Sunday, June 20, 2010

Zombies, Krispy Vegans, psycho-shrooms and more!

Thanks to all of our psycho killer friends and fans for making Psycho Father's Day a raging success! We hope you were able to get your arms around a BeerNutz or Dulce De Psycho Donut!
And now... it's time to announce The Pspecial Psycho Doh!nuts of the Week.

Is your body a wonderland? Our Wonderland donut is not named for John Mayer's humdrum killer of the airwaves, but it is named in honor of Alice! Wonderland is a chocolate cake donut, topped with choco-shrooms, and a psychedelic drizzle of trippyness. If this year's Alice in Wonderland did not satisfy your Alice craving, Wonderland at Psycho Donuts surely will!

Our Chief Veganologist is proud of this week's Fudgie the Krispie Vegan. This vegan atrocity does not have a shiny nose; but it is topped with chocolate icing, rice krispies, chocolate, and peanut butter drizzle.

And now this - bring your zombie self to Psycho Donuts this Tuesday evening! Psycho Donuts needs zombie extras to pose for a Psycho pfoto shoot. The resulting pfoto will appear in an upcoming Psycho publication... Come to Psycho Donuts - fully zombified - on Tuesday, June 22 at 7pm, and be part of the pfoto opp (signed psycho release required). The top 2 zombies (subjectively judged by someone horribly under-qualified) gets a Psycho t-shirt; the best 6 zombies get a donut of their choice.

And finally, it's almost here! Psycho Psummer Christmas starts this Wednesday, June 23 - 27. Our Psummer Christmas Pspectacular includes santa capped nurses, psycho-delic Christmas music, and a demented line-up of offbeat Psycho Christmas donuts. Who remembers Jingle Balls? What about Grandma's Revenge? Come enjoy Psycho Psummer Christmas at Psycho Donuts.

And now, we come to this week's Econ 101! It's an insane 14" donut pizza - but we make just one a day - and let customers battle an economic war for donut pizza domination! The price starts at $30 in the morning and drops $2/hr until it sells. This week's Econ 101 is tarred and feathered in 4 ways: S'mores, Kooky Monster, Feng Shui, and Butternut. It serves 8 - 10 people (...or one person if you're Peter Shepherd). You can also custom order your donut pizza for $24.95 by calling the Psycho Nurse on Duty at 408-378-4540.