Monday, May 13, 2013

Psycho Takoyaki and Fanime

Psycho Psushi @ Fanime 2012
Our favorite time of the year is approaching –  Fanime Season – when the landscape of Downtown San Jose transforms into a kaleidoscope of Japanese costumes and anime-inspired hysteria.  Psycho San Jose is thrilled to announce our latest donutrocity in honor of our favorite crazy convention.  Fanime attendees will conveniently find a Psycho Donuts booth within the San Jose Convention Center.  Or show off your spectacular costume, and walk a couple short blocks to Psycho San Jose.  Directions from Convention Center.

Traditional Takoyaki
Traditional Japanese Takoyaki is a ball-shaped snack made of wheat flour batter.  It is typically filled will minced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onion. Chef Ron conducted some Pserious Psycho research (and fancy donut magic) in order to create the Psycho Donuts version of this Japanese delicacy...

Check it Out – Psycho Takoyaki!

Psycho Takoyaki!
Psycho Takoyaki looks very similar to the traditional Japanese version; however that's where the similarities end.

Psycho Takoyaki can be dangerously described as golden ballz of tapioca pearl ginger cake, drizzled with shoyu caramel, topped with lemongrass coconut bavarian, and sprinkled with maraschino coconut and toasted pistacio.  Say that 10 times...

Psycho Takoyaki will be available in conjunction with Fanime, from May 24 - 27.  Supplies will be limited, although we'll do our crazy best to ramp up our Japanese donut division for the occasion.

'Donut' Forget About Psycho Psushi!

Psycho Psushi
Fanime wouldn't be complete at Psycho Donuts without Psycho Psushi.  We launched Psycho Psushi at Fanime 2011, resulting in mass chaos and hysteria (primarily for our unsuspecting staff that year)!  If you haven't tried our Psycho Psushi yet, get some while you can!  Psycho Psushi is a bento box with 4 delicate pieces of donut sushi, complete with edible pocky chopsticks.  Any resemblance to real fish is purely coincidental...!

And That's Not All - Try our Totoro!

Totoro is a delicious chocolate raised, chocolate iced, raspberry jelly filled character that will bestow happiness to your taste-buds!

Psycho Love and Bubblewrap to all this Fanime Season!