Monday, March 28, 2011

Controversy over Psycho Owners Balls

Psycho Donuts Owners Face New Controversy Over Their Balls

A new line of donuts announced by Psycho Donuts has outraged some in this quiet bedroom community in Campbell, California. Psycho Donuts owners shrugged off the latest controversy surrounding their 2 year old business.

CAMPBELL, CA March 29, 2011 --- Psycho Donuts is stirring up controversy again. The cult donut chain announced a new line of themed donut holes, dubbed Psycho Ballz. The company will release four varieties on April 1 - including Piggy Ballz, Zombie Ballz, Wookie Ballz, and Chocolate Salty Ballz.

Many in this Northern California community were outraged by the company’s apparent lack of morality and judgment surrounding their new line of donut holes. Several members of the community, along with industry groups such as Pig Farmers of America, Equal Rights for Zombies, and The Boston Teabaggers are protesting the controversial line-up of fried dough. The opposition has banded together to form The Alliance Against Testicular Humor (AATH), in direct response to the company’s product announcement. The AATH has publicly demanded that Psycho Donuts founders retract their ballz immediately.

Psycho Donuts is no stranger to controversy. In 2009, Psycho Donuts angered mental heath groups when the business first launched as an asylum-themed donut shop. More recently, the company shocked the public with the introduction of Blue Balls – blue sugar-coated donut holes filled with custard – which were made available to single men on Valentine’s Day.

Web Granger, Psycho Donuts’ Professor of Hysterical Donuts, said, “Each Psycho Ballz variety builds on its name, and each variety comes in a similar round shape. Piggy Ballz are cake donut holes, dipped in maple glaze, and rolled in crispy bacon bits. Chocolate Salty Ballz are glazed dark chocolate cake donuts, drizzled with rich and buttery salted caramel.” Psycho Donuts owners describe Psycho Ballz as literally-named culinary innovations, but not everyone agrees.

Joe Bob Dangles, a pig farmer in nearby Modesto, expressed outrage regarding Psycho Donuts’ Piggy Ballz: “Pigs may be dirty, but they are innocent creatures; and while people eat almost every part of a pig’s body, their genitals should be held sacred from donut ridicule.” Susan Doright, from the California Association of Moral Values, said, “What kind of people would create such a thing? Companies like Psycho Donuts are damaging the fabric of America’s value system. The owners of Psycho Donuts lack a moral screw in their DNA.”

When questioned about the new line of donuts, Chief Psycho Jordan Zweigoron commented, “We are proud of our ballz, and we stand behind them. It’s not every day that a man has the opportunity to create a legacy around his ballz; and we intend to make our ballz the folklore of generations to come.”

Psycho Ballz will be available at Psycho Donuts Campbell and Psycho Donuts San Jose, beginning on Friday, April 1, 2011.


About Psycho Donuts -- Psycho Donuts is the world’s first and only light-hearted asylum for wayward do­nuts with locations in Campbell and Downtown San Jose. Hailing from the Bay Area, Psycho Donuts has earned global acclaim for creativity and fun. A crazy-fresh spin on the corner donut shop, Psycho Donuts uses costumes, padded walls and unusual toppings to deliver the Psycho Donuts experience. Psycho Do­nuts has quickly become a Bay Area icon, and has been featured in Maxim Magazine, American Way Maga­zine, Bon App├ętit Magazine, Fox Business News, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, Food Network Mag­azine, and more. For more information about Psycho Donuts, visit us online at

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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