Friday, August 21, 2009

Less Offensive but Still Edgy!

Hi Psycho Friends -

A new round of press came out (furiously) this morning - reflecting the new and improved Psycho Donuts (PD 2.0?). Everyone is welcome at Psycho Donuts - this has always been the case. You'll still find harmless fun inside -and it will require a sense of humor - but I think you'll agree it's the most unusual donut shop on the planet. Give it a try, and take a break from the donut shop with yellow booths, old newspapers, and boring donuts!

Today, you'll find news about Psycho Donuts all over the place, including:

Stop by Psycho Donuts, and check our our new window counter seating. Be one of the first to warm the new barstools!

We want more guitar players to stop by and give us some impromptu jams. If you know how to play, the Psycho Fender Guitar is waiting for you. Don't be shy, and mind the "No Stairway to Heaven" sign on the wall!