Friday, January 29, 2010

Order your Psycho Love Box!

Psycho Donuts has something for all relationships this Valentine's Day.

Not in love? Don't miss a truly Sick love event! Come to our Tainted Love event on Feb 14 (see posting below for all the details). Check out some of the cool artwork for sale this Valentine's Day!

Crazy in love this Valentine's Day? Show how psycho in love you really are! Pre-order a Psycho Love Box. You'll get a Valentine's Day Box, filled with the Psycho donut of your choice. Choose your favorite Psycho, or a special Valentine's Day donut like "Shot Through the Heart," or "Blue Balls." Quantities are limited, so call ahead the old-fashioned way to order your Psycho Love Box today for only $7.95 (sorry distant friends, pickup only). Nurses standing by (and sometimes, just a voicemail box)... 408-378-4540.

Join Psycho Donuts this Valentine's Day. Whether you're in love or out of love, we've got something for you!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tainted Love is Coming to Psycho Donuts!

If Valentine's Day had an evil twin, it would have been conceived at Psycho Donuts! We have so much killer stuff going on, it'll be positively demented! Mark your calendar now for Sunday, Feb 14 - for TAINTED LOVE at Psycho Donuts! That's right - none of this stodgy, lovey-dovey, romantic, everyone's-in-love Day... our Valentine's Day is rooted not the real world, but in the surreal world!

Want a seriously memorable Valentine's Day? You gotta be at Psycho Donuts. Here's what's going wrong at Psycho Donuts on Feb 14, beginning at 10:00am:

Tainted Love Donuts. You've never seen donuts like these on Valentine's Day. Sure, we'll have some heart shaped donuts - but that's sooooo expected, right? Let's face it - any donut shop can make a heart-shaped donut, and they probably will. So let's get to the heart of the matter... Love takes work, and so does the creation of monstrosities like our "Aphrodisiac Donut," and "The Abstinance Holes." That's right, let your imagination wander... it's ok, The Department of Homeland Security has not implented thought monitoring yet.

Tainted Art. Not your typical love paintings - but original local works from artists who understand that love comes at a cost. Check out whack art from Christine Benjamin, Nic Caesar, and more! Let's admit it - real love encompasses psychotic pain - we are out to expose the truth this Valentines Day... channeling art as our medium. Purchase a piece of original art for your Psycho Valentine, starting as low as $35 (no, that's not a typo, and this is not Carmel!).

Tainted Songs. If you've not been to Psycho Donuts for Psycho Karaoke, you are missing out on some scarious loopy fun. Join us with our fearless Karaoke ringleader, Korkaraoke. Our standing offer applies - sing a song, get a free donut! Check out Batman singing karaoke last December, and Nurse Dylan killin' it this past weekend! Check out Psycho Karaoke, and you'll know why The Metro voted Psycho Donuts the Weirdest Place to see a Live Show (oh, and Best Donut Shop too...).

Looking forward to some Psycho times together on Valentine's Day!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Psycho Karaoke - nothing quite like it

If you weren't at Psycho Donuts this morning, you missed all the Crazy fun. Kor Karaoke led another funtastic morning of Psycho Karaoke. There were some great performances, including Nurse Dylan singing Baby's Got Back! Check out some photos from the morning's singing adventures on our Facebook page.

Come check out some live music at Psycho Donuts, as Please Do Not Fight brings their original Indie sound to the world's most unusual donut shop - Sunday morning at 10am!

Lots of other exciting things going on at Psycho Donuts. The Psychos have invaded Stanford University. College will never be the same. Come get your favorite Psycho treats at The Dish or The Axe and Palm Cafe - late night at Stanford.

Cinequest has also gone Psycho. Psycho Donuts is excited about sponsoring the media launch event, with a unique donut created especially for Cinequest. We can't wait!

Get ready for Valentine's Day... We're excited to wreak psycho havoc with another holiday! Stay tuned for all the details, and mark your calendar for Psycho Donuts on Sunday, Feb 14!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Amphibious Donuts Are Almost Here!

The Frogs are coming to Psycho Donuts! Local author Dianne Sweeney will be signing copies of her hilarious online dating book, Kissing Frogs in Cyberspace. Please join us on Sunday, Jan 17 from 9:30am - 12:00pm.

In honor of Dianne's book signing event, Psycho Donuts has deep-fried and donutized Kermit. We've gone green (in a soylant way??) with amazing results -- FROG LEGS. Even Miss Piggie seems to enjoy them.
That's right folks - come get your Frog Legs at Psycho Donuts! Slathered with a demented seasoning - which simultanteously blasts your palate sweet and atomic - you'll wish these unique donut fries were permanently on the Psycho menu. But alas, there is only enough Kermit to last for the day...
Meet Dianne in person, and purchase a signed copy of Kissing Frogs in Cyberspace - and get your Frog Legs for free. Only at Psycho Donuts on Sunday, January 17, from 9:30am - 12:00pm!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's a Psycho New Year!

It's a Crazy New Year! Thanks to those who friended us (yes, friend is a verb), and also to those who were inclined to unfriend us (or worse...) in '09! No such thing as bad press, right?!

Want some free Psychos for an upcoming evening event? You may be in luck with The Psycho Contingency Program (PCP)! Here's the deal -- sometimes we have leftover donuts (then again, sometimes we don't...). Send us an email, and let us know the details of your upcoming evening event, and we'll put you on our Contingency List. As the saying goes, "there's no such thing as a free donut." We cannot guarantee there will be leftover donuts for your event until that very day - at about 4pm. If you're on our VIP Contingency List (hey, you don't have to be Taylor Swift - it just takes an email!), and if we have donuts to spare - they're yours! If you are looking for specific varieties at a certain time, without the risk of a donut-free event, we still honor the age-old idea of buying your donuts - which you can initiate conveniently online.

What's the deal with that white padded room at Psycho Donuts? Is it a padded cell? Aaaaarghhhh, blasphemy! Don't ya hear them protesters gathering yonder?! Is it a music studio? Yawn, that's sooooo 2009... It's the Psycho Pfoto Studio! And what pfoto studio is complete without... Psycho Pfoto Props. Just ask the Nurse for our Photo Prop Box - and transform yourself into something interesting and unusual for your photo moment! Afterall, it's gonna be on Facebook! Want to turn your forthcoming Psycho photo into free donuts? Follow us on Twitter to learn how!

As always, we're cooking up great fun along with crazy donuts. On Saturday, Jan 23 - join us as Korkaraoke brings his insane karaoke antics to Psycho Donuts. Strange things happen whenever Mr. Kor (aka Bruce Rogers) shows up with his Karaoke magic!

On Sunday, January 24, help us welcome Psycho Donuts favorite band, Please Do Not Fight, as they play a morning set of original indie music - beginning at 10:00am. The Metro calls Psycho Donuts "The Weirdest Place to See a Live Show," so please join us to see why we have this distinctive reputation.

Here's wishing you a laugh-out-loud, talk-to-yourself, Psycho 2010!