doughy bastion of sweet, sour, salty and spicy? What other product can delivers 4 levels of crazy in just one bite? Psycho has RSVP'd and will be in attendance at our Psycho Anniversary and Homecoming event. Will you be there to taste a piece of Psycho Past? We hope to see you there!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Donut Guy is Nameless!

For almost a year, poor Donut Guy has gone through life without a name. Imagine how unloved he must feel. No wonder he always looks a bit agitated. Maybe you can help.

What should we call Donut Guy? If we select the name you come up with, you'll win a Psycho Donuts t-shirt!* Send us an email with your suggested name for Donut Guy. Make sure to include your name, phone number, mailing address, and t-shirt size! The winner will be announced at Psycho Donuts on Saturday March 6, at 11:00am - during the Psycho Karaoke portion of our Psycho Birthday and Homecoming Event! Hope to see you there!

*Winner will be notified by email; must come to Psycho Donuts in person to claim tshirt; no cash value, yada yada yada

Monday, February 15, 2010

Psycho Donuts - Almost a Toddler!

Tainted Love was CrAzY! Psycho Donuts was crowded all day long with donut lovers, karaoke lovers, and art lovers. It was an insane combination. If you took some killer pictures, please upload them to our Facebook page for all to see! A special thanks to Christine Benjamin and all of our Psycho artists. Also, the event would not be the same without our good friend Bruce Rogers of Korkaraoke.

Mark your calendar for March 6 - for Psycho Donuts Birthday and Homecoming! Join us as Psycho celebrates it's first year of raging success. This crazy baby has sure seen its share of adventures in the past year! For starters, we'll have Psycho Karaoke in the morning, and a live afternoon performance by amazing Indie band, Picture Atlantic. Missing a Donut from Psycho Donuts past? As a Psycho homecoming event, we will receive visits from some of your favorite donut ghosts. Missing the Psycho Donut? How about Lightning Lemon? All your doughy friends will be there to reunite with your tummy. We'll soon be announcing some other surprises too!

In other news, we are considering a summer art show highlighting the work of artists who have endured their own experiences with mental health. Underneath the harmless fun that is Psycho Donuts, we know that mental illness is no laughing matter. And it's no coincidence that some amazing artists have an unfair share of this burden. Are you an artist that falls into this category? Send us an email with a link to some of your work! More details on this concept to follow.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Psycho Donuts Has its First French Kiss!

The Valentine dementables continue to roll off the Psycho assembly line. This one looks similar to the Psycho Passionata, but don't be fooled. Please give a round of applause to: The French Kiss! ...The kind that makes you crazy! One taste of this organic semi- sweet French chocolate Casanova will make you weak in the knees!

Want to taste one of our odd Valentine's Day treats? Better hurry! They'll be available at Psycho Donuts only Valentine's Day weekend - beginning on Friday, Feb 12.
The special holiday donuts sell out early routinely. So come early for a Crazy Good time!

And be sure to join us for
Tainted Love, on Sunday February 14, starting at 10am.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Psycho Passionata Arriveth...

Please extend a warm Psycho welcome to our latest Valentine oddity - The Psycho Passionata. This bad boy represents the creation of an entirely new food category: Fusion Donuts. Created in conjunction with pastry chefs extraordinaire, this "almost-beating heart" arrives at your taste buds with a piercing filling of white chocolate and passion fruit. It's then topped with an authentic, home spun raspberry glaze that will send your taste buds into a manic frenzy. Would you kill for love? This is the love donut to kill for!

Beethoven's aPassionata was considered by many to be his most tempestuous piano sonata; and such is the case with our Psycho Passionata. Get yours starting on Friday Feb 12, through Sunday, Feb 14 - or while supplies last. This gourmet donut is like none other; don't miss out on this tastebuddy.

Hope to see you on Sunday Feb 14 at Tainted Love; beginning at 10am - only at... don't ya know by now?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Valentine art and introducing the D'oh-Nut

A clever customer asked us to create a Donut Pizza in the image of Homer Simpson. Who are we to refuse such a request? Witness the birth of the D'oh-nut Pizza. This Homer-sized donut comes in a 14" pizza box. Order your D'oh-nut Pizza today by calling the Psycho Nurse on Duty at 408-378-4540; You can also order a donut pizza with a wide array of toppings - as many as four toppings on one donut pizza. They make a great birthday present and an unlikely conversation piece!

The artwork is rolling in as we are 7 days away from TAINTED LOVE - a Psycho Valentine's Day Event! Come join us on Sunday, February 14. The demented activities begin at 10am!

You can go to Carmel and pay thousands for a Giclee (that's "Ghee-clay," not "Guy-Klee") in a hoity-toity gallery; or... you can spend as little as $40 and pick up original offbeat art at Psycho Donuts. Check out our off-kilter anti-valentine artwork - by amazing local artists like Christine Benjamin, Nic Caesar, Michelle Waters, Skip Crank, Lacey Bryant, and more.

We'll have one-of-a-kind donuts like you've never seen before. Try our Shot Through the Heart Donut, Heartbroken, or the ever-amusing, Blue Balls.

And don't forget about Psycho Karaoke, beginning at 10am with our good friend Bruce Rogers of Korkaraoke.

For all the details, check our Facebook events page. We look forward to seeing you at Psycho Donuts!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Get Blue Balls at Psycho Donuts!

Psycho Friends - we're ramping up for Tainted Love - our own demented blend of Valentine's Day fun at Psycho Donuts. Join us on Sunday, Feb 14 - starting at 10am.

And speaking of demented blends, we are giddy to announce a major shift in our Psycho coffee strategy. In conjunction with our coffee fiends (er, friends) at Tony's Coffee, Psycho Donuts is now serving up seriously great coffee. We're proud to be serving Fair Trade Certified coffees. Try our earthly Sumatra Guyoland, or Cafe Carmelita - a medium roast blend. Either way, our new coffee will shock you! And stay tuned for Donut and Coffee pairings - coming soon!

FREE PSYCHO COFFEE! Wanna try one of our shocking new blends for free? We are happy to announce Manic Mondays! Come to Psycho Donuts any Monday morning through the month of February, and get a free small cup of coffee with any donut purchase. Just ask for the Manic Monday special!

In addition to Psycho Karaoke with our good friend Korkaraoke, THERE WILL BE DONUTS! Seriously Psycho Valentine donuts! Pre-order yours in a Psycho Love Box by calling the Nurse on Duty at 408-378-4540. Or just stop by starting on Friday Feb 12 to see what we've got in store for you.

With a theme like Tainted Love on Valentine's Day - the time has come... for... Blue Balls! Yep. Enough said... Come get your Blue Balls and other Valentine donut oddities like "Shot Through the Heart" on Valentine's Day weekend.

Finally, what donut shop event is complete without the art (well, most of them... but NOT Psycho Donuts!). We have some amazing Valentine's Day artwork - but not the typical mundane love variety. We're talking about Fun, Twisted Art. All original, all affordable, and all at Psycho Donuts. Come get some Psycho art for your Valentine. Hurry though - it's going quick!

Hope to see you soon at Psycho Donuts!