Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crazy Moms, JasoNuts for Fri 13th, and Psycho Winos

Psycho Donuts is going off the rails for your crazy mom! Bring your mom to Psycho Donuts for a strangely memorable Mother's Day.

Chief Psycho's mom loves a Sunday morning Mimosa - where she'll enjoy a real drink before noon - guilt free! This Mother's Day - treat your mom to a MOMosa! Our
Psycho MOMosa is filled with a champage pastry creme, and topped with orange icing, a citris swirl, and rainbow sprinkles. Fancy enough for sophisticated moms, crazy enough for the rest. And for your mother in-law, how about our Arsenic MOMosa (we kid, we kid...).

Maybe mom isn't crazy, but you are (hmm, recessive gene from Dad?). Show mom how crazy you are for her this Mother's Day, with a Mom Tattoo. Not on your arm, Mama's Boy - on our Mother's Day specialty donut!
A Mother's Love is filled with white chocolate and passion-fruit creme, topped with a strawberry icing and a MOM tattoo.

Friday the 13th is quickly approaching. And Psycho Donuts is ready with The JasoNut. In honor of Friday the 13th, our Jason Donut is a blood-filled donut, with a powdered sugar hockey mask on top (you can pretend the blood is raspberry jelly if you'd prefer). Be very scared! Come get your JasoNut starting Monday, May 9.

Our Ballz department is pleased to announce our newest variety of Psycho Ballz. This month, you'll enjoy our
Nutty Ballz. Chocolate cake donut holes, rolled in chocolate icing and chopped peanuts. Nutz and ballz have never been such great company.

And from our Very Vegan Kitchen, donut miss
The Orange Creamsikiller. This orange vegan cake donut is topped with a rich vanilla icing and orange drizzle. Guranteed to transform any contemptuous crazy carnivore into a verifiable villified vegan.

Last weekend, Psycho delivered the world's first pull-apart wine tasting donut to a wine and donut pairing event at Poetic Cellars. The crazy antics were captured on film, by LA film producers, Highlighting Entertainment. Our Psycho Wino was a big hit. Grok this: 4 donut holes fused into one. Pull apart the first piece and pair it with a Chardonnay. The second piece pulls away and is genetically engineered to pair with the Syrah... and so on. Wine pairing will never be the same without a Pull-Apart Psycho Wino on hand!

Press coverage of the Psycho Wino event at Poetic Cellars was rampant. Read about it in the Santa Cruz Sentinel,, The Mercury News, The Huffington Post,, and more!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Its the 2nd Annual PsychEaster and Karaoke Fest

PsychEaster and Karaoke
Psycho Donuts Campbell
Sunday April 24, 10am - 1pm
As if there weren't already tons of cute girls at Psycho Donuts... get ready, as Psycho Donuts brings back the definitive Hot Chick. No, we're not talking about inflatables. We're referring to The Hot Chick Donut! Like many hot chicks, this one has a spicy bunny tattoo on its mid-section, and is filled with custard.

killer Easter donut is on the loose, and only Psycho Donuts has the courage to introduce such an infant monster to the world. Please extend a crazy welcome back to Massive Peep Trauma .

Massive PeepTrauma is a particularly peculiar premature peepling, precariously perched (say
that 10 times) atop a ginormous mess of jelly filling, which sits atop a raised donut. Come get one this weekend at our PsychEaster event on Sunday!

A couple additional donut surprises await you. Only on Easter weekend, April 22 - 24. Donut miss the psecial holiday donuts, or our PsychEaster Campbell Psunday event, only at Psycho Donuts!