Sunday, October 25, 2009

Psycho Pspectacular Countdown!

Six days and counting! Help us make Halloween Day the busiest day in Psycho Donuts history! In honor of Halloween, WowCool Productions has created a fun little Psycho video entitled Dawn of the Donuts.

Texas ChanaSaw Massacre of Silicon Valley Roller Girls will compete in the world's first Bobbing for Donuts contest at 2pm on Halloween Day. Wanna see a glazed and confused roller girl? Don't miss it! Competing against ChanaSaw is a brave employee of San Jose's own Caffe Trieste!

Throw a tip at a Coldstone Ice Cream employee and they will sing. At Psycho Donuts on Halloween night, tip a nurse and experience a 30 second strobe light disturbia. This should be great experimental fun that you don't want to miss!

Quick recap of what to expect this coming Saturday, Oct 31:
  • 10am - 12pm: Psycho Costume Karaoke - sing in costume, get a free donut!
  • 1:00pm - 1:30pm: Zombie Nurse costume contest - channel your zombie nurse within!
  • 2:00pm - 2:30pm: Bobbing for Donuts. Come watch as our contestants glaze their heads
  • 9:00pm - ??: Live music by local artist, Raw-g$

Don't forget that we will have green donuts, protester donuts, and other fun surprises all day long at Psycho Donuts on Halloween Day. Make sure to include PD in your scary Halloween agenda!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Psycho Halloween Pspectacular!

Psycho Donuts will be downright "scary weird" on Halloween. We'll have crazy antics all day and night. Add us to your Halloween calendar now! Here's our Psycho agenda for the day:

  • Psycho Costume Karaoke, 10am - 12 noon. A collision between costumes, karaoke, and padded cells - with your insane KJ, Korkaraoke. Perform karaoke in costume, get a free donut!
  • Zombie Nurse Costume Contest, 1pm. Come in a Zombie Nurse costume. Winner gets a Psycho Donuts t-shirt! Think Silent Hill.

  • Bobbing for Donuts, 2pm. 4 lucky contestents will try to pick up a donut hole - no hands allowed - from a trough of soupy donut glaze. Contestants to be selected via Twitter and Psycho Donuts Mobile Fan club members.

  • Live Music, 9pm. DJ/singer combo act, Raw-G$ (, will be performing a live set, in costume!
  • Psycho Donuts goes GREEN. You know what they say about Green M&M's? Well, imagine what a Green Donut can do for ya... PD Goes Green on Halloween!
  • Donuts in Costume. Can a donut be in costume on Halloween? You Betcha (nope, no Sarah Palin Donut... not yet anyways). Instead, Jekyll & Hyde Donut will become the "Protester Donut," with the creative help of Taylor Nelson Creations.

  • Monster Art. The month-long theme of Monsters and Mayhem is still in creepy motion. Come check out very unusual monster-inspired original artwork for sale on Halloween day.

We scare you (er, dare you) to find a stranger venue for Halloween fun. Join us at Psycho Donuts on Halloween Day!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Insanity meets Opera at Caffe Trieste!

This Thursday night -October 8 at 7pm - Psycho Donuts collides with Caffe Trieste, in downtown San Jose. Caffe Trieste started in the 1950's, and is a San Francisco institution to this day. The cafe expanded its horizons to San Jose in 2008 - in the heart of the SOFA district. Caffe Trieste is famous for their old world blend of Italian coffee and espresso drinks. They are focused on great quality, minus the needless drama of coffee snobbiness. And if you hang around Caffe Trieste, you're bound to hear someone singing Opera!

This Thursday night, Psycho Donuts will be on hand with nurses and donuts. What a concept - crazy donuts meets old-world Italian coffee. Join us at Caffe Trieste this Thursday night for a great line-up of live music and fun.
And "do-nut" forget to order the best possible snack to accompany your coffee... We will be available to make donut/coffee pairing suggestions!

Hope to see you at Caffee Trieste, located at: 315 S. First Street, San Jose, CA 95113.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Monsters and Mayhem - aftermath

Psycho Friends,

Thanks for coming out to Monsters and Mayhem today. For those who were there, it was a Crazy Good time. Special thanks to: Christine Benjamin, Nicolas Caesar, Please Do Not Fight, our friends at FanMinder, and our hardworking Psycho Staff.

Here are some photos from today's antics. If you missed this one, there are others to come!

See you soon at Psycho Donuts!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Monsters and Mayhem, Will the Real Owner Of PD Step Up?!

Monsters and Mayhem is bearing down on Psycho Donuts; escape is virtually impossible! What can possibly happen there? Here are a few ideas:

Green Donuts. That's right - not green TOPPED donuts, but green DONUTS. Noses and eyeballs are 'going green' for October. Wicked!

New Donuts. Check our our latest creation, known heretofore as "Comfortably Numb." He's restrained yet happy, and full of it (custard, that is).

But let's not forget the other amazing things happening at Monsters and Mayhem - killer original Halloween art, from a dozen local artists, starting as low as $40. The artwork on our walls is whack in October. First person to buy artwork (beginning at 10am Saturday) of $60+, wins two tickets to The Haunted Haight in San Francisco!

Nic Caesar will be painting Werewolf portraits. What would you look like on a full moon?

Please Do Not Fight will be providing the live music.

And our good friends from KSJS radio (90.5) will be there too!

Don't miss it! Saturday morning, from 10am - 2pm, only at Psycho Donuts!

There has been some confusion recently. So much has happened in our short psycho life, and there is so much content on the web about the owners of Psycho Donuts. So here are the facts. Psycho Donuts was started by Jordan Zweigoron and Kipp Berdiansky. We opened for business on February 28, 2009 in Campbell CA. In July 2009, Jordan Zweigoron purchased the remaining shares of Psycho Donuts, and became sole owner of the company. If there are any questions about this, please feel free to send us an email to

We hope to see you this weekend at Monsters and Mayhem!