Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dude, I Skor'd, PEE Results, and Christmas in June

Another week, another smattering of demented Psycho Pspecials! This week's Pspecial Donut is, "Dude, I Skor'd!" Check out this raised donut, chocolate icing, Skor candy bits, and vanilla drizzle. We're not sure which is more fun; eating this crazy donutrocity, or ordering it.

And meet this week's Pspecial vegan companion to your right - Berry Kookie. And that it is! This vegan cake donut is topped with a strawberry icing, and coarsely chopped Oreos. Veganize your crazy self at Psycho Donuts!

Last week, we conducted a PEE (Psycho Economics Experiment), which we dubbed "The Econ 101." We were curious to know at what price a donut pizza would sell for; if it started its doughy life luxuriously expensive in the morning, but became wildly more affordable by the hour. The Econ 101 sold quickly in the second hour for $28 - above market value. It was such a fun experiment, that we've decided to make The Econ 101 a permanent weekday ordeal. Every weekday, we'll make one Donut Pizza. It will start at $30, and decrease by $2 per hour. If you want it, come early and flex your elasticity of demand. Or you can order a custom Donut Pizza in advance (408-378-4540) for only $24.95. This week's Econ 101 will be manically topped in four crazy ways: 1/4 Strawberry Fields, 1/4 S'mores, 1/4 Manic Malt, and 1/4 Donilla.

And now this... We hereby decree the launch of Psycho Psummer Christmas. Remember Grandma's Revenge? How about Jingle Balls? Come re-live the holiday madness at Psycho Donuts, from June 23 - July 4. What will you be doing this 4th of July? Celebrating Psycho Psummer Christmas, of course! We're talking Christmas tree, Santa capped nurses, the whole bit. Christmas is dying to come out this summer, only at Psycho Donuts!!

And, can it be? Positive psycho press in the national news? Check out our recent press in Maxim Magazine and American Way Magazine. And the psychos shall inherit the earth...!