Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Frosticles and Pucker Ballz

We did some Psycho Pondering and asked ourselves, "Selves, what if Psycho fans could DRINK our donuts?" Hmm, donuts in liquid form?

What do you get when you combine the crazy flavors of Psycho Donuts with ice, a chunk of cake donut (yes, a real donut...), and a blender? You get...


While you're reading this weird blog, preliminary Frosticle models are already rolling off the Psycho Assembly Line at Psycho Campbell (coming soon to Psycho San Jose too)!

Initial Frosticle varieties are Kooky Monster, Manic Malt, and Strawberry Fields. We will be launching additional Frosticle flavors soon! Let us know which Psycho Donut varieties you'd like to experience in liquid form! Frosticles... fun to say, weirdly yummy to drink!

Psycho Donuts - Your Trickery Partner!

April Fools Day is just around the corner. Here's a trick you can play on your friends and co-workers. Purchase any dozen donuts and tell the nurse, "Trick or Treat" (rolls off the tongue nicely, even on April Fools Day). We have programmed our Nurse Robots with speech recognition software. When they detect the sound of the "Trick or Treat" code word, the Nursebot will be compelled to throw in a free basket of...


Pucker Ballz don't look tricky, but good tricks are deceptive; and Pucker Ballz are deceptively sour. No, strike that. Pucker Ballz are offensively sour! Place the basket of Pucker Ballz on the conference room table and watch the reaction of your friends and co-workers as they unwittingly fall victim to your sour April Fools Day humor. Donut feel guilty; it serves 'em right for not following Psycho Donuts' blog or Facebook posts...

Upload a video of someone caught in the act of 'Pucker Ballz surprise.' Whoever uploads the funniest video will receive a Psycho T-shirt!

Happy April Fools Day. Make Psycho Donuts an unusual part of your tricky day!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bunnytrocities and Best Donut Shop of 2012

And now this: A pspecial thanks to our friends and fans who have conspired to help Psycho Donuts win Best Donut Shop (for the third year in a row), in The Metro's 2012 Best of Edition.

Easter is incomplete without a visit to Psycho Donuts. Skip the fancy Sunday brunch and check out what Psycho is Pserving! Pstarting about a week before Easter, get ready for our full line-up of bunnytrocities... Available now at both Psycho Donuts locations, through Easter Psunday.

We all know it's important to protect your nest egg. If you haven't learned how, maybe our responsible Peeps can give you a lesson with Peep Show. Here you will find our pedantic peeps perched tirelessly atop their Cadbury Easter Eggs, in their warm donuty nest - fashioned from raised donuts with maple icing and coconut. Before eating the eggs below, make sure to eat the Peep on top first - these peeps have been know to protect their nest eggs at any cost!


You were expecting cute bunnies at Psycho Donuts? Like his 2nd cousin, Headbanger, Rabbit Roadkill has seen better days. Jelly filling is oozing from his skid-marked ear. His swollen Donut-Hole eye gives him a pretty sad outlook... and though you may feel a pang of regret, you will eat him.
As if there weren't already tons of cute chicks at Psycho Donuts... get ready, as Psycho Donuts brings back the definitive Hot Chick. No, we're not talking about inflatables. We're referring to The Hot Chick Donut! Like many hot chicks, this one has a spicy bunny tattoo on its mid-section, and is filled with custard.

A killer Easter donut is on the loose, and only Psycho Donuts has the courage to introduce such an infant monster to the world. Please extend a crazy welcome back to Massive Peep Trauma.

Massive PeepTrauma is a particularly peculiar premature peepling, precariously perched (say that 10 times) atop a precipitous portion of jelly filling, which sits atop a raised donut. We categorically decline the alternative name of this donut, Peepbortion... a name which has been gathering psteam in the Psycho underworld...

Have a Crazy Easter!

Psycho Patron Psaints and Ninja Turtles

The Patron Psaint of Ireland would be hanging out in the Psycho Padded cell, if he could. In one hand, he'd be holding a Cadillac Margarita Donut - part of our series of cocktail donuts, the Cadillac Margarita is filled with real tequila cream, and topped with green icing, a candy lime, and margarita salt.

In his other hand, he might be hanging onto our St. Patrick's Day inspired, Lucky and Confused. The partying cousin of Glazed and Confused, Lucky conforms to the Psycho Pshamrock Pstandard, and is topped with a lucky green streak of green drizzle.

And if that doesn't complete your St. Patrick's Day desires, make sure to try our annual Lucky CharmOnut. Sure, it has Lucky Charms on top - but the cereal has been psuper-charged with a healthy dose of EXTRA Lucky Charms marshmallows. This one available on St. Patty's Day only!

This Thursday and Saturday night only - catch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at Psycho San Jose and Camera 3 Cult Movie Series. Psycho will be serving Donut Pizza by the slice - because everyone knows what Ninja turtles like best!

And finally in other Psycho News - if you donut get enough of Psycho Donuts on Facebook or Twitter, you can now follow us on Pinterest as well!