Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Psycho and San Jose Pride

San Jose Pride is coming on August 17 -18, and Psycho Donuts is a proud sponsor and supporter of this fun and colorful event.  Look for Psycho Donuts at the Pride event, but that's not all.

Psycho Donuts will be selling three Pride-inspired donutrocities in our stores, starting on Friday July 24 - August 18, with a portion of proceeds directly benefitting San Jose Pride.

How 'Bout a Gay Bar?

Gay Bar
Psycho Donuts is re-introducing Gay Bar! Many Psycho fans may remember the original reason we created this diverse donut! Gay Bar features Fruit Loops and Rainbow Sprinkles on a freshly-made bar-shaped raised donut.

And that's not all... from the crazy mind of Chef Ron, here are a couple new ones this year:

Pink PrideAngle

Pink PrideAngle
Our Pink PrideAngle deserves to be sweet, given the history of this symbol. Queue the Psycho history lesson - the pink triangle was one of the Nazi concentration camp badges, used to identify male prisoners, who were sent there because of their homosexuality.

Our raised, strawberry-iced donut is the new, delicious, symbol of pride.  Let your taste buds revel in the sweet new meaning of today's pink triangle.


All of our Pride donuts have been sweet in the past; but for some reason, they've not been chocolatey sweet.  So this year, our friends at San Jose Pride challenged us to create Fudgie.
Fudgie is a chocolate raised donut, filled with chocolate buttercream, fudge filling, and rolled in cocoa sugar!  Now that's a donut to be proud of.

Get your Pride donuts at either Psycho Donuts location from July 24 - August 18, or at the San Jose Pride event the weekend of August 17.  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Robots and Donuts

Artist: Nicolas Caesar
Donuts generally take center stage at Psycho Donuts, as a rule of thumb. And that kinda makes sense, because, well... it is a donut shop (an unusual one, at that).

Jessie's Jewels
However, many of our fans walk into Psycho Donuts wholly unaware of other things going on.  For example, Psycho San Jose sells beer and wine, and even beer smoothies. Who'd of guessed, right?  And Psycho Campbell sells jewelry, hand-made by our very own Nurse Jessie.

Both Psycho Donuts stores double as art galleries, featuring unique and original works from local artists, starting for as little as $40.  And this just in from outer space...

Psycho Donuts Campbell
From July 20, 2013 - August 20, 2013

Artist: Adam David
Artist: Adam David
'Donut' miss a fun, crazy month-long show featuring robots, aliens, and monsters from outer space! 

We've lined up a crazy group of local artists, including: Carlos Villez, Adam David, Eric Joyner, Christine Benjamin, Woody Miller, Murphy Adams, Gilbert Armendariz, Jared Konopitski, Jesse Molina, Nicolas Caesar, John Cloud, John Hageman, Kori Thompson, Mary Waclaw, Valery Milovic, Michael Foley, Michael Borja, and more.

On Saturday, July 20, you can meet some of the crazy artists in person at Psycho Campbell during our Artists open house, between 10am - 2pm.  Meet the artists in person and learn about their crazy inspiration behind their vision.

Psycho Robots Invade Earth - Donut miss it!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Psycho on The Cooking Channel

Psycho Donuts is insanely proud of Chef Ron, who competes in Donut Showdown - the best and toughest donut-making competition on the planet. Three donut masters from across North America compete to walk away with the title... and $10,000.   Psycho Donuts was invited to audition in 2012, with a requirement to create this crazy audition video – resulting in Ron's trip to Toronto to be a prime contenda!

Psycho Head Chef Ron Levi!
Toon in to watch Psycho Donuts compete for the win.

What: Donut Showdown
Where: The Cooking Channel
When: Wednesday July 17, at 7pm PST

The show originally aired on The Food Network in Canada in March; and for this reason, you can read all about who won (warning - Pserious Psycho Pspoiler alerts...) on a previous Psycho Blog Post ... in The San Francisco Examiner... and at San Jose.com.  But really, just say no to clicking the above links... it's more suspenseful to watch the show without first knowing the outcome!

Keep your eyes on the Psycho Facebook page... we'll be announcing the very donutrocities which Ron created (under cruel and unusual conditions), while being filmed on Donut Showdown.

Again, huge congratulations to Chef Ron Levi for this Crazy Good accomplishment.  More Psycho announcements coming soon!