Friday, August 28, 2009

Longer weekend hours; Whack new donuts!

Want a late-night trippy donut? Starting next weekend (Sept 4/5), Psycho Donuts will stay open until 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights. If you want a crazy donut later in the evening, there’s only one fun place to come. And speaking of crazy donuts…

Chief Psycho has been creating some new demented treats. Witness the following new creations – starting this Monday, August 31! Customers have said, “Hey Psychos - we want to see some donuts that are more savory than sweet; we want donuts with bacon, and donuts with maple!” Want want want! We thought you were all crazy, but we listened anyways, and here’s what’s in store for you. Buckle in – we're breaking new ground here!

The Hamburger Donut. Our Hamburger Donut bears an amazing resemblance to the ‘real’ hamburger. The donut resembles a bun complete with sesame seeds. The ‘bun’ is cut in half, and bacon comprises the meat of this oddball burger. The experiment is complete with some honey butter and strawberry jam. Early scientific studies confirm this to be the perfect breakfast - especially when coupled with an order of Donut Fries.

Noses and Eyeballs. OK, so Halloween is still a ways off, but we couldn’t wait. Picture a conglomeration of filled donut holes in the shape of Noses and Eyeballs. It wasn’t hard to come up with the name of this whack treat.

The Cinnamon Troll. Psycho Donuts now has its own Cinnamon Roll, er, Troll. Unlike some cinnamon rolls, ours do not bathe heavily in butter or sugar glaze. It’s a lighter cinnamon roll, with a touch of honey, and chocolate drizzle.

Headbanger’s Evil Twin. We figured that two Headbangers are better than one. This ‘Evil Twin’ has slightly darker skin than his brother due to a cinnamon sugar accident as a child, but their faces and ‘wounds’ are remarkably similar. Interestingly, if you took blood samples of the two twins, there is a startling contrast - the Evil Twin has custard in the middle, while the less-evil brother has strawberry filling. I guess twins don't always have the same blood type.

Crazy Face. This is 4 donuts in one. Custard-filled donut holes comprise a clown-like nose and eyes, atop a maple glazed donut. Bring the kids for this unusual culinary episode.

We are insanely excited about these new creations, and hope you'll stop by for some donuts and fun!