Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who will be the Psycho Eating Champion?

The match is ON! Who will eat a 14" Donut Pizza the fastest? Who will claim victory of the First Annual Psycho Donut Pizza Eating Competition?

Will it be Peter, the child-eating contestant in the Northwest corner? Maybe it'll be Bernd, a man weaned on Nutella and Kinder Surprise Eggs, in the North East Corner? Could the winner be Jasper "Cinnabuns" Deautre, in the South West Corner? And let's not under-estimate toy torturing Brett, in the South East corner.

Rumor has it that a female persuasion may also step up and attempt to make Psycho Donut history. Stay tuned.

All of this and more on Saturday June 5, at National Donut Hangover Day - only at Psycho Donuts. The fun starts at 10am, and the Donut Eating Contest is at 2pm.

And don't forget - this Friday, June 4 - it's National Donut Day at Psycho Donuts. Come get your Psycho Pstrawberry TacOnuts, and Cottonballs in the afternoon!