Friday, November 29, 2013

Rocking Around the Psycho Tree

The Psycho kitchen is transforming itself.  The pilgrim cooking staff gets replaced by crazy elves; and Chef Ron has to figure out how to replace Drunkin' Punkins with our crazy Christmas lineup.

Grandma's RevengeHeadbanger has morphed into a 'reindeerbanger' throughout December!  And it's time to find a new campy Christmas song, because Grandma get herself a shotgun. This donut will make any Grandma-targeting reindeers think twice before running over Grandma.

Psycho Sufganiyot. For those rocking the remaining 8 days and 7 nights, come get our Psycho Psufganiyot. Is it Kosher? Is the Pope Jewish? 

Jingle Ballz. You've seen our Piggy Ballz, Wookie Ballz, and Zombie Ballz... But our Jingle Ballz are the happiest balls on the planet. They come in shades of red and green, filled with custard, and topped with fresh snow.

Psycho Wreath. For our vegan friends, this green crueller is pretty enough to mount on your front door – if it weren't for your neighbors coming to take a bite out of it.

Reindeer Droppings. Filled with mint chocolate, and topped with the best kind of reindeer droppings - chocolate covered raisins!

Psycho Tree. For those with a lesser tolerance for juvenile donut humor, the Psycho Tree is a triangular raised donut, iced in green, with Mini M&M's and a vanilla drizzle. You can even bring this one to your grandparents without offending!

Lumps of Coal. Got a naughty kid in your household? We have just the thing.  Lumps of Coal are filled with mint
chocolate, and topped in coal (aka Oreo cookie dust).

Come and get your Psycho Pseasonals before they're gone!

And 'donut' miss our annual art show, highlighting the works of local, original artists:

 "A Very Psycho Holiday GIFT ART Show"
Runs from Dec. 1st to January 10th 2013

Check the Psycho Facebook Page for all the crazy details. This year's art show features Christine Benjamin, Eric Joyner, Michael Foley, Nicolas Caesar,Murphy Adams, John Cloud, Carlos Villez, Adam Davis, Beth Robinson, Valery Milovic, Jared Konopitski and Kori Thompson. 

You'll find crazy, original artwork which brings together themes of Christmas, Psycho Donuts, and elements you'll only find in Silicon Valley.  Original artwork for as little as $40!  Now that's Psycho..!  Images above courtesy of Nicolas Caesar.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thanksgiving and Chanukah Donut Insanity

Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake!
It's Crazy Turkey Pseason!  Time to make a pilgrimage to Psycho Donuts.  Chef Ron is prepping the Psycho kitchen for some outlandish Thanksgiving donutrocities.  Here's what we have in store for you --

Psycho Sufganiyot!
Let's begin with our Pumpkin Bourbon Cheesecake! Filled with pumpkin bourbon pastry cream, this Psycho Pseasonal is topped with a bullseye of cheesecake icing and a cinnamon swirl.

If 'Chana Claus' comes down your chimney, we've got ya covered – since Chanukah begins on Thanksgiving this year. Psycho Sufganiyot (Suf-Gahn-Ee-Yot) is our traditional Chanukah bad boy, filled with strawberry jelly and subjected to a Pserious Psycho Psugar Pshower.  Order yours in advance by calling (408) 533-1023.

What do you get when you fill a fresh Psycho raised with spiced pumpkin pastry cream, and top it with coffee and cinnamon icing?   It's our Punkin' Spice Latte!

Punkin' Spice Latte!

Psycho Psweet Potato!
What holiday dinner is complete without sweet potatoes, or in this case, our Psycho Psweet Potato. This crazed concoction is a raised donut topped with torched marshmallows, graham crackers, and a pumpkin spice filling.
Punkin' Pie!

For dessert how about some Punkin' Pie? 

Psycho Punkin' Pie is filled with pumpkin pastry cream, then topped with maple icing and crushed graham crackers. Looking to jazz it up a bit? Ask the Nurse on Duty for a shot of whipped cream!

And by popular demand, the Psycho kitchen will continue making the Drunkin' Punkin.'  

Drunkin' Punkin'!
It's a bourbon-spiked pumpkin cake donut, topped with cheesecake icing, fresh pecans, and a cross-hatch of maple and caramel drizzle.

Add some Psycho Psizzle to your Thanksgiving Pseason!  Psycho Campbell will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.  Psycho San Jose will remain open for Camera 3 movie concessions only. Get your Crazy Turkey donuts before Thanksgiving day!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Psycho Halloween and Art Show

Drunken' Punkin'
Zombie Nurses in Action!
It's Halloween time at Psycho Donuts!  The Psycho kitchen is gearing up for another year of spooky donuts, and our nurses are preparing for the Zombie Apocolypse.

Check out Psycho Pseasonals, like The Drunken' Punkin.'  We start with a bourbon-spiked pumpkin cake donut. We top it with cheesecake icing, fresh pecans, and a cross-hatch of maple and caramel drizzle. That's our elegant Psycho Halloween treat.  And then things get weird...

Zombie Ballz

Zombie Crawllers
You might see some crazy things at Psycho Donuts around Halloween. But you probably won't see any male zombies hanging around. They keep their distance this time of year; because it's harvest season for our Zombie Ballz – topped with green tea icing, oreo dust, and red blood drizzle.  There's also a crueller version, called The Zombie Crawller.

Many of our regular donuts will also be dressing up for the holiday.  So 'donut' be surprised if your favorite selection looks scarier than usual!

Dia De Los Donuts - A Psycho Campbell Art Show!
Original by Adam T. Davis
October 2 - November 4, 2013
Artist Reception: Sunday, October 13, 10am - 2pm

Original by Mary Waclaw!
Dios Mio! It's the Day of the Donuts Art Show at Psycho Donuts Campbell!  If you're a Day of the Dead fan, you'll be in Psycho nirvana!  Original paintings, starting as low as $40.  

Original by Sara Mordecai
You'll find artwork from your favorite local artists, including:  Steve Caballero, Nicolas Caesar, Woody Miller, Christine Benjamin, Adam T. Davis, Murphy Adams, Kori Thompson, Jason Adams, John Cloud, Mary Waclaw, Beth Robinson, Carlos Villez, Michael Foley, Gilbert Armendariz, Laura Callin Bennett, Sara Moredcai, Valery Milovic, Eric Joyner, and Darlene Davidge.

This is one crazy art show you 'donut' want to miss!  The show runs at Psycho Campbell, from October 1 through November 4th, 2013.  An artist reception (open to all Psycho fans) will be held on Sunday October 13, 2013, from 10am – 2pm.

"Dia De Los Donuts" A Psycho Donuts Halloween Extravaganza! Learn more on our Facebook Event Page!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Its Raining New Donuts at Psycho Donuts

The Danolli!
The skies have opened up, and donut inventions have been raining into the Psycho DoNutcase, at an alarming pace.  Chef Ron and his team of Kooks have been on a manic innovation binge. Lettuce review the developments of the past couple weeks...

It's official; donuts and cannolis can legally marry (except in Sochi, Russia, where you can't even mention the new culinary delight).

The Danolli is a marriage made in Psycho heaven, filled with inpastata pastry cream.  The donutrocity is rolled into crushed cannoli shells. Semi-sweet chocolate morsels cover either end, and chocolate drizzle is layered on top.  A small dose of powdered sugar is sprinkled on top of the top.  Even Zagat had something to say about our Danolli!
Pig Pops

Pig Pops!
Pig Pops are Psycho descendants of our Piggy Ballz.  They have a fudgy center of buttermilk donut, a maple white chocolate coating, and of course... BACON!  This pigtastic creation is balanced neatly on a convenient popsicle stick.  

Pop a pig in your pie hole today!

The Frying Dutchman! 
The Frying Dutchman!
'Donut' judge this Psycho creation by its punny name.  The Frying Dutchman's hull is split and layered with spiced apples, doused with cheesecake icing, topped with buttermilk streusel, and drizzled with cinnamon icing!  Your tastebuds wanna climb aboard this dutch clipper ship! 

Psycho Pstrawberry Pshortcake!

Psycho Pstrawberry Pshortcake!
Homemade vanilla butter cream combines crazily with fresh strawberries and semi-sweet chocolate morsels – atop this raised donutrocity.  It's the Silent P's that revolutionize this age old dessert item.  Try a Psycho Pstrawberry Pshortcake today!

Dem Apples! 
Dem Apples!
How 'bout 'em?  Apple spice cake, buttermilk streusel, chocolate and caramel drizzle – makes Dem Apples a dynamic donut delight.  

Come early and try one of our new Psycho
It's Zombie-O-Rama!
Pselections, because there's not sufficient quantity to satiate the zombie feeding frenzy. Speaking of which... 'donut' miss  Zombie-O-Rama in Downtown San Jose – Wednesday, August 21.  Psycho San Jose will be offering a pair of Zombie Ballz for only a buck – for zombies in full costume only.

Psycho in Da Newz!
Psycho has been raising some googly eyeballs, with our crazy array of demented donuts.  Emmy award winner Mayim Bialik, of Big Bang Theory fame, is an outspoken fan of Psycho Donuts. Mayim, how 'bout a Big Bang Theory donut?  Hmm, what would that be like? Email us with your Big Bang Theory donut ideas!

Psycho Makes History!
Psycho Donuts has officially made history. Watch Psycho Donuts on The History Channel's All You Can Eat - Breakfast Edition.

Chef Zach Barnes has written this stellar review of Psycho Donuts.  And Jennifer McHugh of The Celebrity Cafe shares the details of her Psycho visit.

Bay Area visitors are stopping at Psycho Donuts in swarms.  New York Blogger, Melissa Klurman from New York summarizes The Top 7 Family Stops in San Jose.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Danolli. A hybrid created and manufactured in the Bay Area

Here's proof that the Bay Area can out-hybrid even New York!

How 'bout a crazy Psycho welcome for...

 The Danolli

Danolli's are the result of a head-on collision between an innocent donut and a cannoli.  But 'donut' worry.  The resulting vehicle is safe.  Car and Driver calls it "an unparalleled driving sensation on your tastebuds."

Be patient with with us, as we work out production kinks and get these crazy new hybrids into a South Bay showroom near you

The Danolli!
The Danolli has a raised dough chassis, filled with an inpastata pastry cream engine.  The entire vehicle is then rolled into crushed cannoli shells, creating a psychological, crash-resistant exterior.  Semi-sweet chocolate morsels adorn either end of this hybrid vehicle, and chocolate drizzle covers the hood.  A protective coating of powdered sugar is gently applied over the vehicle's finish.

Stop by Psycho Donuts for a test drive today (but arrive early... we're revamping the Psycho factory to make room for specialized hybrid manufacturing equipment).  

The Danolli... a better hybrid, manufactured locally in The Bay Area!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Psycho and San Jose Pride

San Jose Pride is coming on August 17 -18, and Psycho Donuts is a proud sponsor and supporter of this fun and colorful event.  Look for Psycho Donuts at the Pride event, but that's not all.

Psycho Donuts will be selling three Pride-inspired donutrocities in our stores, starting on Friday July 24 - August 18, with a portion of proceeds directly benefitting San Jose Pride.

How 'Bout a Gay Bar?

Gay Bar
Psycho Donuts is re-introducing Gay Bar! Many Psycho fans may remember the original reason we created this diverse donut! Gay Bar features Fruit Loops and Rainbow Sprinkles on a freshly-made bar-shaped raised donut.

And that's not all... from the crazy mind of Chef Ron, here are a couple new ones this year:

Pink PrideAngle

Pink PrideAngle
Our Pink PrideAngle deserves to be sweet, given the history of this symbol. Queue the Psycho history lesson - the pink triangle was one of the Nazi concentration camp badges, used to identify male prisoners, who were sent there because of their homosexuality.

Our raised, strawberry-iced donut is the new, delicious, symbol of pride.  Let your taste buds revel in the sweet new meaning of today's pink triangle.


All of our Pride donuts have been sweet in the past; but for some reason, they've not been chocolatey sweet.  So this year, our friends at San Jose Pride challenged us to create Fudgie.
Fudgie is a chocolate raised donut, filled with chocolate buttercream, fudge filling, and rolled in cocoa sugar!  Now that's a donut to be proud of.

Get your Pride donuts at either Psycho Donuts location from July 24 - August 18, or at the San Jose Pride event the weekend of August 17.  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Robots and Donuts

Artist: Nicolas Caesar
Donuts generally take center stage at Psycho Donuts, as a rule of thumb. And that kinda makes sense, because, well... it is a donut shop (an unusual one, at that).

Jessie's Jewels
However, many of our fans walk into Psycho Donuts wholly unaware of other things going on.  For example, Psycho San Jose sells beer and wine, and even beer smoothies. Who'd of guessed, right?  And Psycho Campbell sells jewelry, hand-made by our very own Nurse Jessie.

Both Psycho Donuts stores double as art galleries, featuring unique and original works from local artists, starting for as little as $40.  And this just in from outer space...

Psycho Donuts Campbell
From July 20, 2013 - August 20, 2013

Artist: Adam David
Artist: Adam David
'Donut' miss a fun, crazy month-long show featuring robots, aliens, and monsters from outer space! 

We've lined up a crazy group of local artists, including: Carlos Villez, Adam David, Eric Joyner, Christine Benjamin, Woody Miller, Murphy Adams, Gilbert Armendariz, Jared Konopitski, Jesse Molina, Nicolas Caesar, John Cloud, John Hageman, Kori Thompson, Mary Waclaw, Valery Milovic, Michael Foley, Michael Borja, and more.

On Saturday, July 20, you can meet some of the crazy artists in person at Psycho Campbell during our Artists open house, between 10am - 2pm.  Meet the artists in person and learn about their crazy inspiration behind their vision.

Psycho Robots Invade Earth - Donut miss it!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Psycho on The Cooking Channel

Psycho Donuts is insanely proud of Chef Ron, who competes in Donut Showdown - the best and toughest donut-making competition on the planet. Three donut masters from across North America compete to walk away with the title... and $10,000.   Psycho Donuts was invited to audition in 2012, with a requirement to create this crazy audition video – resulting in Ron's trip to Toronto to be a prime contenda!

Psycho Head Chef Ron Levi!
Toon in to watch Psycho Donuts compete for the win.

What: Donut Showdown
Where: The Cooking Channel
When: Wednesday July 17, at 7pm PST

The show originally aired on The Food Network in Canada in March; and for this reason, you can read all about who won (warning - Pserious Psycho Pspoiler alerts...) on a previous Psycho Blog Post ... in The San Francisco Examiner... and at San  But really, just say no to clicking the above links... it's more suspenseful to watch the show without first knowing the outcome!

Keep your eyes on the Psycho Facebook page... we'll be announcing the very donutrocities which Ron created (under cruel and unusual conditions), while being filmed on Donut Showdown.

Again, huge congratulations to Chef Ron Levi for this Crazy Good accomplishment.  More Psycho announcements coming soon!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Pstars, Pstripes, and Comfortably Pfrida

It's that patriotic time of year for all Americans.  And for our neighbors to the south, it's also a time to remember the brilliant artistic creations of Frida Kahlo - whose birthday is July 6!  As you've likely guessed, we have Psycho Psolutions for both special days; with crazy donutrocities launching at both Psycho Donuts locations, starting Tuesday, July 2 – Sunday, July 7.

Pstars and Pstripes!

Pstars and Pstripes!
Are you the patriotic sort? If you're not, buy Pstars and Pstripes for your neighbor - that All-American guy who hangs the flag at every conceivable US holiday - especially on The 4th of July.

Packed with raspberry on the inside, this heart shaped Psycho Psymbol is topped in all the primary colors that matter. Each state  delivers a satisfying white chocolate-rice crunch when chomped upon.

Glazed and Patriotic!

Glazed and Confused has dressed up for the Independence Day holiday, and has become Gazed and Patriotic – with Psycho Pstripes in all the right colors.  Red, white, and blue stripes of drizzle adorn the top of this American classic. Why be confused when you can be patriotic?

Comfortably Pfrida!

Comfortably Pfrida!

July 6 is Frida Kahlo's birthday, so we have morphed 'Comfortably Numb' into 'Comfortably Pfrida!'  Though this donutrocity has a rough exterior and over-abundant eyebrows, it's heart is sweet, in the form of chocolate pastry cream.  If you're a lover of Frida Kahlo's work, why not stop by Psycho Donuts for a Comfortably Pfrida?

And there you have it... Psycho Pstars, Pstripes, and Pfrida.  Where else ya gonna find crazy donuts whose names all revolve around Silent P's?   Get these Pseasonal Pspecials at Psycho Campbell and Psycho San Jose, available from July 2 – 7.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Psycho Fathers Day

The Kitchen Sink
Father's Day is approaching, and Psycho Donuts is cooking up donutrocities your father is sure to love.  So ditch the necktie and Sunday brunch, and head over to Psycho Donuts – and make some crazy memories with your old man.

The Kitchen Sink!

...maybe it's because your dad will eat anything but the kitchen sink... or maybe it's because he's always fixing the kitchen sink.  Either way, Dad will love our new Kitchen Sink Donut.  This new brainchild of Chef Ron's is loaded with everything but the kitchen sink.  It's iced in chocolate, then dipped in chips, pretzels, honey roasted peanuts, and chocolate pearl crisps.  It's fatherly soul is complete with a drizzle of chocolate and peanut butter.   What else can be missing from the perfect Father's Day?  Well... beer?

Beer Nutz!

Beer Nutz
Here's how to make your own Beer Nutz donut.  We'll start with a hint... ya don't just pour a bottle of beer through a gaping hole in side of a donut.  At least, not quite.  First, you mix up some stout beer with pastry cream and malt extract - resulting in a super-rich, dad-approved flavor.  And only then - you pour it through a gaping hole in the side of the donut!  Top it with chocolate icing and chopped Beer Nuts.  And now – the tricky part – create a multi-flavor beer mug from your own fancy drizzling doohickeys. Sound too hard to make on your own?  It's ok, we've got ya covered...

The Kitchen Sink and Beer Nutz!  Part of a balanced Father's Day diet and tradition at Psycho Donuts.  It's one way to ensure your father has all the chips, pretzels, nuts, and beer he needs for game day - all in a convenient donut delivery mechanism.  Get 'em at either Psycho location, starting on Thursday, June 13 through Father's Day!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Free Foie Bomb on National Donut Day

DATE:              June 3, 2013
Contact:            Jordan Zweigoron

Psycho Donuts Creates Foie Gras Mousse Donuts for National Donut Day

CAMPBELL, CA  June 3, 2013 --- Psycho Donuts has created the world’s first Foie Gras Mousse Donut, dubbed The Foie Bomb, which will be available to customers for free on National Donut Day – while supplies last – on Friday, June 7, 2013.

The Foie Bomb - with Flavor Pipette!
The Foie Bomb is a raised donut hole, filled with Unctuous Foie Mousse.  The donut is severely pierced with a pipette containing Honey, Fig, and Balsamic Gastrique. The Foie Bomb is then topped with crispy fried sage.  Customers are encouraged to squeeze the contents of the pipette into the Foie Bomb’s center while simultaneously consuming it, to achieve the desired flavor profile.

The Foie Bomb is a collaboration between Psycho Donuts and nationally renowned chef, Charlie Ayers.  Ron Levi, Doctor of Donut Derangement at Psycho Donuts said, “At Psycho Donuts, we’re proving that donuts are a truly versatile culinary delight.  We are always pushing the boundaries of where donuts have gone in the past, and leading the zaniest path forward in the donut industry.”

The Foie Bomb will be available only while supplies last on National Donut Day – recognized nationally as the first Friday in June.   Customers can get their free Foie Bomb at either Psycho Donuts location. 


About Psycho Donuts -- Psycho Donuts is the world’s first and only light-hearted asylum for wayward donuts and the patients who eat them, with Northern California locations in Campbell and Downtown San Jose. Psycho Donuts has reinvented the donut and has earned global acclaim for creative and unconventional flavors, coupled with a colorful and unusual experience. The Psycho Donuts experience includes an asylum-themed wait staff, a padded cell, and a stress-relieving square of bubble wrap for each customer. Psycho Donuts also features original local artwork and eclectic merchandise for sale. Psycho Donuts has quickly become a Bay Area icon, and has been featured on The Food Network, The Today Show, Fox Business News, Eye on the Bay, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, Maxim Magazine, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Condé Nast, and many more.  Visit Psycho Donuts online at

Monday, May 13, 2013

Psycho Takoyaki and Fanime

Psycho Psushi @ Fanime 2012
Our favorite time of the year is approaching –  Fanime Season – when the landscape of Downtown San Jose transforms into a kaleidoscope of Japanese costumes and anime-inspired hysteria.  Psycho San Jose is thrilled to announce our latest donutrocity in honor of our favorite crazy convention.  Fanime attendees will conveniently find a Psycho Donuts booth within the San Jose Convention Center.  Or show off your spectacular costume, and walk a couple short blocks to Psycho San Jose.  Directions from Convention Center.

Traditional Takoyaki
Traditional Japanese Takoyaki is a ball-shaped snack made of wheat flour batter.  It is typically filled will minced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onion. Chef Ron conducted some Pserious Psycho research (and fancy donut magic) in order to create the Psycho Donuts version of this Japanese delicacy...

Check it Out – Psycho Takoyaki!

Psycho Takoyaki!
Psycho Takoyaki looks very similar to the traditional Japanese version; however that's where the similarities end.

Psycho Takoyaki can be dangerously described as golden ballz of tapioca pearl ginger cake, drizzled with shoyu caramel, topped with lemongrass coconut bavarian, and sprinkled with maraschino coconut and toasted pistacio.  Say that 10 times...

Psycho Takoyaki will be available in conjunction with Fanime, from May 24 - 27.  Supplies will be limited, although we'll do our crazy best to ramp up our Japanese donut division for the occasion.

'Donut' Forget About Psycho Psushi!

Psycho Psushi
Fanime wouldn't be complete at Psycho Donuts without Psycho Psushi.  We launched Psycho Psushi at Fanime 2011, resulting in mass chaos and hysteria (primarily for our unsuspecting staff that year)!  If you haven't tried our Psycho Psushi yet, get some while you can!  Psycho Psushi is a bento box with 4 delicate pieces of donut sushi, complete with edible pocky chopsticks.  Any resemblance to real fish is purely coincidental...!

And That's Not All - Try our Totoro!

Totoro is a delicious chocolate raised, chocolate iced, raspberry jelly filled character that will bestow happiness to your taste-buds!

Psycho Love and Bubblewrap to all this Fanime Season!