Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ballz of... Cotton

Ah, Sugar.  It comes in many forms, whether it's refined, powdered, brown, or cotton candy.  That's right, we said Cotton Candy Sugar.  Normal people turn this stuff into cotton candy... Crazy people  turn it into CottonBallz!  We start with an order of Psycho Ballz, and then we roll the ballz in cotton candy sugar.  It could be said that CottonBallz are not the most intricate donut we've ever brought to life, but CottonBallz make life worth living!  Hide the bunny, cuz CottonBallz are coming soon!

Raptors like donuts too!
Let's change the topic.  Dinosaurs.  Nice transition, right?  By now, almost everyone knows that Psycho San Jose doubles as the lobby of The Camera 3 - which shows killer cult and retro films.  And coming on July 19 and 21 - it's Jurassic Park!  Find tickets and stuff.

How about a donut with that Raptor?  Or maybe a beer with that Pterodactl?   Yes, it's true - like all good donut shops, Psycho San Jose sells beer and wine (if you're 21 of course)!  We can also whip your beer into a Beer Psmoothie, and your chardonnay into an blended Psycho Psangria, or Fuzzy Navel.

Feng Shui channeling chi at the bar!
Feng Shui has undergone a radical metamorphasis.  The chi was just not working in it's triangular orientation.  Something had to be done.  Chef Ron took matters into his own hands and Feng Shui is happily channeling its energy in the alternate form of Feng Shui Bar.  Just as tasty as ever, yet more at peace with the world.  Get one today!

The Marla was also looking for inner peace, and followed Feng Shui's bold move.  Get your Marla Maple Bar, topped with maple icing, peanut butter, and Butterfingers!

Choco Marla Frosticle!
The weather is hot - it must be Frosticle Pseason!  What's a Frosticle, you ask?  Frosticles are Psycho milkshakes with a 'chocolate cake Psycho Ball' blended right inside.  They come in some of your favorite Psycho Donuts flavors too.  Try the Chocolate Marla, Manic Malt, Strawberry Fields, and Kooky Monster.  Tackle a Frosticle today!

Everyone knows that Psycho Donuts has a big following on Facebook and Twitter.  Did you know that Psycho is also on Pinterest?  Instagram users can find Psycho Donuts at PsychoDonutsRocks.   Find Psycho Donuts all over the web - but remember you can only get the real thing in person (unless there's an iOS 6 feature converting your iPhone into a Psycho Donut - it could happen!).

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Friday the 13th and Psychos in Your Inbox

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You've Got Psycho Mail!
If you're reading this crazy blog, then you obviously like to keep up with all the insane happenings at Psycho Donuts.  If you're not reading this blog, then you're having some kind of strange episode - please call our Nurse on Duty STAT!

Join Crazy Good eNews, and get all the Psycho insanity delivered by email! You'll smile (a little fiendishly) when our newsletter arrives monthly in your inbox - exploding with Psycho Pspecials, upcoming events, contests, and our usual (unusual?) array of twisted culture.  Now you're in psync with Psycho!  But wait, there's more!

Get Punched by a Psycho?  Pseriously?
Psycho on Psmartphone!
For all our Psycho fans with Psmartphones - get the Psycho Donuts Rewards app!  Ditch the paper punch card, and get a free donut just for joining!  You might be asking yourself, "Self, should I be concerned that a psycho is offering me a free donut and asking for nothing in return?"  Donut Worry!  There's no catch.  Get the app, and get punches each time you buy something. Then redeem for Psycho Pstuff!  Whacha waiting for? Get Punchin!  The Psycho Rewards app runs on iOS and Android.  If you're not sure what that means, we've got a brand new, retro-stylish paper punch card with your name on it!

Here Comes Friday the 13th!
The JasOnut!
At Psycho Donuts, we take Friday the 13th very pseriously!  Join us as we unleash our crazy side.  It always starts with the JasOnut - a chocolate raised donut, filled with blood-red raspberry jelly; topped with a powdered sugar hockey mask.  Get the JasOnut before it gets you!

Zombie Ballz!
Zombie donuts also like to come out and play on Friday the 13th.  Each year, zombies make a most generous donation  - a very personal offering - which enables us to sell Zombie Ballz!  Get 'em "by the pair" or by the tray!

You may also bump into a rather scary crueller, otherwise knows as The Zombie Crawller.  Do not be alarmed. Take a deep breath and confidently order one.

The D'oh-Nut!
On a lighter note, Chef Ron recently threw out the confetti - all over the donuts.  The D'oh-Nut is a Psycho-adapted version of Homer Simpson's favorite donut.  For a certain customer who once said, "Hey Psycho Donuts, you should also sell donuts that are not Psycho,"  we have finally figured out how to do this.  Well, sort of.  After all, if you're coming to Psycho Donuts, you gotta expect a little insanity!

Finally, Psycho thanks to Creative Whimsies, for this great Psycho blog post!

See ya Psoon - at Psycho Donuts!