Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stone Cold Psychos - 3 days and counting!

A chilling announcement from the Psycho research laboratory. After several minutes of human trials, our Psycho Pscientists are proud to bring you Stone Cold Psychos. The ultimate pfusion dessert is ready to greet your taste budz! Stone Cold Psychos are donuts and ice cream (or as we like to say, Iscream), bonded together in unholy matrimony.

Making Stone Cold Psychos is a crazy, complex process. First, we hack a Psycho in half (donut, that is), surgically implant Iscream, stitch the wounded soldier back together, and freeze. Repeat. Complicated, right?

Stone Cold Psychos. Coming to a Psycho Donuts near you (or at least one in Campbell, California), starting 4th of July weekend.

And on July 4th and 5th, come get a Psycho Patriotic TacOnut! Our Pstrawberry TacOnuts are quickly becoming pfamous! Come get one this weekend. We'll add blueberries and whipped cream for the full spectrum of obligatory American hues. The fireworks show this 4th of July will be in your mouth!

Finally, we're thrilled to announce a partnership with our friends at Natasha's Attic in San Jose. If you've been to Psycho Donuts, you've probably experienced our Psycho Pfoto Cell. With the help of Natasha's Attic, our selection of costumes has greatly expanded. How silly do you wanna look in your Psycho pfoto opp? It's up to you! Pay a visit to Natasha's Attic next time you need a crazy costume of your own! And ask the Nurse on Duty to help complete your Psycho pfoto experience!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Explosion Rocks the Psycho Kitchen. Anyone got a Containment Cap?!

An explosion rocked the Psycho kitchen early Sunday morning. Admittedly, our kooks were cutting corners and an explosion ruptured our donut fryer - resulting in an oil leak (trans-fat free palm oil) that cannot be contained. This monumental psycho disaster has resulted in our new Current Event Donut of the Week called Chocolate in the Gulf.

This donut is a gusher. Chocolate oil is leaking from a ruptured pipe, constructed of Oreo FunStix. Donutologists estimate the donut is spewing a Willy Wonka river of chocolate each day. The leaking chocolate is mixing with an ocean of glaze, congealing into a gooey mass of oreo dust which threatens to overwhelm the vast surface of the entire donut. Many attempts have been made to quell the flow of chocolate. Web Granger, PhD (Professor, Hysterical Donuts) said, "We've tried everything. We've stuffed Cocoa Puffs and M & M's down the FunStix pipe, but nothing will stop the impossible flow of chocolate. The only way to stop this leak is through consumption."

Get your Chocolate in the Gulf donut this week only; beginning Monday, Jun 28. An optional cookie containment cap is yours for the asking. It won't really stop the flow of chocolate, but it might make you feel slightly better about your donut.

Thankfully, our Vegan kitchen was unaffected by the Psycho kitchen fiasco. Our Vegan of the Week is Bam Bam! Channel your inner Flintstone and pick up this vegan cake donut, topped with chocolate icing and Cocoa Crispies.

And while we're talking animation, our Econ 101 Donut Pizza of the week is The Homey. This 14" Donut Pizza is topped with a strawberry icing and rainbow sprinkles. The Econ 101 is an ongoing Psycho economic experiment. We make only one per day. It goes on sale for $30 each morning, and the price declines $2 per hour until it sells. Custom order your donut pizza by calling the Nurse on Duty at (408) 378-4540.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Zombies, Krispy Vegans, psycho-shrooms and more!

Thanks to all of our psycho killer friends and fans for making Psycho Father's Day a raging success! We hope you were able to get your arms around a BeerNutz or Dulce De Psycho Donut!
And now... it's time to announce The Pspecial Psycho Doh!nuts of the Week.

Is your body a wonderland? Our Wonderland donut is not named for John Mayer's humdrum killer of the airwaves, but it is named in honor of Alice! Wonderland is a chocolate cake donut, topped with choco-shrooms, and a psychedelic drizzle of trippyness. If this year's Alice in Wonderland did not satisfy your Alice craving, Wonderland at Psycho Donuts surely will!

Our Chief Veganologist is proud of this week's Fudgie the Krispie Vegan. This vegan atrocity does not have a shiny nose; but it is topped with chocolate icing, rice krispies, chocolate, and peanut butter drizzle.

And now this - bring your zombie self to Psycho Donuts this Tuesday evening! Psycho Donuts needs zombie extras to pose for a Psycho pfoto shoot. The resulting pfoto will appear in an upcoming Psycho publication... Come to Psycho Donuts - fully zombified - on Tuesday, June 22 at 7pm, and be part of the pfoto opp (signed psycho release required). The top 2 zombies (subjectively judged by someone horribly under-qualified) gets a Psycho t-shirt; the best 6 zombies get a donut of their choice.

And finally, it's almost here! Psycho Psummer Christmas starts this Wednesday, June 23 - 27. Our Psummer Christmas Pspectacular includes santa capped nurses, psycho-delic Christmas music, and a demented line-up of offbeat Psycho Christmas donuts. Who remembers Jingle Balls? What about Grandma's Revenge? Come enjoy Psycho Psummer Christmas at Psycho Donuts.

And now, we come to this week's Econ 101! It's an insane 14" donut pizza - but we make just one a day - and let customers battle an economic war for donut pizza domination! The price starts at $30 in the morning and drops $2/hr until it sells. This week's Econ 101 is tarred and feathered in 4 ways: S'mores, Kooky Monster, Feng Shui, and Butternut. It serves 8 - 10 people (...or one person if you're Peter Shepherd). You can also custom order your donut pizza for $24.95 by calling the Psycho Nurse on Duty at 408-378-4540.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Psycho Father's Day!!

Psycho Donuts has conducted an extensive research experiment, and we've discovered the definitive list of what crazy dads want this Father's Day:

CRAZY DADS LIKE BEER. But what's that got to do with donuts? Only everything! Let's begin with the BeerNutz Donut. This might be the first beer-filled donut ever! We start with a Rogue Mocha Porter - combined with milk chocolate and dark malt extract - to create our Psycho porter mocha pastry cream filling. We then top this Father's Day oddity with chocolate, Beer Nuts, and a beer mug drizzle.

CRAZY DADS LIKE BASEBALL. And for this reason, we'll be making plenty of Suicide Squeeze donuts. These chocolate-filled baseball donuts are topped with a range of pulverized toppings, from Oreos and Whoppers, to Butterfinger candy bar and more.

CRAZY DADS LIKE SNACKS. What man doesn't reach for the bowl of snacks during the game? But in this case, the snacks are built into the donut. It's the Dulce De Psycho. This raised donut is filled with a Caramel Dulce De Leche pastry cream, and topped with pretzels and chocolate drizzle.

If your dad likes baseball, snacks and beer, then your Father's Day choice is clear! And you're going to bring him where...?

Psycho Donuts Father's Day atrocities will be available all weekend long, starting on Friday, June 18. See you at Psycho Donuts!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dude, I Skor'd, PEE Results, and Christmas in June

Another week, another smattering of demented Psycho Pspecials! This week's Pspecial Donut is, "Dude, I Skor'd!" Check out this raised donut, chocolate icing, Skor candy bits, and vanilla drizzle. We're not sure which is more fun; eating this crazy donutrocity, or ordering it.

And meet this week's Pspecial vegan companion to your right - Berry Kookie. And that it is! This vegan cake donut is topped with a strawberry icing, and coarsely chopped Oreos. Veganize your crazy self at Psycho Donuts!

Last week, we conducted a PEE (Psycho Economics Experiment), which we dubbed "The Econ 101." We were curious to know at what price a donut pizza would sell for; if it started its doughy life luxuriously expensive in the morning, but became wildly more affordable by the hour. The Econ 101 sold quickly in the second hour for $28 - above market value. It was such a fun experiment, that we've decided to make The Econ 101 a permanent weekday ordeal. Every weekday, we'll make one Donut Pizza. It will start at $30, and decrease by $2 per hour. If you want it, come early and flex your elasticity of demand. Or you can order a custom Donut Pizza in advance (408-378-4540) for only $24.95. This week's Econ 101 will be manically topped in four crazy ways: 1/4 Strawberry Fields, 1/4 S'mores, 1/4 Manic Malt, and 1/4 Donilla.

And now this... We hereby decree the launch of Psycho Psummer Christmas. Remember Grandma's Revenge? How about Jingle Balls? Come re-live the holiday madness at Psycho Donuts, from June 23 - July 4. What will you be doing this 4th of July? Celebrating Psycho Psummer Christmas, of course! We're talking Christmas tree, Santa capped nurses, the whole bit. Christmas is dying to come out this summer, only at Psycho Donuts!!

And, can it be? Positive psycho press in the national news? Check out our recent press in Maxim Magazine and American Way Magazine. And the psychos shall inherit the earth...!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Peter Shepherd Wins, Razveganpucker, and Donut Economics

A ginormous congratulations to Peter Shepherd - winner of the First Annual Psycho Donut Pizza Eating Competition! Peter finished a 2.5lb Donut Pizza, establishing a record time of 7 minutes and 20 seconds. Christina was a verrrry close runner-up. Thanks also to our other contestants - Bernd, Ramon, and Brett. Pictures are up on our Facebook page. You can also watch a video of the beginning, middle, and end of the competition.

We'd like to thank Jeff Kramer of ComedySportz for adding an improvisational narrative and a couple of Comedy Sportz tickets; and to Psycho artist Simon Salas - for donating a signed print to the winner.

Thanks to all our friends and fans for joining us on National Donut Day for CottonBalls, and for participating in our National Donut Hangover event on June 5. Our good friend Bruce Rogers dropped in for some spontaneous fun too!

And now we turn our attention to the Psycho future... It's a new week, and another opportunity for crazy new Donuts of the Week. It's June, which means Pride Month is here. And as we prepare for the annual San Francisco Pride Parade, Psycho Donuts is proud to announce Fried Pride. This chocolate cake donut is topped with chocolate icing and a rainbow of M&M's.

Our Veganologist is proud of this week's creation as well. Please give a doughy welcome to Razveganpucker. Hey, if the Germans can string long words together, why can't we? And besides, Razveganpucker is fun to say. This vegan cake donut is topped with crushed freeze-dried raspberries, with a sour splash of keylime juice.

Calling all aspiring donut economists! We want your prediction on a donut economics puzzle... This Wednesday we'll make one (and only one) 14" Donut Pizza; Its fried life shall commence at 6am - at a premium price of $30 (they normally sell for $25, but you can't usually just walk in and buy one). You may have noticed that this is not a bargain. However, the rule of scarcity applies. For each hour the Donut Pizza remains unsold, the price will decrease by $2. If the donut pizza sells at lunchtime, it will sell for $18; and if it sells in our last hour of the evening, a bargain at $2. Here's the question - how much will the Donut Pizza sell for? Post your prediction on our Facebook page now.

Maybe you'll be the one to walk in at 6am Wednesday and buy the lone Donut Pizza at a premium price - just to prove your own prediction (self-fulfilling prophecy?). Or maybe you'll be compelled to pre-order your very own custom Donut Pizza (with your own Psycho topping choices) by calling 408-378-4540!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who will be the Psycho Eating Champion?

The match is ON! Who will eat a 14" Donut Pizza the fastest? Who will claim victory of the First Annual Psycho Donut Pizza Eating Competition?

Will it be Peter, the child-eating contestant in the Northwest corner? Maybe it'll be Bernd, a man weaned on Nutella and Kinder Surprise Eggs, in the North East Corner? Could the winner be Jasper "Cinnabuns" Deautre, in the South West Corner? And let's not under-estimate toy torturing Brett, in the South East corner.

Rumor has it that a female persuasion may also step up and attempt to make Psycho Donut history. Stay tuned.

All of this and more on Saturday June 5, at National Donut Hangover Day - only at Psycho Donuts. The fun starts at 10am, and the Donut Eating Contest is at 2pm.

And don't forget - this Friday, June 4 - it's National Donut Day at Psycho Donuts. Come get your Psycho Pstrawberry TacOnuts, and Cottonballs in the afternoon!