Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Danolli. A hybrid created and manufactured in the Bay Area

Here's proof that the Bay Area can out-hybrid even New York!

How 'bout a crazy Psycho welcome for...

 The Danolli

Danolli's are the result of a head-on collision between an innocent donut and a cannoli.  But 'donut' worry.  The resulting vehicle is safe.  Car and Driver calls it "an unparalleled driving sensation on your tastebuds."

Be patient with with us, as we work out production kinks and get these crazy new hybrids into a South Bay showroom near you

The Danolli!
The Danolli has a raised dough chassis, filled with an inpastata pastry cream engine.  The entire vehicle is then rolled into crushed cannoli shells, creating a psychological, crash-resistant exterior.  Semi-sweet chocolate morsels adorn either end of this hybrid vehicle, and chocolate drizzle covers the hood.  A protective coating of powdered sugar is gently applied over the vehicle's finish.

Stop by Psycho Donuts for a test drive today (but arrive early... we're revamping the Psycho factory to make room for specialized hybrid manufacturing equipment).  

The Danolli... a better hybrid, manufactured locally in The Bay Area!