Monday, September 7, 2009

Nutella The Hun & Psycho Lib Winner!

Nurse Siobhan has been with Psycho Donuts for about a month now. A customer snapped this great picture of Siobhan behind the counter. Come in and meet all of our nurses!

The Slow Poisoner played a set of his unusual one-man band tunes at Psycho Donuts on Friday. He set up shop in front of our infamous 'music studio' and everyone had a great time. Thanks Slow!

One of our newest donuts is Nutella The Hun. This chocolate cake donut is smothered in Nutella - that wonderful hazelnut spread, along with rainbow sprinkles. While it looks like a more traditional donut, the taste is something that Atilla would have killed for!

A big congratulations to the winner of our Psycho Lib contest. Melissa McClendon is the proud winner of a Psycho Donuts tshirt. She turned in the following Psycho Lib (the italized words are the clever ones she came up with).


One day, my parents brought me to Psycho Donuts. I have never seen donuts that taste so flamboyant. My favorite is the sweet corn tamales donut. It’s a strawberry shortcake donut, topped with buns and toes. Some people might think I’m crazy, but I think Psycho Donuts is way better than Gaseous Donuts, down the street.
At Psycho Donuts, I pooped with an Electric Barack Obama, and saw some really mushy skivvies on the walls. The artwork at Psycho Donuts is very sour. The artists create such vacant paintings.

The cashiers at Psycho Donuts are really smelly. The gave me a piece of Jack Skellington to pop. The cashiers are really friendly, and they each dress like a Professional Check Writer.

My parents would rather eat pigs feet than Psycho Donuts. Not me! On my birthday, I am going to bring Psycho Donuts to Disneyland. Someday, I think the owner of Psycho Donuts should open a restaurant called Psycho Sushi.