Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We are the World... We are the Donuts!

Psycho friends - alas, we come to the final donut in our 12 Donuts of Christmas series. Check out our Christmas Around the World Donut. It's a green and red "earth donut," filled with chocolate. Let there be sweets on earth, and let it begin at Psycho Donuts!

A big thanks to all of our friends for their patience on days when we utterly could not keep up with your insatiable demand for Christmas donuts! We'll continue with the 12 Donuts of Christmas through the end of the year. So if you've not stopped at Psycho Donuts for one (or 12), you had your chance...!

We've said it before... wanna get your donut free? Follow us on Twitter to learn how.

Place your online order for a dozen or more donuts before 8pm tonight, and we'll throw in a snowball stuffy (makes an amazing pstocking pstuffer) for free. Be sure to enter "pstuffer" in the PROMO code field at checkout. Offer valid for online orders placed through 8pm on 12/23/09, while snowball quantities last. Your donuts will be set aside and patiently await your pickup!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

?? The Mystery Present ??

How's that for a gift? Our 11th installment in our 12 Donuts of Christmas series is The Mystery Present. This red and green square donut is the gift wrap. But what's the present inside? Buy one to find out! Wanna get it for free? Follow us on Twitter to learn how!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Psycho Donuts is Stealing Christmas!

The Grinch has arrived! Come to Psycho Donuts and try our Grinch Donut. He's a mean one, but with chocolate filling, he's got a good heart. I think we've mentioned this before - you can get yours for FREE! Follow us on Twitter to learn how!

We're up to the 10th donut in our 12 Donuts of Christmas series. Order online, and bring 'em to the office - scare your co-workers with deranged Christmas donuts! Or order them for Christmas Eve, and you can have something to keep the conversation going with Uncle Joe and Aunt Edna!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Will the REAL green donut please stand up?

Psycho Donuts is going green! Our 9th donut in our "12 Donuts of Christmas" series is The Psycho Christmas Tree! This is a triangular raised donut with green icing and mini M&M's. Christmas trees have never tasted this good! Get yours for free; follow us on Twitter to learn how!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rudolph went to the Podiatrist!

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, went and got his hoofs all cut, come in to Psycho Donuts, taste our Hoof Shavings Donut!

Hoof Shavings turn out to be really crunchy snacks that taste fantastic on a Psycho Donut (disclaimer - they're not really hoof shavings - no animals were harmed in the making of this donut).

So come and celebrate our eighth donut - part of our continuing series of The 12 Donuts of Christmas. And if we've not mentioned enough times - you can get your Hoof Shavings Donut for free - just follow us on Twitter to learn how! Want to have a dozen crazy Christmas donuts at work on Christmas Eve? Better pre-order them!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The first truly edible fruitcake!

Another day, another Christmas Donut. We're up to seven as we march toward the exciting conclusion of The 12 Donuts of Christmas. On Saturday, gear up for The Fruitcake Donut! This is not your grandma's fruitcake - which means, someone might actually eat it rather than re-gift it! The Fruitcake donut is a colorful mix of freeze-dried fruit, on a bed of strawberry glaze and a triangular raised donut. Follow us on Twitter, and learn how to get yours for free Saturday!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Get Your Reindeer Droppings!

We're getting deeper into The 12 Donuts of Christmas. In fact, we are in Deep Sh*&! Our latest Christmas creation is Reindeer Droppings. This appetizing, minimalist creation is a chocolate-filled donut, topped with vanilla glaze and a pile of reindeer droppings (ok, we're not quite that psycho - they're chocolate covered raisins). 6 more days - and you can get a whole dozen Psycho Christmas creations - just in time for your family Christmas gathering! Follow us on Twitter, and learn how you can get Reindeer Droppings free on Friday! Want to make sure we're not sold out on Christmas Eve? Pre-order your Psycho Dozen(s) online now.

In other news - a big thanks to DJ Lia at KSJS radio in San Jose. We had a great time Wednesday night talking donut trash, along with our new musical buddies, The Sullivan Brothers.

Come to Psycho Donuts on Saturday morning at 10am, for a live performance of Curious Quail! Come see why The Metro voted Psycho Donuts "The Weirdest Place to See a Live Show" in the Bay Area!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

North biPolar for the 5th Day of Christmas!

The 12 Donuts of Christmas continues with our new holiday donut on Thursday! Get your North biPoler Donut! This is a chocolate cake donut topped with chocolate icing. It has red M&M's(tm) at one pole, and green M&M's at the other. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do!

We are up to 5 Christmas donuts you can add to a dozen, including Jingle Balls, Candy's Crush, Grandma's Revenge, and Frosty the Demented Snowman. Order them in advance online - they'll be waiting for your pickup. If you want a dozen Psycho Christmas donuts on Christmas eve, better order them now!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome to The Demented Snowman!

The latest creation in our ongoing 12 Donuts of Christmas adventure is Frosty the Demented Snowman. He's a snowman that only melts in your mouth. Come get one at Psycho Donuts beginning on Wednesday, Dec 16.

Place your donut order online and they will patiently await your arrival. Want your Snowman for free? Follow us on Twitter to learn how!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Reindeer Bad Karma - Grandma Gets Revenge!

In a stunning turn of events, Grandma lost control and shot a reindeer in cold blood. When asked about her motive, Grandma simply said, "That reindeer has been running me over every year; this is payback!" Santa could not be reached for comment, but sources indicate he has posted an ad on Craigslist for a replacement reindeer.

Get your Grandma's Revenge Donut at Psycho Donuts, beginning on Tuesday Dec 15. Want to get one for free? Follow us on Twitter! The 12 Donuts of Christmas continues at Psycho Donuts. Want to order some donuts in advance for a company party? Place your order online, and they'll be waiting for you with our Nurse on Duty!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Candy's Got a Crush!

Candy has a new crush - she thinks our new Candy Cane donut is hot! Our 2nd Donut of Christmas launches on Monday, Dec 14. It's a triangular raised donut topped with vanilla mint icing, crushed candy cane, and a minty drizzle. If this donut were around in Scrooge's day, he wouldn't need the Ghost of Christmas Past to generate Christmas cheer! Want to get your Candy's Crush for free? Follow us on Twitter to learn how!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls, Jingle Ball the way...

Jingle Balls are here! Come get yours at Psycho Donuts on Sunday, Dec 13! Want to get one for free? Follow us on Twitter.
Thanks to our friends and fans who made Nightmare Before Hanukkah so much fun. Special thanks to Bruce Rogers at Korkaraoke for making it happen! Some great photos and videos of the event on our Facebook page.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Star of Donut is here!!

Just in time - the Star of Donut is burning for the next 8 days at Psycho Donuts! Enjoy a Star of Donut over the Hanukkah holiday, and don't miss Nightmare Before Hanukkah on Saturday am, Dec 12, from 10am - 1:00pm!

Want your Star of Donut for free? Act quickly - follow Psycho Donuts on Twitter to learn how.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here Comes the Nightmare!

Oy Vey! Nightmare before Hanukkah is here! Join us for this one-of-a-kind Psycho event on Saturday morning, December 12. We will unveil the Star of Donut - our Hanukkah-inspired donut. Mazel Tov!

Beginning at 10am, bring your singing chops and get ready for Psycho Karaoke, courtesy of Kor Karaoke. Sing a song in the padded Psycho studio, and get a free donut! Check out original artwork for sale, and the Psycho Christmas tree with whack ornaments by artists like Carlos Villez and Beth Robinson.

And speaking of free donuts... starting on Saturday December 12, you can win a free donut with Psycho Whisper-Tweets. Follow Psycho Donuts on Twitter to learn how, or join the Psycho Donuts Mobile Fan Club!

Starting on Sunday, December 13 - prepare for the 12 Donuts of Christmas - a decidedly Psycho interpretation of Christmas donuts. The delectable treat pictured here is Jingle Balls. So jingle all the way over the Psycho Donuts, for the only donut holes filled with Eggnog custard. Expect a new Christmas donut every day until Christmas Eve. Think Bad Santa and injured reindeer, and you'll get the idea of how twisted we really are at Psycho Donuts! Want to get a Christmas donut for free? Whisper-tweet... On Christas Eve - you can take a dozen of the most insane Christmas donuts ever unleased on mankind - to your family party. But get 'em on Christmas Eve, because PD will be closed on Christmas Day.

Also on Sunday Dec 13 - stop at Psycho Donuts for a live performance by Please Do Not Fight. PDNF brings their original Indie sound to Psycho Donuts at 9:30am until 10:30am. Bands at Psycho Donuts are not allowed to party late on Saturday nights!