Sunday, June 27, 2010

Explosion Rocks the Psycho Kitchen. Anyone got a Containment Cap?!

An explosion rocked the Psycho kitchen early Sunday morning. Admittedly, our kooks were cutting corners and an explosion ruptured our donut fryer - resulting in an oil leak (trans-fat free palm oil) that cannot be contained. This monumental psycho disaster has resulted in our new Current Event Donut of the Week called Chocolate in the Gulf.

This donut is a gusher. Chocolate oil is leaking from a ruptured pipe, constructed of Oreo FunStix. Donutologists estimate the donut is spewing a Willy Wonka river of chocolate each day. The leaking chocolate is mixing with an ocean of glaze, congealing into a gooey mass of oreo dust which threatens to overwhelm the vast surface of the entire donut. Many attempts have been made to quell the flow of chocolate. Web Granger, PhD (Professor, Hysterical Donuts) said, "We've tried everything. We've stuffed Cocoa Puffs and M & M's down the FunStix pipe, but nothing will stop the impossible flow of chocolate. The only way to stop this leak is through consumption."

Get your Chocolate in the Gulf donut this week only; beginning Monday, Jun 28. An optional cookie containment cap is yours for the asking. It won't really stop the flow of chocolate, but it might make you feel slightly better about your donut.

Thankfully, our Vegan kitchen was unaffected by the Psycho kitchen fiasco. Our Vegan of the Week is Bam Bam! Channel your inner Flintstone and pick up this vegan cake donut, topped with chocolate icing and Cocoa Crispies.

And while we're talking animation, our Econ 101 Donut Pizza of the week is The Homey. This 14" Donut Pizza is topped with a strawberry icing and rainbow sprinkles. The Econ 101 is an ongoing Psycho economic experiment. We make only one per day. It goes on sale for $30 each morning, and the price declines $2 per hour until it sells. Custom order your donut pizza by calling the Nurse on Duty at (408) 378-4540.