Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Psycho Mothers Day

Anyone Got a Crazy Mom?
Mother's Day Donutrocities are coming, starting Thursday May 9 - Sunday May 11!  And this year, you can even get flowers at Psycho Campbell - to accompany Mom's crazy donut gift!

Break out the MOMosas!  They're even better than mimosas, for reals!  That's because  our Psycho MOMosa is filled with champagne pastry cream, and topped with orange icing, a citrus swirl, and rainbow sprinkles. 

Donuts and Roses?
And this Mother's Day, you can add a fresh rose to your donut purchase.  Get a donut and a rose for Mom - only $5 - packaged up nice and pretty.  Only at Psycho Donuts Campbell on Mother's Day, from 9am - 2pm (while supplies last).

How about a "Mom" tattoo to show your love to mom?  If you're crazy enough to consider it, then we've got just the Mother's Day donut for you  A Mother's Love is a heart-shaped raised donut, filled with white chocolate and passion fruit.  A MOM Tattoo is permanently sewn into the strawberry top of this donut.  Show Mom the depth of your love for her this Mother's Day, with A Mother's Love!

Buy A Dozen Donuts - Save on Flowers for Mom!

Pick up a Psycho Dozen on Mother's Day at Psycho Campbell, and get a 10% discount on a floral arrangement as you exit the store.  This Mother's Day, we have partnered with How Sweet! Floral Creations.  Pick up flowers for Mom along with the world's craziest donuts.

Crazy Art for Mom
And while you're gathering up your insane donuts and flowers - check out our selection of whack original artwork.  Surprise mom with a super-original piece of art, from one of our Psycho local artists!  

Artist: DonBon, "Harvey and His Toys."  $75

Artist: Michael Foley, "Bright and Shiny Day." $100
Starting as little as $40, get your mom something truly spectacular for her crazy walls.  

The art is awaiting your viewing pleasure now.  Mother's Day donuts starting Thursday, May 9.  Flowers are available on Mother's Day only.  

We look forward to seeing your crazy face at Psycho Donuts!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Psycho Donuts WINS Donut Showdown

Chef Ron Levi of Psycho Donuts!
Psycho Donuts' Head Chef, Ron Levi, competed on Food Network Canada's Donut Showdown – and took home the proverbial cake!  Ron and his assistant, Joe Cloutier, won the well-deserved grand prize!  The episode aired in Canada on Tuesday, April 16, at 10:30pm EST (stay tooned for details of Donut Showdown airing in the US).

Several months ago, Psycho Donuts was invited to audition for the new Food Network series.  After an extensive audition process, Psycho Donuts was selected to compete, and Architect Films (the show's producer) flew our crazy team to Toronto.  Check out this slightly shortened version of our audition video, where we were challenged to tell the producer all about Psycho Donuts in three minutes or less. 

The battle began with three donut chefs, each required to prepare cake donuts using three unusual ingredients.  With limited time and unfair amounts of chaos, Ron was tasked with improvising several Psycho-worthy creations, critiqued on taste, presentation, and creativity.  The weakest competitor was sent home, and the remaining two went head-to-head in a final battle.

The Killer Team - Chef Ron and Assistant Joe Cloutier!
In Round 1, Ron invented a batch of Vanilla cake donuts with chocolate hazelnut icing, candied walnuts, and fruit-flavored popping candy.  In Round 2, competitors were challenged to make a total of six dozen raised donuts, across three improvised varieties.  Again, Ron nailed it, spontaneously creating:

  • A Mayan hot chocolate s'mores donut with caramel halo
  • A salted caramel chipotle apple fritter with hot cinnamon crackle 
  • A margarita bullseye donut with tequila-chantilly cream filling, margarita icing, and a salted Keylime drizzle.  
And BAM!  At the end of the episode, Chef Ron flew home with a grand prize of $10,000 (less US and Canadian taxes of $9,999.99).

Psycho Nurse Aleena in The Trippy Food Blog!
Psuper Psycho congratulations to Chef Ron for this amazing accomplishment.  Since the program has not yet aired on Food Network US, Psycho Donuts is planning a viewing event at Psycho San Jose and Camera 3 Theater.  Watch our Facebook Page for all the details.

The insanity of Psycho Donuts, coupled with Chef Ron's offbeat donutrocities, were also reviewed in the Trippy Food Blog.  Thanks to our Trippy new friends for the great review!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Eating Contest and Wookie Ballz

Last year's winner - Chris!
Plan ahead! Compete to eat!  In conjunction with National Donut Day, Psycho Donuts will once again host its annual Donut Pizza Eating Contest.  Contestants are challenged to eat an entire 14" Psycho Donut Pizza with 4 surprise toppings!

This year's competition is currently being planned.  Check out the antics from last year's competition.  Are you a condenda?  Send us an email if you're interested, and we'll send back an application to you.

Wookie Ballz?
Star Wars Day is approaching.  Psycho will be ready with Chewie Dough and Wookie Ballz.

Chewie Dough is a triangular raised donut, topped with cinnamon, coconut, and a chocolate/vanilla artillery belt.  Wookie Ballz are donut holes topped with cinnamon and coconut.  

Mark your calendar, and May the 4th be with you!

Malted Waffle Bacon Donut
Chef Ron's crazed donut fame is spreading internationally.  Chef Ron and Psycho Donuts will be featured on an upcoming Food Network show called Donut Showdown; but that's not all...  Check out what Pamela Costa had to say in the San Francisco Examiner!

  One of Ron's crazy donut recipes, The Malted Waffle Bacon Donut, has been featured on the Food Network website. Check it out!

The Metro Newspaper has just published their annual, Best of Silicon Valley edition.  Psycho Donuts has been named Best Donut Shop for the fourth year in a row.  Thanks to all of our fans who voted, and as always, to our good friends at The Metro!