Monday, May 31, 2010

Contestant #4 is ready to eat!

Peter Shephard is our fourth contestant (victim?) in The Psycho Donut Pizza Eating Competition. Peter is married with a 3 1/2 year old son (sidenote: someone check to make sure the poor kid is not in Peter's stomach; it sure looks like Peter is about to eat this child).

Peter is a Senior Financial Analyst for an EDA (Eating Dysfunctionally Always) company. Even with a BA in Psychology and and MBA from UC Davis, Peter lacks the common sense to avoid attempting to eat a 14" donut pizza in 8 minutes or less. In Peter's own words, "I have many fond memories dating all the way back to swim meets when I was a little kid and buying tasty doughnuts in the snack bars. I discovered Psycho Donuts about a year ago when I heard an interview on KSCU. I promptly went there and became an instant fan and evangelist."

Come see Peter stuff his mouth on Saturday June 5 - at National Donut Hangover Day at Psycho Donuts. Special surprises in the morning... and of course, the Psycho Donut Pizza Eating Competition at 2pm. The winner will receive a hand-signed piece of artwork, from Psycho artist, Simon Salas, along with branded Psycho gear.

And this Friday June 4 - the day which will inflict Donut Hangover Day - is National Donut Day at Psycho Donuts. We'll be serving up Psycho Pstrawberry TacOnuts in honor of this important American holiday. And we'll also be making Psycho Cottonballs (donut hole shishkabobs, wrapped in cotton candy, before your eyes) on Friday afternoon.

Hope to see you, as the crazy fun continues at Psycho Donuts!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Contest #3 and Donuts of the Week

The First Annual Psycho Donut Pizza Eating Competition (PDPEC?) is only 6 days away. Don't miss it! This Saturday (6/5/10) at 2pm, at Psycho Donuts.

Contestant #3 was made to be around Psycho Donuts. Since the age of 8, Brett has enjoyed working in a Toy Factory in Fresno. In his own words, "There my father and I would spent countless hours, testing, preparing and inspecting each toy as it passed on the line. Everything went perfect, aside from the countless 'accidental' deaths that ocurred. Business as usual. Until...

When our economy decided to take a fall, we decided to close the factory down. Many workers were upset and threatened to reveal us for 'what we really are'. We shipped one last line of toys called Insignifi-Bears, with realistic human-like faces. This was our most profitable line, but so bitter-sweet.

I ended up with thousands of stuffed toys, but no real friends. In time, they became my friends, my enemies and my ... well, you get the picture. Depicted here is an image of me having so much fun with my friends. No animals were harmed in the making of these photos, just stuffed ones."

I think you'll agree that Brett (aka 'Retch,') belongs at Psycho Donuts... maybe permanently. Watch him try to out-eat his competitors this coming Saturday - as they each battle their own 14" Donut Pizza demon, in 8 minutes or less!

And now, it's time to announce the Psycho Donuts of the Week. Each week, another demented atrocity for your joyful ingestment (ingestmest could be a word...).

The Vegan Department at Psycho Donuts is giddy to announce the Nutty Vegan. Who knew vegans could find something so tasty to eat? This vegan donut is topped with Nutter Butter cookies and peanut butter. Om, peace, shanti... No animals or dairy products were killed in the making of this donut.

The Un-Vegan Department at Psycho Donuts is proud to announce the Pink Panda this week. This chocolate cake donut is topped with strawberry icing, and Strawberry Hello Panda cookies.

And speaking of Strawberries - the Psycho Pstrawberry TacOnut is the most amazing donut on the planet! Come get one on Memorial Day, when we'll be topping our TacOnuts with blueberries and whipped cream. What a great way to be patriotic inside and out! If you miss them on Memorial Day, you can still get one next week.

Speaking of which - Friday June 4 is National Donut Day. We'll be serving up Pstrawberry TacOnuts the whole weekend. And we'll also be making Psycho Cottonballs on Friday afternoon... Donut Holes... cotton candy... skewers... got it?

And on Saturday June 5- it's National Donut Hangover Day at Psycho Donuts. Special surprises in the morning... and of course, it's the Donut Pizza Eating Competition at 2pm. The winner will receive a hand-signed piece of artwork, from Psycho artist, Simon Salas, along with branded Psycho gear.

Don't miss all the fun; join us for some Crazy Good times at Psycho Donuts!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Contestant #2 Gearing Up for Donut Eatin'

Meet contestant #2 in our Inaugural Psycho Donut Pizza Eating Contest - which takes place on Saturday June 5 at 2pm - at Psycho Donuts. Come watch as four contestants battle for donut domination, as they ingest their way quickly through a 14" Donut Pizza fit for Homer.

Jasper Deautre was was born a StarTrooper in New Orleans (just kidding; Jasper is probably the other guy in the photo; although I'd love to see a Star Trooper in our competition). After spending most of his childhood years eating beignets, he moved out west and had his first "so-called" donut in Chinatown. It was such a bad experience that he cursed the heavens and almost moved back to the south. But as luck would have it, he discovered glazed donuts and has been in lust ever since. He says with a straight face, "my love for donuts almost led me to a career in law enforcement. I kid you not."

Mr. Deautre claims to be employed as a male stripper named "Sinna-Buns," bu
t I donut believe it.

Come to Psycho Donuts Memorial Day weekend. We'll be serving up Psycho Pstrawberry TacOnuts all weekend. Is it a donut or a taco? That's for you to decide.

And donut miss our First Annual Psycho Donut Pizza Eating Competition - June 5, at 2pm!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Psycho Eater #1 steps up!

Meet the first contestant in the first annual Psycho Donut Eating Competition. This unprecedented inaugural event will take place annually - in conjunction with NDHD (that's National Donut Hangover Day - or the day after National Donut Day). Come join us for the fun on Saturday, June 5, at 2pm; only at Psycho Donuts! Contestants will be eating a 14" donut pizza, fit for Homer. It's not your typical donut!

We are still reviewing applications for our final slot in the competition. The winner will receive a signed piece of art from Psycho artist, Simon Salas. Additionally, they will receive a dozen donuts, and some Psycho-branded gear. If you'd like to be considered as a contestant, complete and fax the application. Time is running out!

And now... meet your first crazy contestant!

Bernd Becker was born in Germany, raised in North Carolina, and migrated to the Bay Area in 2001.

In his own words, "I grew up on a steady diet of Nutella and Kinder Surprise Eggs, then eventually transitioned to donuts. I never understood people's fixation with donuts until I started going to Psycho Donuts. I learned about PsychoDonuts through KSCU The Underground radio station."

As irony would have it, Bernd is the Psychology Librarian at San Jose State University.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Psycho TacOnut. Taco or Donut?

Question: what do you get when you mix a dog with a horse? A Dorse (of Corse). Now that you get our crazy game of wordplay -- what do you get when you mix a taco with a donut? A TacOnut. Or in this case, our outrageous new Psycho Pstrawberry TacOnut!

This is a donut game-changer. We should change our name to Brilliant Donuts (it might even make some unnamed groups happy)! And by way of brilliant illustration, we point your attention deficit disorder to the edible delectable, stage left.

Since we've already donutized burgers, fries, and pizzas - it was time to take our donutizing south of the border. But Mexico has never seen a taco like ours (¿Qué es eso, Jose?) It's a donut-taco shell, with a hint of cinnamon and sugar. Inside you'll find super-fresh strawberries in a refreshing strawberry glacé. What's a glacé? It's a bourgeois substitution for a seriously killer strawberry glaze.

So you think you're gonna just stop by Psycho Donuts and buy one? Nice try. Getting a TacOnut will take some strategic planning and a bit of luck. We will initially introduce TacOnuts over Memorial Day weekend (May 29 -31). You'll find our TacOnut to be dressed patriotically at this time... Word of advice. Early.

You can also get a TacOnut on National Donut Day (Friday, Jun 4), or at our Donut Hangover Day Event and Donut Eating Contest (Saturday, June 5). Learn more about these fun and unusual events on our Facebook page, and find out about our CottonBall donuts, and our Homey Donut Pizza Eating Contest!

Wanna compete in our donut eating contest? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to learn how. The winner will receive a signed piece of insane art from Psycho artist, Simon Salas, along with other Psycho prizes.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meet Marla - Psycho Donut of the Week!

Have You Heard? We are kickin' it up like eleventy-seven notches! Donut of the Week and Vegan of the Week . . .

This week, meet Marla, our Donut of the Week! Marla, meet all our daffy donuteros! You will totally dig this girl! Marla is a maple but her Butterfinger dusting has made it tough to keep her man on hand. She's a hopin' that a little bit o' p'nut butter will increase her sticky-ocity. You will have to try her youself and see if you fall in love with her. If we notice more comb-overs in the shop we'll know why!

The Vegan of the Week? Keeping with our P'but Butty theme our flavor for you this week is Coco Nutty! Chocolate Icing, Cocoa Crunchies and that one-jar vegan food group peanut butter! Love this protein treat b4 it is committed to only your memory!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Amazing art event recap

For those of you who missed it, today's event - Donuts and Nurses and Art, Oh My - was loaded with unusual fun. Where else can you find donut and nurse-themed original artwork for as little as $40? If you didn't get a chance to check it out, we'll continue with this art theme throughout the summer. So you've still got some time...

A special thanks to Christine Benjamin, artist extraordinaire - who also set up her painting studio - live - in front Psycho Donuts.

Thanks also to Trina Merry, and her wildly cooperative body painting model. It was an amazing transformation in the Psycho Cell. The model started as a blank white canvas, and was transformed into an amazing piece of art. Sources indicate that the model is still taking a shower.

Hope to see you soon at Psycho Donuts!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Donuts and Nurses and Art, Oh My!

When we started Psycho Donuts a year ago, we never imagined that artists would paint original works inspired by donuts and nurses... just because we asked.

But that's exactly what has happened. And that's also why we are ecstatic about this Saturday's event called Donuts and Nurses and Art, Oh My! Where else can you find trippy, original artwork starting for as little as $40? Only at Psycho Donuts, this Saturday - May 15 - starting at 10am.

Check out original affordable artwork by local artists - like Christine Benjamin, Lacey Bryant, Michael Foley, Sheri DeBow, Eric Joyner, Simon Salas, Murphy Adams, Nic Caesar, Michael Borja, John Hageman, Michelle Waters and more.

Artist Trina Merry will entertain audiences with her live body painting and artist Christine Benjamin and Ivy Atoms will be on-site painting some cool creatures on canvas!

And of course, we'll have our insane collection of donuts, including Crazy Face, Headbanger, and S'mores (rated one of the Top 10 Donuts Coast-to-Coast by Maxim Magazine).

So mark your own psycho calendar, and join us this Saturday, May 15, for Donuts and Nurses and Art, Oh My! Starting at 10:00am, and only at Psycho Donuts!

In other crazy news, we have some special Dementables of the Week for your culinary donut pleasure - The Psycho Passionata is a raised donut filled with a white chocolate passion fruit. And our vegan friends have been asking us to amp up the craziness of our vegan goodies. This week, the vegan department of Psycho Donuts is featuring the Kooky Vegan. This vegan bad boy is topped with chocolate icing and Oreo® Cookies. Special thanks to our friend Danny at Streetlight Records in San Jose for sharing some veganology lessons with us.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is Your Mom Da Bomb?

This weekend, Psycho Donuts is honoring all crazy moms. Which probably includes your own mom. And let's face it, if your mom is crazy, it's probably your fault.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only - bring your crazy mom to Psycho Donuts for something unusually unusual this Mother's Day weekend.

For starters, there's A Mother's Love. This uncharacteristically nice donut has a raspberry glaze complete with a Mom tattoo. This is the one tattoo you'll never regret! And just like your own mom, it's full of everything that good and sweet - in this case - a homemade white chocolate, passion fruit filling.

Our second Mother's Day donut is the bomb. No, seriously, it's Da Bomb. Because your mom is da bomb! Bomb squads have already figured out that this particular explosive can only be dismantled orally. If you refer to the technical diagram to your right, you'll see that the detonation device is an Oreo Cookie® bomb over a cherry-red glaze. But what really makes this donut explode is its gourmet chocolate filling. Show your mom she's da bomb, only at Psycho Donuts!

Want to win a free Psycho Donuts memoir this Mother's Day weekend? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to learn how.

Come and get your Mother's Day donuts this weekend only - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - and give that crazy mom of yours a big psycho hug!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May the Fourth be With You!

Tuesday is Star Wars Day, and we just couldn't contain ourselves. The Psycho kitchen was busy this past weekend. We prototyped an R2Donut, C3P0nut, and even Luke/Leia fraternal twin donuts (but that got weird fast). Ultimately, we became obsessed with Chewbacca. And so it is with great fanfare, that we introduce The Psycho Wookie. Our glazed wookie has a coat of fur fashioned from coconut and cinnamon. With donut hole eyes and a cookie nose, he's the cutest wookie this side of Naboo. He's the wookie with a cookie. But Psycho Wookies are hard to find in this galaxy, and you'll need to come early on Tuesday to get one. May the 4th be with you!

And since it's May, baseball season has officially arrived at Psycho Donuts. We'd like to thank our very own Psycho Donuts Little League team in Campbell - for coming up with the idea and name of our new baseball donut -- The Suicide Squeeze. You'll definitely want to catch this one before the season is over. Filled with chocolate, The Suicide Squeeze is topped with either Oreo Cookie® dust or Whopper® dust. Welcome to the Psycho Field of Dreams. We've built it, will you come?