Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Now Hiring Psycho Nurse STAT

New Years Resolution: I refuse to work at another lame restaurant or coffee shop in 2012. I endeavor to find a crazy work experience, at a high-energy company - which thinks and operates in ironic and unconventional ways. I want to really know the people I work for, without complex layers of hierarchy. I don't want to ultimately report into some Corporate Headquarters in Timbuktu. I want to work where my ideas can be be taken seriously by the CEO, and where my suggestions can often be put into action... like next week. But more than anything, I want a chance to succeed and show the world that I can make a difference. And when I prove this, I want a job that will recognize my work and give me the chance to grow.

Is this the kind of resolution you've thought about writing for 2012? Do you really, really care about where you work, and how your own personal mark is evident, and recognized, when you come to work?

We seek the consummate donut nurse at Psycho San Jose. Can you fit these shoes? I naturally engage in memorable banter with our crazy customers. I'm passionate about selling the craziest donuts on the planet. I have experience with, and an insatiable passion, for all things coffee. I multi-task while smiling. I frolic joyfully from task to task, while my smartphone remains smartly tucked away. I have a fairly flexible schedule, but am definitely available Mondays - Thursdays mid-day (11-ish - 6pm-ish).

The candidate we seek is looking for more than just a job. For the right motivated candidate, the Psycho Nurse position can potentially lead to a rewarding career at the world's most unusual donut shop.

Send us a text resume if you think you've got the crazy DNA we are looking for. The Chief Psycho doesn't like form letters, and he really doesn't care much for those pesky attachments. He likes simple text resumes in the body of the email. Rumor has it that Chief Psycho responds insanely well to those who take the time to tailor their resume to the position they desire. Let us know the hours you are available to work. And, this being Psycho Donuts, show us your creative side!

Why wear a Mickey D's outfit when you can be a Psycho Nurse (doctors also welcome to apply!). Send us a resume for immediate consideration. Chief Psycho sends advance condolences for being unable to personally respond to each and every resume.

In 2012, make a resolution to have an amazing answer when people ask, "Where do you work?"

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pseasonal Psycho Pspecialties Psummarized

The holidaze are now fully unleashed at Psycho Donuts! Check out some of the latest donutrocities that Chef Ron has unleashed upon the world.

Grandma's Revenge. Grandma got herself a shotgun, and the reindeer are leaving her alone this year. It's time to find a new campy Christmas song, because Grandma will NOT get run over by any more reindeer!

Psycho Psufganiyot. For those rocking the Hanukah bush, come get our Psycho Psufganiyot. Is it Kosher? Is the Pope Jewish? Still and all, it's a great traditional Psufganiyot, if you're able to overlook the Silent P (we can't help ourselves).

Jingle Ballz. You've seen our other varieties of Psycho Ballz. But these are the happiest balls on the planet. They come in shades of red and green, filled with custard, and topped with fresh snow.

Psycho Wreath. For our vegan friends, this green crueller looks worthy of mounting on your front door, if it weren't for your neighbors coming to take a bite out of it.

Reindeer Droppings. Filled with mint chocolate, and topped with the best kind of reindeer droppings - chocolate covered raisins!

Psycho Tree. Admittedly less crazy than Reindeer Droppings, the Psycho Tree is a triangular raised donut, iced in green, with Mini M&M's and a vanilla drizzle. You can even bring this one to your grandparents without offending!

Lumps of Coal. Filled with mint
chocolate, and topped in coal (aka Oreo cookie dust), these are the perfect gift for the naughtiest kids on your Christmas list!

Come and get your Psycho Pseasonals before they're gone!

In Psycho Prize news, huge congratulations to TK Garcia - a Psycho Facebook fan who won the Psycho Ding Fries are Back video contest. Psycho Donuts challenged its fans to create a video based on the original Ding Fries are Done YouTube video. Admittedly, Ms. Garcia put together more of a song than a video, but catchy nonetheless. Wait for the scream... She is the proud winner of a Psycho Pseasonal Donut Pizza. 14 inches of pure Christmas Psycho insanity! Let's hope she uploads some photos.

Congrats are also in order for Psycho Facebook fan, Kishna Woo-Hare, who was the first to answer the CATS trivia question, earning two tickets to see CATS at Broadway San Jose.

Merry Hanukah, and Happy Christmas to all our Psycho Friends, Fans, and Pstaff!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

CATS Nurses and Kitty Litter Donuts

Press Release can be found at the "tail end" of this blog post.

Just because we revel in a name like Psycho Donuts, does it give us creative license to donutize literally anything? When we met with the fine and innocent people at Broadway San Jose, we learned about the coming performances of CATS. And let us just say, we were intrigued - one might even say, in an evil way.

Psycho Donuts meets Broadway San Jose. Sorta like Godzilla meets Bambi? The Odd Couple? The conversation went like this... "Hey, how about if we create some CATS-inspired donuts in honor of this great show coming to San Jose?" And they said, "How about if we send a make-up artist to turn your nurses into cats?" And so it is that we describe the latter before the former.

Psycho CATS Nurse - A Psycho Transformation Event

Wednesday, December 28; 11am - 1pm

Psycho Donuts San Jose

Come watch as CATS make-up artist, Jimmy Goode, transforms Psycho Nurse Siobhan (pictured stage right as a zombie reindeer - she's just so versatile...) into the world's first CATS Nurse. And be among the first to try our crazy CATS-inspired donuts, available at both Psycho locations, from December 27 - Dec 31. While you're at Psycho San Jose, donut miss our specialty coffee drinks like the Sticky Monkey Mocha and the Caramel Psychiato.

Sal Pizarro at The San Jose Mercury News said, "...and they're creating... new doughnuts in honor of the show. 'Kitty Litter,' which taste a lot better than it sounds (or looks)..."

Tamera Palmer of NBC Bay Area said, "South Bay provocateur Psycho Donuts, known for bending the codes of human decency... (editorial note, Really Tamera?!) will celebrate Broadway San Jose's forthcoming production of CATS with limited specials including a kitty litter donut." How right she is. Butt, a Kitty Litter Donut?

What, is there something inherently wrong with a Kitty Litter Donut? Pictures are coming soon to a Psycho Facebook Fan page near you. Psycho Kitty Litter is a yeast-raised donut, iced in vanilla, and filled with Fancy Feast pastry cream (…ok, its custard, but we strongly encourage the use of your imagination). It's then topped with kitty litter cake donut crumb topping, complete with simulated green Fresh Step odor-fighting crystals. What are those other morsels on top? It looks like the kitty has been to the box and left you some little chocolate icing flavor nuggets. Psycho Kitty Litter will be served to customers at Psycho San Jose from a proper (albeit new and sanitized) kitty litter box. Do keep in mind that Psycho Donuts is monitored by the Department of Environmental Health. So imagination aside, this is a very palatable and tasty donut. You just gotta get past the imagination part.

And for those who cannot bypass their imagination to try Psycho Kitty Litter - donut despair. For we have also created a proper inspiration for this timeless musical. Witness our CATSonut. It's the CATS logo and eyes, in various sugar shades, atop a bavarian creme-filled raised donut. Think bavarian cream pie donut fusion (and cats?).

Let the fun begin! Like us on Facebook and be feline-quick to answer some coming CATS trivia questions - where you can win free tickets to CATS at The San Jose Performing Arts Center. Make sure you also like Broadway San Jose on Facebook. Because you have to like us both to win the trivia content!

Even if you donut win the CATS trivia contest, Psycho can help you score tickets at a discount. Use Psycho Promo Code MEOW to get 50% off all seats in sections A, B, and C for Saturday night, 12/31/11, and Sunday night, 01/01/12. What are ya, crazy? Get your tickets now!

If you've already got yourself a CATS ticket, bring it over to Psycho San Jose within 7 days before/after the performance, and score a 10% discount on your donut purchase.

And there ya have it. Nurses transformed into cats before your eyes on Wednesday Dec 28. Donuts transformed into Kitty Litter and the CATS logos. Want more? Donut miss our press announcement below!

Press Contacts:

Broadway San Jose: Ruth Pangilinan.(408)792.4548; rpangilinan@broadwaysanjose.com; for images visit: http://www.broadwaysanjose.com/press

Psycho Donuts: Jordan Zweigoron. (408)533-1023. psychodonuts@yahoo.com.


For Immediate Release

Broadway San Jose Partners with Psycho Donuts!

San Jose, CA. (December 28, 2011) - Celebrating the opening of CATS, Broadway San Jose and Psycho Donuts have teamed up to create two signature “CATS” donuts! The partnership kicks off on December 28th, from 11am – 1pm, when a Psycho Donut “nurse” will be made up like a character from the musical by Jimmy Goode, the show’s Lead Hair. Broadway San Jose will be on hand as well, entering fans to win tickets to their upcoming shows.

JIMMY GOODE: Jimmy attended Oak Grove High School and Millikin University (BFA Costume Design/Technology). He also received training at the Children’s Musical Theatre of San Jose and American Musical Theatre of San Jose. He began performing with the Children’s Musical Theatre of San Jose at the age of 10 and continued to before with the company until he was 21. Now he’s with the national tour of CATS and will be making a special appearance at Psycho Donuts

CATS, the show that revolutionized musical theatre is coming to Broadway San Jose and the Center for the Performing Arts in San Jose for 8 performances, December 27, 2011 through January 1, 2012. Tickets are on sale now at the sjtix.com box office or call 408-792-4111 for more details. Tickets range in price from $82.00 to $20.00 and there are special prices for groups of 10 or more. For more information on group rates call 408-792-4131.

Psycho Donuts will design two custom CATS donuts. Psycho Kitty Litter is a raised donut with a topping visually representative of kitty litter, although the recipe is intended for human consumption. Psycho Kitty Litter will be served to customers from within a sterile kitty litter box. Psycho CATS is a raised donut, topped with chocolate icing, and a powdered sugar CATS logo.

# # #

Psycho Donuts is the world’s first and only light-hearted asylum for wayward do­nuts with locations in Campbell and Downtown San Jose, California. Psycho Donuts has earned global acclaim for its creative flavors, and is often described as the world’s most unusual donut shop. A crazy-fresh spin on the corner donut shop, Psycho Donuts customers are greeted by Psycho Nurses, who are extensively trained to dispense the perfect donut prescriptions. The Psycho experience includes padded walls, original street art, and a dizzying array of unconventional donut concoctions. Psycho Do­nuts has quickly become a Bay Area icon, and has been featured in Maxim Magazine, American Way Maga­zine, Bon App├ętit Magazine, The Travel Channel, Fox News, Fox Business News, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, Food Network Mag­azine, and more. For more information visit Psycho Donuts online at http://www.psychodonuts.com or call 408-533-1023.

Broadway San Jose presents the best in Broadway Musical Theatre to the Silicon Valley. Performing in the heart of beautiful Downtown San Jose, Broadway San Jose calls the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts its home. As part of the Nederlander Family, the Silicon Valley is directly connected to Broadway in New York making it easy to bring the magic of Broadway right to San Jose! Broadway San JoseA Nederlander Presentation in association with Team San Jose proudly brings top Broadway shows to San Jose, the 2011-12 season began with SHREK THE MUSICAL (September 20-25, 2011) and continues with CATS (December 27, 2011 – January 1, 2012), WEST SIDE STORY (Jan. 17-22, 2012), BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (March 6 -11, 2012), IN THE HEIGHTS (April 17-22, 2012), MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET (May 8-13, 2012) and MARY POPPINS! (May 29 – June 10, 2012). Broadway San Jose is a part of the national Nederlander Organization, a family-owned business since 1912. For further information on Nederlander, visit www.nederlander.com. For more information on Team San Jose, visit www.sanjose.org.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Ding Fries are Back - A Psycho Contest

Psycho fans have been demanding the return of Donut Fries. Psycho Donut Fries were a Completely Crazed Concept - donuts in a french fry form factor... served with ketchup (er, jelly), or mayo (er, custard).

What became of Donut Fries? Did they go to the Great Psycho Graveyard? Fear not, Psycho friends! While the concept of donut fries was killer, they did not meet our ever-psychotic requirements for taste and quality. So Chef Ron went back to the Psycho drawing board to re-imagine the future of the Donut Fry. We are giddy to announce that Donut Fries 2.0 are now in beta, with a planned launch around the New Year. Make a resolution to come try them!

Who remembers the viral YouTube video, Ding Fries are Done? This video was so cool that even Peter sang it on Family Guy. Your Psycho challenge if you choose to accept it: Create a Ding Fries Are Done parody (Ding Fries Are Back? Or whatever you wanna call it), to help us welcome Donut Fries' return to the Psycho asylum!

Rules? Who needs rules. Create and upload your video to YouTube. Then post a link to your video on the Psycho Facebook Wall on or before Tuesday, December 20, 2011 (OMG, that's just a week away!). We'll narrow it down the best, and let our Facebook Fans vote on the winner.

Everyone who enters will be the first to sample a complimentary order of Donut Fries 2.0 (if you can pick them up at Psycho Campbell, that is)! The Grand Prize Winner will get a one-of-a-kind Christmas Eve Donut Pizza, combining the best of Psycho Christmas on a 14" donut pizza! Winner must be able to claim the donut pizza prize on Christmas Eve Day in person at Psycho Donuts Campbell.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Psychosis at Psycho Donuts

Bask in the holiday insanity at Psycho Donuts, where the holiday chaos is already in Full Pswing!

The Holiday donutrocities are emerging from the Pyscho kitchen. Here what we've unleashed so far, with much more to come!

Grandma's Revenge is an annual favorite, since everyone loves an
injured reindeer donut! IKR? We might've called it Reindeer Head Trauma, but for the prospect of reindeer support group protests... Grandma's Revenge is the de facto Holiday Headbanger. Filled with jelly through a gaping forehead entry wound, this reindeer has seen better days. Antlers are fashioned from sawed-off chocolate pocky sticks, and his morbid chocolate facial features sit atop a bed of white icing. One thing's for sure - Grandma will not get run over by any rogue reindeer this Psycho Pseason!

If Chana Claus comes down your chimney, we've got just the thing. Psycho Psufganiyot (Silent P-suf-gun-ee-yot). This traditional Chanukah bad boy is a raised donut, filled with strawberry jelly and subjected to a Pserious Psugar Pshower. Order 'em by the dozen online, and skip the line at pick-up!

While Thanksgiving is in the past, Psycho fans are still clamoring for our Pumpkin Spice Latte and Sweet Potato Pah - still rolling off the psycho production lines through the holidays. Check out our own Psycho Donuts Decorator, Brian, as he takes a Psycho torch to a tray of innocent Sweet Potato Pahs...

We are giddy to announce our Psycho Coffee Pspecialties at Psycho San Jose, which include our Psycho Peppermint Mocha, Jekyll and Hyde Mocha, and our Caramel Psychiato. More crazy drink announcements coming Psoon at Psycho Facebook.

If you've been to Psycho Donuts, you've probably tried our Ballz... Our Psycho Ballz, that is. Psycho Ballz is our highly erratic line of donut holes including varieties such as Chocolate Salty Ballz, Piggy Ballz, Nutty Ballz, Wookie Ballz, and more. And now, you can now pick up some
Bawls with your Ballz.

A Pspecial Psycho thanks to Ben Seto (aka "The Single Guy") for his Blogtastic Psycho Review. A great review and equally killer photos of Psycho San Jose!