Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Psych Easter is almost here

It's almost time for Eastertrocities at Psycho Donuts.  But first... some Psycho adulations...

courtesy Christine Benjamin
Thanks to all of our crazy fans for voting Psycho Donuts BEST DONUT SHOP – 6 years running – in The Metro's 2014 Best of Edition! Also, Big(foot) thanks to all of our Psycho artists, especially Christine Benjamin and Kepi Ghouli, for creating the Bigfoot Show, happening Saturday, April 12, at Psycho Campbell!

'Donut' miss a visit to Psycho Donuts this Easter!  Starting on Monday before Easter, get ready for Psome Pserious Psycho bunnytrocities... Available at both Psycho Donuts locations, through Easter Sunday.
Peep Show!


Protect your nest egg! Our responsible Peeps can give you a lesson with Peep Show. You'll find our pedantic peeps perched tirelessly atop their Cadbury Easter Eggs, in their warm donuty nest - fashioned from raised donuts with maple icing and coconut. Before eating the eggs below, make sure to eat the Peep on top first - these peeps have been know to protect their nest eggs at any cost!

Rabbit Roadkill!


Sorry, no cute bunnies at Psycho Donuts... you'll have to go to Cute Donuts for those... Rabbit Roadkill has seen better days. Jelly filling is oozing from his skid-marked ear. His swollen Donut-Hole eye gives him a pretty sad outlook... and though you may feel a pang of regret, you will eat him.