Friday, August 14, 2009

Vote for Psycho, and even longer hours!

Hi Psycho Fans,
The Metro Newspaper has an annual "Best Of" edition. Psycho Donuts is in the running for Best Donut Shop. Please vote for your favorite donut shop with a crazy theme here.

And while we're on the topic of voting - Intuit is offering a special grant opportunity to innovative small businesses. If you're a Psycho Donuts fan, please nominate us here!

Psycho hours are being extended again! Starting Monday (Aug 17), will we be opening at 6am on weekdays, instead of 7am. Come see us early, and wake up our sleeping nurse at the counter!

Chief Psycho had the opportunity to appear live on Fox Business News yesterday. Being Chief Psycho seems to be affecting his appearance, he's slowly beginning to look the part!

Psycho Donuts is launching a partnership with Fanminder. Soon you can receive special Psycho promotions and offers on your cellphone, thanks to Fanminder's crazy technology.

Hope to see you at PD this weekend!