Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Psycho Wins Intuit Grant; Live 105 on Friday!

Hi Friends & Fans,

I am so pleased to announce that Psycho Donuts has won the Intuit Love a Local Business Grant! I would like to thank everyone out there who nominated Psycho Donuts to win. Thanks to Intuit for this wonderful opportunity. We're happy to be a positive and thriving new business that you've chosen to recognize.

Psycho Donuts continues to be popular in the press! The Chief Psycho will be on the air with No Name at Live 105 (105.3 in the Bay Area) this Friday morning at 7:45am. Listen in! Special thanks to all my new friends at Live 105.

Chief Psycho was recently interviewed live on The Buzz 106.5 in Sacramento. You can listen to the recorded segment here. Thanks to Jamie White and the great folks at The Buzz for a great time.

South Winchester News is a blog on everything happening in the Psycho Donuts geographic area. They do a great job covering news in this micro-market, and wrote about some of the recent changes we've made at Psycho Donuts.

In spite of a slew of positive changes which were announced live on Fox Business News, there are still forces at work attempting to shut Psycho Donuts down (being quite serious, for a change). We may need some serious support from our friends, in light of lawyers looking for cracks in the Psycho mortar. We'll keep you posted with details.