Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Strawberry Fields and The Donut Pizza!

So your kid's birthday is coming up. Let's see... gotta find a place, invite the people, and buy a Birthday Pizza Donut. A what? That's crazy! And precisely why Psycho Donuts now sells ginormous donuts in a pizza box to make your child's birthday one-of-a-kind. Choose your Psycho toppings, and we'll even write a birthday message in frosting. Donut Pizzas serve 8-10 people -but must be ordered in advance. So call our Nurse on Duty, or come to Psycho Donuts and place your order today.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new animal to the Psycho Donuts Zoo. Please extend a warm welcome to Strawberry Fields. From the species Triangulado Donutus, this unusual creature blends in with its natural habitat by donning a clever strawberry icing. To complete its disguise, Stawberry Fields comes covered in freeze dried strawberries. A strawberry pocky stick protects this otherwise tasty creature from predators. This animal is a seasonal addition and will be around through the end of our Halloween festivities. So come and get one today, because Strawberry Fields are not forever.
I recently has the priviledge of meeting our new customer, Samantha. Samantha has Bipolar Disorder, like so many people do. Samantha has this to say: "...Psycho Donuts made me feel like I fit in and there isn't a norm. Life is all about people being different. You made it feel like I didn't have to hide my differences about myself and that your donut shop was a safe place. When people are not understanding of differences it makes people with differences scared of being ridiculed, jugded, and outcasted - causing people to feel ashamed. By creating Psycho Donuts, it allowed people with differences to make light of the difference and realize that there isn't a normal person in this world. I feel that you have brought out awareness to people this is not a taboo subject and everyone is different. Just like depression not too long ago, you couldn't talk about it; now you can -- and not feel ashamed. I believe you are acomplishing important things on a bigger scale with all mental illness. Thanks, Samantha."
Samantha, thanks to you too. Hope to see you soon. Whether you're living with Bipolar Disorder, or in the middle of bi-polar traveling, we hope you'll stop by Psycho Donuts for a visit soon!