Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Free Zombie Pops on National Donut Day

Piggy Ballz!
Everyone knows that the first Friday in June is National Donut Day. This year, it's June 6. Every year on this esteemed holiday, Psycho Donuts rides the edge. Sometimes we even go a little over the edge.

A few years ago we launched a line of Psycho Ballz on National Donut Day, and there was a little controversy (actually, we invented that controversy, but whatever).  Ever since, our crazy line of Ballz – Piggy Ballz, Wookiee Ballz, Chocolate Salty Ballz, and more – have reinvented the meaning of 'donut holes.'
The Foie Bomb Exploded in 2013!

2013 was the year of the Foie Bomb – and what an explosion that was.  Sure, it was a taste explosion... what with mixing the balsamic fig gastrique and the Foie Mousse. But there was a whole different kind of explosion going on.  People fall roughly into two categories - those who lined up for our Foie Bomb when Psycho opened, and well, those who really really didn't... Donut Guy is always learning, and evolving.  And he has a new trick up his sleeve this year.

Blood Red Velvet Zombie Pops
On Friday June 6, come to Psycho Donuts (early...), and try our Blood Red Velvet Zombie Pop, if you're daring enough.  They're free, while supplies last. You can't even buy one.  Time Magazine writes about them. Sal Pizarro at the Mercury News is writing about 'em, and The Examiner too!  Watch for 'em on NBC News KNTV on National Donut Day.

These 'donutrocities on a stick' are not for the faint of heart. Lettuce tell you why...

Here's the deal – we whip up some red velvet cake donuts, then mix 'em again with creamy frosting. Not very Psycho... yet.  We roll the resulting blood red concoctions into meaty ballz, and stab 'em with a popsicle stick. After the white chocolate coating hardens, our Psycho Kooks carefully add the zombie eyes and scary teeth. 

Here's the crazy bit. These zombies are crawling with worms. Not those silly candy worms; we're talking about crunchy cheesy cheddar larvae – protruding from the Zombie's mouth and eyes.  

Last time we sold edible bug donuts, they were gone. Fast.  So if you want a Blood Red Velvet Zombie Pop (you know who you are), come early!  It's a lot of work harvesting those worms and Zombie facial parts, so supplies are limited (50 Zombie Pops will be given away at each Psycho location). One Zombie Pop per customer.

Blood Red Velvet Zombie Pops – free for one day only – on National Donut Day, Friday, June 6, 2014 – while supplies last.  But 'donut' forget, the early bird gets the worm.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Psycho and Fanime

It's that time of year again, when the Psycho kitchen scrambles to keep up with the insatiable demands of Fanime-goers.  FanimeCon is Downtown San Jose's equivalent of Mardi Gras, and one of the largest Anime conventions in the country. If you've not been to Fanime, Psycho San Jose provides a great vantage point to watch all the fun; and that's because Psycho Donuts is a favorite stomping ground for Fanime lovers.

Just a couple blocks from the San Jose Convention Center, Psycho nurses and donuts will be turning Japanese, I really think so.  As always, we will be serving up Psycho Psushi – a happy bento box with fresh donut sushi and edible pocky chopsticks.

We are vibrating with manic excitement over the launch of Monster Pops, for Fanime 2014. Even the San Francisco Examiner is going wild.  What's a Monster Pop?   Early in their tumultuous lives, these infant chocolate cake monsters go through a metamorphosis – a dramatic change – which makes a caterpillar's journey seem trivial. These little monsters are thrown back into the mixer with butter cream and frosting, rolled into balls, and pierced with a popsicle stick.  It's a rough transition, and these poor creatures will never evolve into pretty butterflies.  Because at this point, they're dipped in a chocolate candy coating, and decorated as one of 16 familiar monster varieties. Special thanks to our Psycho cake decorator extraordinaire, Pam Smith, for adding her super-creative magic to the Psycho creative process. Pam is like a human 3D printer. She can turn sugar into anything, even wedding cakes. Did you know that we can make custom donut cakes?! Just sayin...

During Fanime, some of our 'traditional' donuts are also turning Japanese. Headbanger will morph into Yoshi Eggs, and our chocolate raised Jasonut becomes TotoroNut.  And then there's Deadpool...!

Watch for other crazy twists and turns during Fanime weekend, in Downtown San Jose, May 23 - 36.

And watch for our next Donut Pop announcement – which will be a much darker cousin of Monster Pops.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crazy Moms Unite

Forget Sunday Brunch this Mother's Day, and come to Psycho Donuts for a MOMosa.  It's a mimosa in a donut form factor.  It's turnkey!  Drinkable mimosas are so easily spilled.  And now, you 'donut' need to bother with the arduous task of mixing your champagne and orange juice.  The benefits are endless. (but wait, order now, and you'll also receive...) But what about the taste? Our MOMosa is filled with a champagne pastry cream, topped with orange icing, and a citrus rainbow swirl.  It's demented!  Hey kids, this is what your mom wants for Mother's Day... along with a little time alone in our padded cell.

The Psycho kitchen is on fire with corporate orders.  Thanks to some of our favorite customers of crazy big donut deliveries, including Apple, EBAY, Cisco, Google, Facebook, Netflix, PayPal, and many more.  Looking for some über-crazy donuts for a special company event?  Send us an email for a quote.  We can deliver Psychos to your door!

The Psycho wholesale division is kicking into high gear also.  We are giddy to announce that 3 Santa Clara University cafés have gone Psycho. Welcome to the Psycho family, SCU!

Did you miss Star Wars Day?  If so, you also missed our freshly harvested Wookiee Ballz.  Our customers were happy. But Chewbacca? Not so much... Wookiee Ballz will return next year, and May the 4th be with You!

Going to the Big Wow ComicFest?  If so, look for the Psycho booth in the main concourse of the San Jose Convention Center.  Or prove you're worthy of that super hero costume, and hoof it over to Psycho San Jose. We'll be rustling up Spiderman donuts and more!

Hope to see you at Psycho Donuts this Mother's Day!