Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine Love and Hate

We really look forward to Valentine's Day at Psycho Donuts.  While everyone else is catering to lovebirds, we take the contrarian viewpoint.  After all, not everyone is madly in love on Valentine's Day.  Whether you're in love, or lost in love - our Valentine donutrocities will zap your heart.

Be on the lookout for the launch of our Valentine's Day donutrocities, starting with...

Shot Thru The Heart!
Shot Thru The Heart!
We're to blame for creating this heart-shaped victim of Cupid.  'Shot Thru The Heart' is literally pierced through the heart with an evil chocolate dagger. The heart is oozing with raspberry jelly, and blood-red drizzle leaks ominously from its pocky-inflicted wound.

Think of it as the Headbanger for the loveless; or if you really need another Bon Jovi reference...  it's the donut that gives love a bad name.


You remember those sweetheart candies.  The ones in the paper box that taste like chalk?  Last year, Chef Ron began donutizing the concept, with his own crazy twist.  Not-So-Sweethearts are the perfect gift for your anti-Valentine (or someone you love with a whack sense of humor?).  Not-So-Sweethearts come with memorable slogans like "I H8 U," "DOOSH," and other poetic anomalies, helping you to express your real feelings this Valentine's Day!  (editorial note:  yes, we doo know the correct spelling of DOOSH, but chose to misspell it on purpose, cuz like, it was more fun).

Blue Ballz!
Blue Ballz!
Each Valentine's Day, we honor those celebrating the long day, without a requisite lover by their side.  Whatever may be the cause of your Valentine's Day dilemma, Psycho Donuts has just the prescription for you.  

Blue Ballz are crazy good donut holes.  They're topped in Smurf-blue icing, and filled with custard.  Better than a stiff drink at a dive bar, Blue Ballz will cure what ails you this Valentine's Day.

Psycho Passionata!
Psycho Passionata!
Beethoven's Passionata was considered by many to be his most tempestuous piano sonata; and such is the case with our Psycho Passionata. This "almost-beating heart" is filled with a piercing combination of white chocolate and passion fruit. It's topped with authentic, home spun raspberry glaze that will send your taste buds into a manic frenzy. Would you kill for love? This is the love donut to kill for!

Love / Hate Art Show!
By Christine Benjamin
And 'donut' forget that Psycho Donus is also an award-winning original art gallery!  And Valentine's Day is a great time to pick up some whimsical (sometimes downright demented) original Valentine's Day art.  We challenge our local artists each year to create one-of-a-kind paintings, which focus on the darker side of Valentine's Day.  Check out our Love / Hate Art Show at Psycho Donuts Campbell, beginning in early February.  Stay tooned to the Psycho Facebook Page for all the details.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Here Come da Furries

The Furries are coming!  The FurCon Convention, also known as Further Confusion, descends upon San Jose January 17 - 21.

If you're a furry yourself, Psycho Donuts San Jose is ready for you with our animal donutrocities - made exclusively for Further Confusion.

If you're a furry watcher, there's no better place to watch furries in their native habitat than at Psycho Donuts San Jose.

We'll be serving up Tigers and Zebras - in donut form. Each animal is available as either Tails or Ballz - creating plenty of inventive eating options for furries and humans alike!

Beyond FurCon, there are some great upcoming events at Psycho Donuts.  'Donut' miss our Valentines Day festivities, complete with our array of Anti-Valentines Day Donutrocities.  Stay tuned to this crazy blog for the Valentine's Day line-up, coming soon.

On March 2, we'll host Psycho Karaoke, with special guest, Korkaraoke - in honor of our 4 year Psycho anniversary!  More details coming soon, along with some other special surprises, and a crazy little contest!