Saturday, June 8, 2013

Psycho Fathers Day

The Kitchen Sink
Father's Day is approaching, and Psycho Donuts is cooking up donutrocities your father is sure to love.  So ditch the necktie and Sunday brunch, and head over to Psycho Donuts – and make some crazy memories with your old man.

The Kitchen Sink!

...maybe it's because your dad will eat anything but the kitchen sink... or maybe it's because he's always fixing the kitchen sink.  Either way, Dad will love our new Kitchen Sink Donut.  This new brainchild of Chef Ron's is loaded with everything but the kitchen sink.  It's iced in chocolate, then dipped in chips, pretzels, honey roasted peanuts, and chocolate pearl crisps.  It's fatherly soul is complete with a drizzle of chocolate and peanut butter.   What else can be missing from the perfect Father's Day?  Well... beer?

Beer Nutz!

Beer Nutz
Here's how to make your own Beer Nutz donut.  We'll start with a hint... ya don't just pour a bottle of beer through a gaping hole in side of a donut.  At least, not quite.  First, you mix up some stout beer with pastry cream and malt extract - resulting in a super-rich, dad-approved flavor.  And only then - you pour it through a gaping hole in the side of the donut!  Top it with chocolate icing and chopped Beer Nuts.  And now – the tricky part – create a multi-flavor beer mug from your own fancy drizzling doohickeys. Sound too hard to make on your own?  It's ok, we've got ya covered...

The Kitchen Sink and Beer Nutz!  Part of a balanced Father's Day diet and tradition at Psycho Donuts.  It's one way to ensure your father has all the chips, pretzels, nuts, and beer he needs for game day - all in a convenient donut delivery mechanism.  Get 'em at either Psycho location, starting on Thursday, June 13 through Father's Day!