Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Boston Creme Pie Donut?!

Thank you loyal fans!

Psycho Donuts is growing, growing, growing, and the South Bay loves a themed donut shop in its own backyard! So many fans from San Francisco are coming to Psycho Donuts that we think there should be a high-speed rail from SF to Campbell. We have had customers from as far away as Las Vegas, come specifically to visit Psycho Donuts! Every day we get calls on directions from the airport!

New Donuts!
Banana Creme Pie Donut and the Key Lime Pie donut are new additions to the family, and come from a dysfunctional family of donuts going back to Eastern Europe. We’re working on others ones too … keep posted!

Baked Vegan Donuts?!?

Oh boy, are we getting close! Our scientists are working around the clock to make the most disturbed, deranged and disoriented baked vegan donut that was ever eaten! Keep posted for when these donuts are released!

Office Delivery?

Oh, yeah … we’re planning this verrrrrrry soon. Why not spice up your next meeting with a bunch of Psycho Donuts? Scheduled start date: June 1st!

New Goodies!!

For all your clothing and undergarment needs, we are proud to announce The Psycho Donuts Online Store at Check it out!

From the Art Department

We are pleased to welcome the artwork of two talented artists to the walls of Psycho Donuts.

Michael Foley is an artist from the Bay Area. His work has been categorized as urban art, even low brow art (which is perfect for us).

Murphy Adams is also from the Bay Area. Murphy is a people watcher, and keeps a small sketchbook with her to quickly capture observations; people & things that she finds funny, awkward or beautiful.