Friday, November 29, 2013

Rocking Around the Psycho Tree

The Psycho kitchen is transforming itself.  The pilgrim cooking staff gets replaced by crazy elves; and Chef Ron has to figure out how to replace Drunkin' Punkins with our crazy Christmas lineup.

Grandma's RevengeHeadbanger has morphed into a 'reindeerbanger' throughout December!  And it's time to find a new campy Christmas song, because Grandma get herself a shotgun. This donut will make any Grandma-targeting reindeers think twice before running over Grandma.

Psycho Sufganiyot. For those rocking the remaining 8 days and 7 nights, come get our Psycho Psufganiyot. Is it Kosher? Is the Pope Jewish? 

Jingle Ballz. You've seen our Piggy Ballz, Wookie Ballz, and Zombie Ballz... But our Jingle Ballz are the happiest balls on the planet. They come in shades of red and green, filled with custard, and topped with fresh snow.

Psycho Wreath. For our vegan friends, this green crueller is pretty enough to mount on your front door – if it weren't for your neighbors coming to take a bite out of it.

Reindeer Droppings. Filled with mint chocolate, and topped with the best kind of reindeer droppings - chocolate covered raisins!

Psycho Tree. For those with a lesser tolerance for juvenile donut humor, the Psycho Tree is a triangular raised donut, iced in green, with Mini M&M's and a vanilla drizzle. You can even bring this one to your grandparents without offending!

Lumps of Coal. Got a naughty kid in your household? We have just the thing.  Lumps of Coal are filled with mint
chocolate, and topped in coal (aka Oreo cookie dust).

Come and get your Psycho Pseasonals before they're gone!

And 'donut' miss our annual art show, highlighting the works of local, original artists:

 "A Very Psycho Holiday GIFT ART Show"
Runs from Dec. 1st to January 10th 2013

Check the Psycho Facebook Page for all the crazy details. This year's art show features Christine Benjamin, Eric Joyner, Michael Foley, Nicolas Caesar,Murphy Adams, John Cloud, Carlos Villez, Adam Davis, Beth Robinson, Valery Milovic, Jared Konopitski and Kori Thompson. 

You'll find crazy, original artwork which brings together themes of Christmas, Psycho Donuts, and elements you'll only find in Silicon Valley.  Original artwork for as little as $40!  Now that's Psycho..!  Images above courtesy of Nicolas Caesar.