Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Psycho Wins Metro Best Of; More on Monsters and Mayhem

Psycho Donuts is thrilled to receive the honor of Best Donut Shop - in the Metro’s Best Of Silicon Valley 2009 . Psycho Donuts also took Silver for Best Desserts, along with a staff award for “Absolute Weirdest Place to See a Show.” Now that's an award Psycho Donuts was destined to win!

Thanks to all of our fans for the nominations, and to our psycho friends at The Metro for all their support since our insane birth.

Everyone has been asking about Monsters and Mayhem. We'll often hear questions like, "What is Monsters and Mayhem?" or "What's a Mayhem?" We're here to answer all your questions:

Monsters and Mayhem – A Psycho Extravaganza

Saturday, October 3; 10am – 2pm

This one-of-a-kind event is the formal launch of Halloween at Psycho Donuts. Naturally, Halloween is the entire month of October at Psycho Donuts. Many people have said, “I keep meaning to check out Psycho Donuts, but just haven’t made it there yet.” This is the day to come and check out Psycho Donuts in all it's bizarre glory!
But you're still thinking... "what is Monsters and Mayhem?"

First and foremost, Monsters and Mayhem is a Halloween-inspired art show. Expect original painting of monsters and ghouls. Be very scared! Many of our artists will be there in person to open their dark souls and share their deranged inspiration. Meet local Bay Area artists, such as:
Carlos Villez, Christine Benjamin, Chuck Hodi, Dave Higgins, Lacey Bryant, Mary Medrano, Michael Foley, Murphy Adams, Tracy Cox, Trina Merry, and Nicolas Caesar.

And speaking of Nic Caesar… Nic will be sketching Werewolf Portraits – live - in person at Monsters and Mayhem. Ever wonder what you’d look like under the influence of a Werewolf bite and a full moon? Come to Monsters and Mayhem - and find out!

At Monsters and Mayhem, you can win two free tickets to The Haunted Haight Walking Tour in San Francisco. Be the first to purchase any piece of artwork and the tickets are yours (and now, a note from our Psycho lawyers - qualifying art purchase must occur during the published hours of Monsters and Mayhem – minimum art purchase of $60 required for entry; prize has no cash value, winner may be asked to do something embarrasing).

At Monsters and Mayhem, the art will please your eyes, and Please Do Not Fight will indulge your ears. We’re excited to have PDNF’s original indie-alternative music as a backdrop to this quirky, unusual day at Psycho Donuts.

And finally, how would you like to win this quirky piece of original art, entitled Frankie’s Bride, by Psycho artist, Christine Benjamin. It’s easy to win – simply sign up for The Psycho Mobile Fan Club, by texting “PSYCHO” to 244326. You’ll receive occasional promotions, offers, and propositions (ok, no propositions) from Psycho Donuts on your cell phone (no fee to join, text messaging fees may apply). The Psycho Mobile Fan Club is a killer service of FanMinder.

We will select the winner randomly on Halloween Day.

Hope to see our old friends and make some new ones at Monsters and Mayhem, Saturday October 3 -- only at Psycho Donuts!