Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello friends in the Bay Area and beyond… The Psycho staff is reeling from the chain of events over the past week. National television, news articles, radio appearances, and more. It’s equally amazing to see who’s been spotted with Psycho Donuts in hand.

We’d like to thank all of our friends and supporters. We have received calls, letters, emails – even gifts - from around the world. News of Psycho Donuts reached places like Korea and Ethiopia. Things are jamming and we have exciting news, so let’s get started:

On the Donut front - Psycho Donuts now bathe daily in trans-fat free oil! You’ve asked – we’ve listened. We’d also like to extend a warm welcome to our latest donut creation – the “We Been Vegan.” Many of you have been clamoring for a vegan donut. Our Psycho R&D team has been working around the clock to master a Vegan donut that tastes great (less filling?). We’ve succeeded! Come and get it!

The new website is here! Special thanks to our great friends at Esharp Web Design.

Psycho Donuts is proud to present The Psycho Music Studio!! Come on in and play our Fender Electric Guitar (must have 1 year experience; 16 yrs old +). We have future plans to add more instruments and create impromptu jam sessions. It’s rumored that The Chief Psycho may bring his digital keyboard to participate in future jams!

And while we’re talking about music, check this out -- the Psycho Pspeaker! Got an iPod and some great songs? Now you can play them in our store, for everyone to hear. We can’t wait to hear some of your favorite new bands!

Longer hours have finally arrived! During our crazy childhood (trust us, it really was...), we closed at noon on Monday through Thursday. Now that we are a Psycho toddler, our hours have been extended. We’re now open until 5pm every day, and until 8pm on Friday/Saturday. Starting the week of August 17, we’ll be opening at 6am (an hour earlier) on weekdays as well.

The Psycho Gift Store has some new items that sport the tagline, “Embrace Your Inner Psycho.” They make a crazy gift. Buy one today - make someone happy!

Want to get your Psycho Donuts without waiting in line? Wanna make sure we don’t sell out of your favorites? Create a pick-up order online, and we’ll have your order ready when you arrive. There is a rumor that Psycho Donuts may begin shipping crazy delicacies across the country. Stay tuned for more details.

We look forward to seeing all of our local friends soon. If you’re visiting the Bay Area, make sure to stop at Psycho Donuts in Downtown Campbell for a Crazy Good time!