Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Bob Dylan once said, “Things, they are a-changing.” And in the words of the prolific David Bowie, “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes.” What were these musical icons trying to say? Ok, that’s a bad rhetorical question – it’s obvious! The point is, what are we saying?! Psycho Donuts was started with a vision of being an exceptionally fun, yet unusual donut shop experience. That will not change. But there are some really fun changes on the way. Stay tuned! Quick note to the protesters and their planned gathering this Sunday – ch-ch-ch-change your plans and be p-p-p-patient.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nurse-Powered Donut Delivery!

Announcing the official launch of Psycho Donuts Online Ordering & Delivery service! (

For pick-up orders, simply add your favorite psychos to the cart and pay online. We’ll have your order ready and waiting when you come in.

How ‘bout Psycho Donuts delivered to your office by one of our exclusive Psycho Nurses? We are initially delivering to the following zipcodes:

Day Zipcode
Monday 94043 (Mountain View)
Tuesday 94085, 94089 (Sunnyvale)
Wednesday 95054 (Santa Clara)
Thursday 95134 (North San Jose)
Friday 94085, 94089 (Sunnyvale)

While we cannot guarantee specific delivery times, your donuts will arrive between 8am – 10am on your specified delivery date. Need your donuts in time for an 8am meeting? Consider placing an online pick-up order instead. Look for more flexible delivery areas, dates, & times in the near future. Place your order at

Monday, July 6, 2009

Psycho Deliveries coming soon to a South Bay Zipcode near you!

Get ready for Psycho deliveries at the end of July!! Wahooooo!!!

If you work in one of these zipcodes:
  • 94043
  • 94089
  • 94085
  • 95134
  • 95054
You are going to be able to order some Psychoooooooooooooooooooo Donuts - delivered to your workplace, by one of our lovely Psycho Nurses! You'll be able to order them online from our Psycho Donuts website! How crazy is that? It's Psycho!

Be the first in your office to order these magnificent little pieces of donut art. Sorry … we can’t deliver a protester with each order (I know you’re disappointed) … our insurance won’t allow it.

If you're bummed because your work zipcode is not on the list, fear not! You'll also be able to place an advance order for pickup from our website, and we'll have your order ready and waiting for you at our store.

We'll post an update when the "PsychE-commerce" website is live. The first 5 online orders will come with a free Psycho Donuts t-shirt!!