Monday, May 31, 2010

Contestant #4 is ready to eat!

Peter Shephard is our fourth contestant (victim?) in The Psycho Donut Pizza Eating Competition. Peter is married with a 3 1/2 year old son (sidenote: someone check to make sure the poor kid is not in Peter's stomach; it sure looks like Peter is about to eat this child).

Peter is a Senior Financial Analyst for an EDA (Eating Dysfunctionally Always) company. Even with a BA in Psychology and and MBA from UC Davis, Peter lacks the common sense to avoid attempting to eat a 14" donut pizza in 8 minutes or less. In Peter's own words, "I have many fond memories dating all the way back to swim meets when I was a little kid and buying tasty doughnuts in the snack bars. I discovered Psycho Donuts about a year ago when I heard an interview on KSCU. I promptly went there and became an instant fan and evangelist."

Come see Peter stuff his mouth on Saturday June 5 - at National Donut Hangover Day at Psycho Donuts. Special surprises in the morning... and of course, the Psycho Donut Pizza Eating Competition at 2pm. The winner will receive a hand-signed piece of artwork, from Psycho artist, Simon Salas, along with branded Psycho gear.

And this Friday June 4 - the day which will inflict Donut Hangover Day - is National Donut Day at Psycho Donuts. We'll be serving up Psycho Pstrawberry TacOnuts in honor of this important American holiday. And we'll also be making Psycho Cottonballs (donut hole shishkabobs, wrapped in cotton candy, before your eyes) on Friday afternoon.

Hope to see you, as the crazy fun continues at Psycho Donuts!