Sunday, August 18, 2013

Its Raining New Donuts at Psycho Donuts

The Danolli!
The skies have opened up, and donut inventions have been raining into the Psycho DoNutcase, at an alarming pace.  Chef Ron and his team of Kooks have been on a manic innovation binge. Lettuce review the developments of the past couple weeks...

It's official; donuts and cannolis can legally marry (except in Sochi, Russia, where you can't even mention the new culinary delight).

The Danolli is a marriage made in Psycho heaven, filled with inpastata pastry cream.  The donutrocity is rolled into crushed cannoli shells. Semi-sweet chocolate morsels cover either end, and chocolate drizzle is layered on top.  A small dose of powdered sugar is sprinkled on top of the top.  Even Zagat had something to say about our Danolli!
Pig Pops

Pig Pops!
Pig Pops are Psycho descendants of our Piggy Ballz.  They have a fudgy center of buttermilk donut, a maple white chocolate coating, and of course... BACON!  This pigtastic creation is balanced neatly on a convenient popsicle stick.  

Pop a pig in your pie hole today!

The Frying Dutchman! 
The Frying Dutchman!
'Donut' judge this Psycho creation by its punny name.  The Frying Dutchman's hull is split and layered with spiced apples, doused with cheesecake icing, topped with buttermilk streusel, and drizzled with cinnamon icing!  Your tastebuds wanna climb aboard this dutch clipper ship! 

Psycho Pstrawberry Pshortcake!

Psycho Pstrawberry Pshortcake!
Homemade vanilla butter cream combines crazily with fresh strawberries and semi-sweet chocolate morsels – atop this raised donutrocity.  It's the Silent P's that revolutionize this age old dessert item.  Try a Psycho Pstrawberry Pshortcake today!

Dem Apples! 
Dem Apples!
How 'bout 'em?  Apple spice cake, buttermilk streusel, chocolate and caramel drizzle – makes Dem Apples a dynamic donut delight.  

Come early and try one of our new Psycho
It's Zombie-O-Rama!
Pselections, because there's not sufficient quantity to satiate the zombie feeding frenzy. Speaking of which... 'donut' miss  Zombie-O-Rama in Downtown San Jose – Wednesday, August 21.  Psycho San Jose will be offering a pair of Zombie Ballz for only a buck – for zombies in full costume only.

Psycho in Da Newz!
Psycho has been raising some googly eyeballs, with our crazy array of demented donuts.  Emmy award winner Mayim Bialik, of Big Bang Theory fame, is an outspoken fan of Psycho Donuts. Mayim, how 'bout a Big Bang Theory donut?  Hmm, what would that be like? Email us with your Big Bang Theory donut ideas!

Psycho Makes History!
Psycho Donuts has officially made history. Watch Psycho Donuts on The History Channel's All You Can Eat - Breakfast Edition.

Chef Zach Barnes has written this stellar review of Psycho Donuts.  And Jennifer McHugh of The Celebrity Cafe shares the details of her Psycho visit.

Bay Area visitors are stopping at Psycho Donuts in swarms.  New York Blogger, Melissa Klurman from New York summarizes The Top 7 Family Stops in San Jose.